Friday, March 5, 2021

Coffee And A Classic: Nancy Drew

Hey There Peeps!

You might recall that I posted before about my Coffee And A Classic box subscription.   I pick them up occasionally and I really do love them so much and I enjoy treating myself occasionally.  This was one that I could NOT pass up....Nancy Drew!!

Without further ado, here is my book box!

This is how the box looks when you take it out of the shipping container.
These are wonderful boxes and they are filling the shelves of my craft room, which I hope to share with you soon!

It's a little hard to read but this card tells you everything inside the box

The Nancy Drew Mug and some tea.   Remember, you get to choose coffee, tea or hot chocolate for your beverage.  I've found the teas are more consistently good than the others. 
This was a Candy Apply tea.

And the ever favorite of mine, the mug.  Each box always contains a mug and I'm a mug nut!!

The snack item was a hand dipped brownie pop, I left it on the basket on the counter.  Someone ate it so I can't speak to how it tasted.  

Bookish item 1: a best sleuth flashlight, not going to lie, it's come in handy many times up in my craft room

Bookish item 2: Nancy Drew inspired notebook because all good sleuths have a notebook handy.

Bookmark:  The box also always contains an on theme bookmark.

And finally, the book.  This was book #25 in the series; The Ghost of Blackwood Hall

I love Nancy Drew and this box just filled me with childhood memories.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Quarantine Cooking -Week 5,432

Hey All You Cool Cats & Kittens!!

Yeah, Yeah, all of the gif's today will be Tiger King inspired. Why? I really have nothing better to do! haha


So, does anyone else feel like that all they do is cook, eat, clean up, cook, eat, clean up, cook, eat, clean up.........
Throw in some laundry and planning for the next meal and standing in the pantry staring at the food and that's how I'm spending my days.

Let's recap the dinner situation because I think we could all use some fresh ideas about now.

Monday, April 6:  Orange Chicken & Veggie Fried Rice
Tuesday, April 7: Mini Taco's &  Chips/Salsa/Queso/Guacamole We had to clean our NASTY pool filters and we didn't have dinner until close to 8:30 pm.  So I found some Mini Taco's in the freezer and popped them in the air fryer.  Turned out to be pretty tasty.
Wed., April 8:  Grilled Pork Chops with Roasted Broccoli
Thursday, April 9: Ham Steaks, Mashed Potatoes & Green Peas
Friday, April 10 :  We ordered from the Mexican Restaurant LaChoza down the street from us.  We can ride our golf cart there to pick up our order & snagged some margarita's to go!!
Sat., April 11: We had Easter Dinner :  Ham, Scalloped Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Roast Squash & Zucchini and Deviled Eggs.   Angel Food cake with Strawberries and Blueberries over the top rounded out dinner.
Sunday, April 12:  Easter Brunch:  Bacon & Fried Eggs from the Grill , Cheese Grits and Toast


Saturday started out dreary and sad but Sunday was absolutely beautiful then turned windy and cold last night.

I have Fajitas, ghoulash, maybe some lima beans & Cornbread, and spaghetti rolling around in my mind for this week.  We've got some chilly nights coming so I think I'll get those beans and cornbread and ghoulash in.

I had lots of self rising flour so I made these cookies and I made BAGELS!! Ya'll I made Bagels.  Granted they were the 3 ingredient kind but nonetheless I made them. They weren't perfect and Paul Hollywood would've complained about them being a bit doughy in the center but they were pretty tasty.  I'll definitely try them again.

Yep, I know that's not Tiger King but I could hear his voice while Hubster was tasting the bagels!

So, that's all the updates I have at this time. I'll try to check back in and see how you guys are doing in the the next few days.

Stay safe, wash your hands and be kind!


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