Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Final Nordstrom Post...well maybe

Happy TuTuTuesday Folks!!

Can you believe it???  The Nordstrom Anniversary sale ends this weekend!!! If you haven't had time to shop get going, you will still find some amazing things to order.  I've still got a couple more on my radar too!

Just so you know I'm not completely selfish this time of the year I did order Hubster new dress shoes.  They weren't included in the sale (gosh..I gotta teach this man how to shop) but he needed new black dress shoes so we went searching.  He was incredibly flabbergasted by the free shipping both ways policy with Nordstrom as we had to send these back and forth a few times to get the right fit for him.

Johnston & Murphy dress shoe:
After much back & forth, he settled on these and in the end was quite pleased.
Price:  $159

Kiehl's lotion:  Ok, I hear ya...lotion?? You ordered lotion???  Well yeah!!  I mean seriously people I go through lotion like crazy. I mean it's scorching in Texas, we have super hard water and I like soft skin so lotion is a must for me.  This should last me quite some time and Kiehl's is a trusted brand.  It is 82% allergen free and for me that is an acceptable level for body lotion.
Sale price:  $52

Kept- It has a nice light scent that isn't noticeable once on so I don't smell like a candy factory.  

The next items are arriving soon and I'm pretty excited.  This is the last order I've placed.

I ordered these after the failed Ugg's order.   I know I'll love them and if you want a pair, they seem to be restocked a little bit once again!   I wanted the navy pair but when I ordered the only color in stock  in my size was this Port Suede color.  I'll make my decision once they arrive if I'll keep this color or swap for the Navy Suede.   

Sale Price: $92.90   (These are regularly $139.95 so this is an amazing price)
Verdict:  Kept and I'm keeping the Port Suede color.  It's a beautiful burgundy and I think it will be right "on trend" this year.      Who doesn't need to be "on trend" when you are going back and forth to yoga??!!  haha   Seriously, this is a really great price for Birkenstocks so if you think you want a pair then I'd definitely grab these up. 

In all the available cardigans this one slipped past me until I saw several fashion bloggers feature it.  It's a hidden gem and since I was so much in love with that Lavender sweater I returned this filled in for my search for something in a soft lavender.  It's also available in an olive green color and sizes are limited but available.   
Sale price:  $65.90
Verdict:  Keeping    I seriously love this sweater.  The color is gorgeous and it is incredibly soft.  I'm glad I found this sweater I'll be wearing it a ton this year.      I would also like to note that while I have more than a few longer cardigans like this in my closet I do wear all of them.   It's Texas and the normal for us doesn't require heavy coats in the winter very often.  If I'm out running errands and getting in and out of the car a big coat gets in my way and most of the time a sweater over a long sleeve shirt is enough warmth. 

Kut from the Kloth bootcut jeans:
I need a nice pair of boot cut jeans because you know sometimes skinny jeans just don't work.  I have a pair of Kut from the Kloth skinny jeans and denim shorts so I'm hoping these fit the bill for me and this was a pretty good sale price.  Nordstrom does run the Kut from the Kloth on sale off and on during the year but not quite as good as Anniversary sale time.  
Sale price:  $59.90 
Verdict:  Keeping, you guys...this denim is so soft!!!  Now, I am going to have to find a tailor to hem them but otherwise they are perfect.   These are also mid-rise which is much more keeping to my age and there is a good amount of stretch to these.  This brand of jeans occasionally will get knocked for stretching out but I'm personally a big fan of day 2 or 3 jeans more so than just out of the laundry jeans.     If you are in search of some nicer denim but don't want to pay a premium price for it then I encourage you to check out the Kut From the Kloth brand and try a pair before the sale is over.  It's free shipping both ways so you've got nothing to lose!

Just to give you an idea of what's still on my "wish list".

Sale price:  $132.90   (down from $199) so it's an awesome price.  I honestly will probably still not order these.  I just don't love denim enough to spend $130 much less $200!!   I am on the lookout for a great pair of olive denim though so I could change my mind by Sunday before the sale is over. 

Verdict:  I won't be ordering.  I JUST CAN"T with the price, while the sale price is great I just don't think I can justify the price with the little amount I wear denim.   I am going to keep my eye on the Kut From the Kloth selection and see if an olive color pops up in that brand at a price I'm more comfortable paying.  

Sale Price: $52.90
In the world of "do I really need another cardigan" comes this cutie.  I mean it would look so incredibly perfect with those wine colored Birkenstocks and a cute graphic tee and jeans...right???

Verdict:  Not ordering, and I may regret it but I went back through my cardigans and I really don't need another one but I have a feeling this one will haunt me.  haha  

That's it...Finally!! haha    Yeah, I appreciate a good sale and the quality of products from Nordstrom's rarely disappoints and being able to ship back and forth at no charge to get the right size is an incredible bonus for me.   I'll update on my last items when they arrive but don't forget the sale ends Sunday, August 5th!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Nordstrom Order part 2

Hi Ho Peeps!!

I updated my previous Nordstrom post earlier about the shoes that I ended up keeping and what I'm going to order next.

This was my second order and I have actually received it and have decisions made so let's get started!

Leith Ribbed Shawl Cardigan:  I ordered this one in the Tan Etherea Heather and I LOVE IT.  Leith always does a great cardi for the sale and this one is awesome.
Sale Price:  $45.90

Keeping:  I'm keeping this one and contemplating ordering the Teal Surf (which looks light blue) as well.

Leith Rib Wrap Sweater:   Oh my goodness, this sweater is totally gorgeous but a bit cropped.  If you can do the high waist jeans thing or if you don't mind showing a little skin then grab this sweater.  It's so cute and the Purple Moss color is gorgeous.  I so much wanted this to fit.
Sale Price:  $39.90

Returned: Sadly too cropped for this girl. 

Zella Live In High Waist Leggings: Run don't walk to pick up these leggings.  I ordered them in black last year when I first caved in to all the rave reviews. REVIEWS don't lie, just order these.  
I picked them up in this Navy Maritime color this year.  
Sale Price:  $35.90
Keeping of course!  I didn't even hesitate, ripped them out of the package and tore the tags off and tossed in the laundry.  They're already in my closet.  

BP Balloon sleeve sweater:  I have this still in the "maybe" pile.  I mean I think I love it but I just am not 100% sure.  I ordered in this Ivory color which appears to be sold out at the moment but I'm hanging on to it.  I need to try it on again with jeans before making my final decision.  The green color that is still available is gorgeous and very tempting.  
Sale Price:  $31.90

Still on the fence with to keep or not with this one. I ended up keeping this one, it is a wee shorter in the front than I like but it is so soft and so cute.  LOVE the on trend balloon sleeves.

BP Plaid Shirt:  I loved this on other bloggers and it is very soft and a great shirt, it just didn't work for me.  I ordered in the Black Daily Plaid as shown but there are several other great colors available.
Sale Price:  $31.90
Returned:   Maybe someone less "busty" would have better luck. 

Natori Bliss :  Ok, if you know me and hear me when I say "watch out I have my sassy panties on" then these are the ones I'm referring too.  I order 3 more pair every year during the Nsale.  They are the bomb diggedity of undies.   No riding up, no wedgies and cool cotton but not granny-ish at all.
Sale Price:  $12.90/each or 3 for $36

Kept:  Another one of those rip out of the package, toss in laundry and already in my drawers purchase. 

Natori Rose Dream bra: I have one other Natori bra that I'm sure I ordered during last years sale and I LOVE it.  Just like the undies they are great bras and when you can grab them at a great sale price then you should.  
Sale price:  $47.90    

This hasn't arrived just yet but I'm only imagining that an exchange would be the only reason it didn't stay with me. Perfect fit, incredibly comfortable.   These are another Nsale staple items to pick up. Kept this one indeed. 

Treasure & Bond plaid boyfriend shirt:  I ordered this shirt after I had already ordered the BP plaid shirt.   I think this one may be more suited for me.  Similar colors but this one has a little rose pink going through it.  I figured I'd pick the one I liked the best after they arrived.  

Sale Price:  $45.90

This one has not arrived just yet, here's hoping I like this one.  THIS one...yes, it's so soft and slouchy but not too slouchy.  I debated other colors but one is enough.  

Today is the last day of early access which means the sale opens up to everyone tomorrow.  I hope you have your picks made and drop me a line to see what you've found!
I'm not done shopping yet!  

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