Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Morning Glory Happy

Good Wednesday Morning!

The Morning-Glory, in the family Convolvulaceae, contains at least 50 genera and more than 1000 species. Morning-Glory flowers are one of the best flowers to decorate our fences and walls.
As the name goes, morning glory flowers are vines, which are saucer-shaped, opening at morning time.


Back in late April we were at Canton and I found a booth with some Morning Glory plants.  We bought two and I told Hubster "won't it be awesome if it just fills up the back fence with these".   He humored me and we planted and waited. They grew....s l o w l y and then the sun and the heat came and then they grew some more and some more and some more.  Yes indeed those two little plants started taking over the back fence.

However the flowers were few and far between and Hubster consoled me with "at least the vines are nice".   Well now the weather has a slight nip of fall and little Morning Glory dreams are coming true.  Apparently the Texas heat is a wee more heat than these beauties care for.

(pardon the dead tree...we are waiting on the snakes to go into hiding)

The blue flowers are just beautiful!

Ack....I know, right!!

Too bad there isn't a place to sit back here

I sure hope these come back next year!

“The beauty of a morning glory, is that of its patient wait for the sun to bloom in the morning!” 
― Mary Kate

Be Morning Glory happy today my friends!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Cowboy Stew Night

Wait....what???  Is she really about to do a post about food?  Hold on to your britches because I kinda sorta am about to do just that.

Now, I say kinda sorta because I didn't really make something new and I didn't take new photos but I am revisiting an old post.

This one to be exact.  Yep, it's the ole' Cowboy Stew night around here and since I was revisiting old blog entries I made the bread too!

I didn't take photos of the cooking process because I used the same recipe, pretty much.  I did add some garlic to the meat and onion mixture and when I dumped in the 2 cans of diced tomatoes I also dumped in a can of diced green chili's.

Here's the handy printable for you since nothing really has changed.

Cowboy Stew Printable

It's finally felt like fall in North Texas lately so we are happy for the chance to turn the oven on without fear of spontaneously combusting.  We're back to mid 80's by tomorrow but never let it be said we don't enjoy the fall moments when we get them.  If you are enjoying the fall weather wherever you are and want to make a yummy, hearty filling stew for your family then this one fits the bill for sure!  It's a crowd pleaser!

That's it for today folks, don't want to rush out of the gate at warp speed or anything.   Stay close, I'm cooking and then I've also got about 30 (yes, I really said 30) books to add and review.  I'm trying to figure out a good way to break them down into categories, genre, ??, I'm just not sure how yet but I've got a slew for you for sure!

Here's to hoping for re-etry in the blogosphere!

Peace, Love & Fall Forecasts

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