Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Ham & Cheese Tailgate Sliders

Ham & Cheese Tailgate sliders were on the menu last night or  in other words...we eat FANCY at our house! haha

Just kidding!!  We do not eat fancy at all and lately we eat our non-fancy food on the couch watching old episodes of King of the Hill.

Side note:  If you've never watched King of the Hill you don't know what you're missing especially if you live in Texas.  Hi-lar-ious!!!

See, we love the show so much we added a little tribute to the show on our propane tank.  (We have a fancy smancy HOA that is pretty strict but our propane tank has to be out of view so no worries)

Back to the sliders:
We made these on the blog before and you can see the original post here.   You can use that post but I've put together a whole new recipe printable for you with the changes I made.  Plus I learned  how to make printable recipes in blogger so I was excited to try it out!  Ain't no shame in my game peeps!

I gotta be honest with you guys....that one garnishment with the olive on the bottom is DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!    haha   Otherwise they were quite yummy.  The Abogg plucked off all his pickles and olives and tossed them aside.  I'm sure I raised him better but hey, more for me. 

Now this is what my plate looked like.   I had a couple of those sliders and half a roast beef sandwich.
If I get real motivated then I'll put together the recipe for that sandwich as well because it was yummy  & made with leftover pot roast from Sunday.

I'd also like to say I did not eat the chips.  They were a tad stale and I got full.

Lastly, these were not gluten free breads.  Dream on people, gluten free never tasted this good.
(yes, I'm still supposed to be eating relatively wheat free but I'm gonna be honest in over 2 years of refraining from eating gluten/wheat I do not feel any better. Therefore, I'm just at the point where sometimes I throw caution to the wind and have some gluten/wheat- usually pizza is involved).   I also will add that most of the time I'm still wheat free for what it's worth.  

Young Living has a wonderful new product that I've found that assists me with my issues after consuming gluten. (You really don't want me to go into that on here either) If you think you might like to try these then just hit that Young Living tab at the top of the page and it'll send you directly to my website and you can search on Alkalime and order some for yourself.   I also had some of those in my purse the day we went to the State Fair because overindulgence was the word of the day that day!

This is Young Living's take on the product:

AlkaLime™ now comes in convenient single-serve stick packs, so you can enjoy this mild, alkalinizing drink on the go. Keep a few in your purse, backpack, or at the office. The effervescing mix is formulated with Lemon and Lime essential oils, organic lemon powder, and biochemical mineral cell salts to create a crisp and soothing beverage that’s gentle on stomachs. Simply empty a packet into 4–6 ounces of cool, pure water, then stir and enjoy. Contains no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.
  • Absorbed easily and quickly by the body
  • Effervescent formula starts working right away to soothe the occasional upset stomach
  • Gentle on the stomach
  • Helps maintain optimal pH in the stomach
  • Free of artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners, and formulated with nine biochemical mineral cell salts, the refreshing taste of Lemon and Lime essential oils, and organic lemon powder
  • Comes in convenient, single-serve stick packs

This post should have been called "Ham & Cheese Tailgate Sliders & other completely unrelated things"  but that was too long!

Finally in more unrelated to sliders news:

Sir Winston turned 5 back on October 10th.  I missed his birthday (because I was at the State Fair eating corny dogs) but I did take him a few days later for his birthday burger.  Plain and dry and gone in 1 bite, it's fair to say the boy likes his burgers.

THESE are still showing off in the backyard.  I'm gonna miss them when they're done blooming.
Gentle reminder:  Appreciate everything for you know not when it will be gone!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Morning Glory Happy

Good Wednesday Morning!

The Morning-Glory, in the family Convolvulaceae, contains at least 50 genera and more than 1000 species. Morning-Glory flowers are one of the best flowers to decorate our fences and walls.
As the name goes, morning glory flowers are vines, which are saucer-shaped, opening at morning time.


Back in late April we were at Canton and I found a booth with some Morning Glory plants.  We bought two and I told Hubster "won't it be awesome if it just fills up the back fence with these".   He humored me and we planted and waited. They grew....s l o w l y and then the sun and the heat came and then they grew some more and some more and some more.  Yes indeed those two little plants started taking over the back fence.

However the flowers were few and far between and Hubster consoled me with "at least the vines are nice".   Well now the weather has a slight nip of fall and little Morning Glory dreams are coming true.  Apparently the Texas heat is a wee more heat than these beauties care for.

(pardon the dead tree...we are waiting on the snakes to go into hiding)

The blue flowers are just beautiful!

Ack....I know, right!!

Too bad there isn't a place to sit back here

I sure hope these come back next year!

“The beauty of a morning glory, is that of its patient wait for the sun to bloom in the morning!” 
― Mary Kate

Be Morning Glory happy today my friends!

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