Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Daily Supplements with Young Living

Good Morning Peeps!!!

I know many of you are still in bitter cold but it has been amazeballs weather here so far this week.   Don't get too jelly because we turn back into winter after today.   In case you somehow missed it, my birthday was Monday and I realized ya'll I'm 54 years old and I take ZERO prescription medications. Zero...Zilch....Nada.   That is amazing when you really stop and think about it because my diet isn't the best, I try but I fail a lot too, and I work really hard to meet my fitness goals on my watch everyday but there are some days, like Monday, where it just doesn't happen.   What I'm trying to say is that we have to stop treating our symptoms and start preventing them from occurring to the best of our ability.  I mean there are some things we have zero control over and we need Western medicine in its finest so don't think I'm hating on the good doctors of the world.  But there are a lot of common issues that we can control so how do we do that? Good diet and exercise and preventative healthcare, come on people it's nothing we don't already know.   One thing I did almost 3 years ago is start seeing an acupuncturist.  If you talk to me then you know I will sing her praises all day long!!  I initially started seeing her because of my seasonal allergies but now, once a month she and I chat on the sofa about what's going on in my life, my body and my mind.   Then she fills me full of needles! haha   She is a certified acupuncturist, a registered pharmacist and a certified Chinese herbalist so I always feel very confident with her treatment choices but I'm also VERY honest with her about what I'm taking, eating, doing in my life.   NEVER lie to your caregivers my friends, brutal honestly is the only way to be with your healthcare providers.

Now, one of the things we can do to take care of ourselves is to supplement our diet with various vitamins, minerals, oils and such.   I'm a Young Living distributor so you'll always see me use one of their products first because I KNOW WHERE IT COMES FROM.   Be your own advocate, do your own research and stop putting crappy chemicals in your body.   (lecture over)     I thought I'd show you what a routine day of supplements looks like for me.

First thing out of bed, I run some warm water and plop a drop of Lemon Essential oil in my water.  I also have me one of those KidScents MightyPro, my adult pixie stick.  Give them to yourself, give them to your spouse, give them to your kids but don't give them to the dog.  No really....BAD for doggies.  

Now that we've got us a big glass of water in us we can move through the day with our current supplement choices.  Yes, folks these change and evolve as my body needs them. 

So let's cover each of them and when I'm taking them because that's equally important. 
As you can see there are quite a few supplements so I need to get my "old lady" pill case out. I picked this one up on Amazon and it works perfect for me.   All those containers fit in a nice little pouch that is easily packed for travel or I can toss the days worth in my purse.   Each of the days case has 4 slots labeled: Morn-Noon-Eve-Bed

Let's move through the contents of each one:

Morn:    Allerzyme - a vegetarian enzyme that supports digestion
              Super C - contains 1440% of the recommended dietary intake of vitamin C along with rutin, citrus                   
               bioflavonoids, and minerals to balance electrolytes and enhance the effectiveness and absorption of                                            
               vitamin C.  Essential oils added may help to increase the bioflavonoid activity.   

               Both of these are usually consumed with that glass of warm water!

Noon:   Endogize- supports a healthy and balanced endocrine system in women.
             Multi-Vitamin    this one will be changing as soon as I finish this bottle. It's a great vitamin        
             but since I'm getting a little more balanced with other supplements I will be switching to 
             these and adding this this powerhouse.

Eve:     OmegaGize-  this is an amazing blend of Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin D-3 and CoQ-10.  
             I'm currently still taking the old formula for these and ya'll it makes  
             me fish burp! BLEK, but they are not cheap and I shall power through this bottle and then
             re-order so I can get the new formula which is now fish burp free.  

Bed:      Thyromin - nutritional support for healthy thyroid function
              Super Cal Plus - excellent source for calcium, magnesium, Vitamins D & K

That is pretty much every single day, does it seem like a lot to you?  Maybe but like I said this is constantly evolving and changing as my needs change.  The Allerzyme was added after my gallbladder removal and has supported my digestion immensely while adjusting to life without the ole' GB.    Speaking of that, there is one other supplement that I take religiously when eating out. 

Essentialzymes-4:  Essentialzymes-4 is a multi-spectrum enzyme complex specially formulated to aid the critically needed digestion of dietary fats, proteins, fiber, and carbohydrates commonly found in the modern processed diet. The dual time-release technology releases the animal- and plant-based enzymes at separate times within the digestive tract, allowing for optimal nutrient absorption.

I started taking these 2 times a day about a month after my surgery and I stand firm in my belief that these helped me resume a regular diet so quickly.   I reserve their use now for eating out at restaurants  and I will say that I can definitely tell if I forget to take it.  Things move and groove so much better when I have these in my system.  

One final daily routine that is literally a week old but i don't think I see it going away.  I pretty much already consumed 2 oz. of Ningxia Red every day already but Dr. Peter Minke has this thing called Minke's Red Drink and if you want to research, I think you'll be as blown away as I was about all the goodness drinking this every day will do for you.  You'll need the Ningxia RedSulfurzyme Powder and Lime Vitality oil and a 25 oz glass bottle (you can use an old Ningxia bottle) and filtered water to finish it off.   Drink this throughout the day every day.     There are rarely days where I don't get a minimum of 64 oz of water, most days are closer to 80 but if you struggle with the water if you can get that 10 oz of warm water with lemon oil and this 25 oz of red drink you've met half your water goal for the day already and another 3 glasses seems much more manageable.  

Oh my gosh....I totally almost forgot my favorite supplement ever!!! 

This has to be refrigerated but seriously it's the best Probiotic I've taken and believe me, I've tried them all!!!   Life 9 is a proprietary, high-potency probiotic that combines 17 billion live cultures from nine beneficial bacteria strains. It helps promote healthy digestion, supports gut health, and helps maintain normal intestinal function for the overall support of a healthy immune system.*    

I take this one sometime between dinner and bed, since it stays in the refrigerator I'm usually getting stuff ready for the next morning or cleaning up after supper and I'll grab it and wash it down.  

That's it that doesn't include the essential oils that I use.  Those change daily based on how I'm feeling and what my body tells me it needs.   Speaking of that, learn to sit quietly and meditate each day (even for 5 minutes) and listen to what your body is saying.  Don't argue with it but just listen and adjust.  Some days mine says "hey lady...I really need you to back off the water we're reaching flood stage" and some days it says "you're gonna need that second cup of coffee".   Nothing is right or wrong, it's just what YOU need in that moment and when that's different 6 times a day, that's ok too! 

Be Kind to everyone including yourself!

Sunday, January 20, 2019

What's Samma Reading 2018 Review

Hey There Peeps!!!

I used to do a What's Samma Reading post pretty frequently but it got away from me and well.....I figured I'd just do a year recap in pictures.      These screenshots are all from GoodReads.   If you are on GoodReads then look me up because I love to see what others are reading when I get in a rut.
My goal for 2018 was 35 books and I finished with 41.  This year I upped my number to 45 but I can tell you I'll probably blow past that one and should finish in the 50+ range.  The biggest difference is going to be audiobooks.    I've just recently been sucked into the world of Podcasts....yeah, I'm no trendsetter for sure! haha  I found a great one called Levar Burton Reads and he reads short stories during the podcast.  Most of the podcasts last 45 minutes to an hour so I can listen while I work on things at my desk or during upcoming tax prep work or even while in the car.   However in the car I prefer to listen to My Favorite Murder or And That's Why We Drink, Levar has a pretty soothing voice and I might fall asleep.   Anywho, when you keep track of audio books in Goodreads it counts toward your reading goals plus lots of folks count audio books as "reading", I have mixed feelings about that but any who....    back to 2018!

That was my initial snapshot from GoodReads.

I did read Children of Blood and Bone and it was quite a departure from my normal reading genre's but it was good and I'm looking forward to the sequel coming out this year.   

On this screen snapshot I can tell you that Killers of the Flower Moon was a HUGE genre departure for me but I did enjoy it.  However it made me understand why Hoover is so disliked and very heartbroken for the Osage Indians.  Another note on this page is the Voice Inside by Brian Freeman, it was the 2nd in his Frost Easton series.  The 3rd installment comes out next week and I'm really looking forward to it.  

This screen shot has several good ones:   Killman Creek is the 2nd in the Stillhouse Lake series.  The second one creeped me out much less than the first in the series and I believe there is a 3rd book coming soon.  I LOVED the Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz, it was a bit Agatha Christie-ish to me and I loved that!   

This screen shot also holds some good ones:  MatchMaking for Beginners might have been one of my very favorite books in awhile.   I could honestly read it again!   It's been awhile since Nelson Demille had something new and I enjoyed The Cuban Affair although we did get bogged down a few times in so many details about Cuba.   Children of Blood and Bone, we've already talked about.   The President is Missing by Bill Clinton and James Patterson was a solid read.  I was very pleasantly surprised!  

This screen had my emotions everywhere:   A Killer's Mind by Mike Omer so seriously grossed me out in a sexually perverted kind of way a few times.  I had a hard time reading parts of the book and did find myself skimming some parts.  Apparently this is a new series for this author but I'm not sure I'll keep reading, the main character Zoe Bentley didn't give me warm fuzzies.  We'll see, maybe if I hit a rut I'll read another.   John Grisham, The Rooster Bar: well, let's just say total disappointment from the author who used to be one of my favorites.  Come on Grisham, get it together and write like you did in the earlier years!   It Ends With Her was a 3.5 star read for me, once again sometimes too sexually creepy and the emotional abuse dredged up some icky memories.   

On this last screen is The 7 ½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle.  I WANTED to love this book so much but truthfully it took me over a month to read it.   I'd fall asleep out of sheer boredom and I kept telling myself it would get better.  It didn't AT LEAST for me, however I've since discovered that the people who've read this book fall in two categories:  Love or Hate.  I appreciate and respect the incredible intricacy of the storyline but geezum it bored me to tears.   

I'm sitting on 2 books read, 1 audio book completed and I'm at the 90% mark on Discovery of Witches so I'll finish it in the next day or so.   Which is good because that should be just in time for the new Frost Easton to come out or to squish in a cozy mystery or two.  

What are your reading goals this year?   Any good reading challenges you're participating in?
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