Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving and check out my purse on another blog

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I have to get busy cooking but I wanted to thank each of you for spending some of your valuable time to read my little blog!! I appreciate everyone who takes a minute to read my daily antics and hope you will continue on my blog journey with me!!

On a side note I have found some amazing bloggers who cook with me, cry with me, craft with me, inspire me and most importantly laugh with me!!! One of those is Allison over at Petit Elephant. She is a cool chicky and I love her site. Each week she features a reader's purse. It's called What's in your purse? Mine is being featured this week!!!!! Yay!!!! It's kind of like the thrill you get looking in other people's houses but just with their purse.
Her site is Head over there and check out my purse and her site!!!

Count your blessings peeps I know I am!!!

Peace, Love and Thanksgiving Yummies!!!!

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Two more completed!!

Hey there!!!! Well my family will be arriving in about 4 more hours and I didn't get to the grocery so you know tomorrow is gonna be H E double hockey sticks!! But it's also my two year anniversary so to celebrate I'm not painting!!! Hehehehe.

So here we go with the photos because I need a shower in a bad way!

First we have the master bath and the final toilet I had to paint behind. Yipppeeeee. Here you go and once again a very white room.

So a little more Spanish Olive and now you get this

Once white and boring now green and fabulous!!!! I already liked the prints over the tub but now....WOWZA they are fabulosa!!! There is also this irritating little pretend closet in the room and it looks better. Not great but better

Pardon the tape and the previous white walls. It was a work in progress.

Now for the bunkie room. This is a pretend bedroom. No door no closet but a set of bunkie beds. We are going to add some kind of storage and and hopefully a door soon but for now, it needs some paint.

See I told you it was also very white. I took the photo after I started my OCD blue tape habit.

And now.......the finished room

This delightful color is Toffee Crunch. Next up the master and the kitchen/LR area but I have help on the way!! When did this happen and why are paint colors named for yummy foods??? Seriously, I leave the home of depot starving after looking at paint samples.

In other very important news.....Sons of Anarchy = Awesome!!!!
Seriously this show is so crazy good it's not even funny!! But it's for the adults only please.

If I can make it to the grocery and if there is anything left I'll be cooking for Thanksgiving. Wish me luck!

Peace, Love and Yummies!!!

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another day another room!

Hey there!!! It's me again, same old me just with a sore back, banged up knees and a half dozen or so new bruises. Oh and dark circles under my eyes. Lovely!!!!!

Finally finished painting the second bedroom and had a little lunch. This one isn't all wild and crazy and loud. It's pretty tame but's better than it was.

Here is before.......

Personally I think taking those odd turquoise lamps out made the biggest difference but that does mean I have to get out and find some replacements. Seriously....who thought turquoise was a good idea with red and green?????

Here is the AFTER

It's hard to tell in the picture but the walls are now a sand color. It is much better and the really wasn't much to work with. Red furniture and a green and red and tan comforter. Sometimes you just have to remain subtle.

Hopefully I can find a few accessories to jazz up the place while hubby is here and replacing the tv's.

Oh in my painting escapades I forgot to show you the first of many things I love about Christmas time.

Ahhhh how I love these!!!!!

Stay tuned for more painting fun!!!

Peace, Love and Yummies!!

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oh the difference a day makes...with a little paint mixed in.

Well peeps I'm finally posting again. It's been a crazy few weeks! I'm down at the condo doing some much needed sprucing up and this is what my helpful companion is doing

Uh yea I'd say I'm working alone!!!
So instead of cooking I'm mostly cleaning and painting so you're getting a little variety around here! Yesterday I managed to knock out two rooms. It was a long day and I'm sooo sore, I think I fell off the chair about a dozen times!!

Here is guest bath BEFORE (shield your eyes the level of white is blinding)

And now here we are with my OCD taping skills. Seriously I went through an entire roll of tape in this room!!!

Ta is the AFTER

Crazy isn't it how 20 dollars of paint can change a whole room? This is Glidden Spanish olive and it worked so well with the existing decor that I think I'm doing two more rooms in that color.
You know I'm working with an existing color palette of red, black & green so not a lot of options!!!! Give girl a break and tell me you luv it!! ;0)

So next up is the powder room and it had one picture and I went a little wild in that room. Here is the BEFORE

Before we continue I'd like to offer helpful painting tip #1. When painting behind the toilet it's best not to paint the side walls first then paint the back wall. Your hair and your clothes will thank you for abiding by this tip.

Painting tip #2, rule #1 also applies to painting behind a pedestal sink. Geez, you think I'd learn already.

Let me just go ahead and cover tip #3......remember tips 1 and 2 when working in the next room! Seriously I cannot stress the importance of remembering these tips!!! Someone call me tomorrow when I paint the third bathroom and remind me obviously I'm a doofus max!!! the AFTER

Told you I went crazy. This is Glidden Warm Gold and it's perfect for a small bath. A little goes a long way but I think when I get a few more accessories in there it'll be perfect! I'll keep you posted on the progress but in the meantime I've got to get busy!!!
Oh, dear dear I do have some food shots ;0). I almost forgot.

This is lunch yesterday

I had some store bought pimento cheese, baked BBQ chips and tea (of course). It if it was about 90 degrees and full sun and I'd have spent the morning on the beach, this would have been perfection!!!

For dinner last night it was all freezer food which if you know me you know I'm not a huge fan of prepackaged meals but I gotta tell you, it was delish!!! Either that or I was really really hungry from painting all day!! Haha

It's a Gorton's Cajun blackened grilled fish fillet, a steamed rice mix and those little frozen yam patties. I'm so crazy about those little yam patties and I'm always so excited when I rediscover them in the freezer section and I wonder why I don't have them more often. Yummmo. Here's the rice mix and it was excellent!

I have another fish fillet so this will prob be dinner again one night. Off to paint and back to the Depot!!!

Oh, before I forget, remember that our condo is for rent.  You can see all the specifics at:

Click Here

Peace, Love and Yummies from the beach!!!!

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

I wish pictures had sound

Ahhh the thought of waking up to this every morning!!! Although taking the dog down 6 floors at three in the morning is not much fun. I could learn to live with it though! Enjoy the day my peeps its a beautiful one here at our beach condo!!

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Sunny California

Hey peeps!!! So really really early Saturday morning I get a phone call from my sister about my mom. She had a total knee replacement early last week and had been doing really well and was moved to a rehab center for a few weeks of hard physical therapy before going home. Well unfortunately as we get older anesthesia drugs and pain meds give us different reactions and my mom suffered some serious hallucinations and ended up being transferred back to the hospital only to find out her heart was also a problem and then back into ICU. She's doing better and hopefully she will get stabilized soon. I'm normally 12 hours away but now I'm even farther away since I had planned a trip with hubby to San Diego. He's out here working and it's his birthday sooooooo I did a lot of praying for my mom and hopped on the plane. If you are so inclined, a little prayer for my mom would be much appreciated!

Now for some adventures in San Diego!
After we landed we decided to make a little trip south of the border

It's not hard to get IN to Mexico but dang is it time consuming to get back to the U.S.

If you peek through the bus windows you can see 15 lanes of bumper to bumper traffic waiting to cross into California. It took us almost three hours on a bus and in line to cross the border and we didn't buy a single thing!

Had dinner at a great little spot in Old Town.

The big one is mine....anyone surprised???!!! Coyote cafe was the name of the yummy place who brought this little pretty to my hubby

And I had fish tacos, of course, and they were great!!!

Then we just HAD to sample their specialty homemade tortillas. Strawberry, chocolate, and cinnamon. Hey, they were 2 for $1, who am I to pass that up!!! I have to say the cinnamon was my favorite but all I could think was if they had some butter and honey how much yummier they would have been!!

So yesterday we headed out for LaJolla beach! WOW!!!!

So we walked and got a big smack of a wave on us and I realized why people live here, this weather is truly amazing. As you can see I am never happy to get my picture made but sometimes the hubby wins out.

I wanted good pics of the seals but the tide was high and we walked up to Joses's and grabbed a little snack.

Cute little pub and the guacamole was awesome! And no, I didn't have a margarita!
We walked back down to the beach and joy joy the tide had gone out and the seals were sunning!!!! I was so happy!!!

Ooh amazing!!! I will spare you the details and the thoughts but I may never go to a zoo again. These animals were so great to watch in their natural habitat.

Time to head down to Seaport Village and do some shopping and some more food!

Of course hubby was in full swing of fun photos. Yes, the nuns were real nuns and he claims that by having his picture with them it was absolution granted. Hehehe

Time for a late lunch snack, we walked so much again.

We split a plate of fish tacos and they were amazing!!! Filled with grilled shark meat. Awesome!!!! Then a little cream brûlée which was equally amazing!! Time to walk some more and shop some more!

Finally we head back to Old Town to pick up a few things that we saw the day before. Well, that and some dinner too!

Great little restaurant, and believe it or not I did NOT have fish tacos!!!

I had Tequila Lime Shrimp and hubster had a Seafood Skillet

And of course i had a 'rita, but it was a Cobo Skinny Rita

It was super duper yummy!!!!

Now peeps you've been bored to tears by this abnormally long post but i really need to get a shower!!!
Today is hubby's birthday too!!!!

Peace, Love and Yummies!!!

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Did you miss me??

Hi deeee ho!!  I'm baaack!!!    I missed you...did you miss me???
Just say yes please, I've had a rough few weeks. 
Surgery over and I had my 2 week post op today.  I will spare you the utterly disgusting details but let's just was horrible.  I go back in a month and hopefully things will be better than they are currently.

Moving on to other more reader friendly topics.  My hubby has been out of town pretty much the last three weeks with the exception of weekends and coming back for my surgery.  Needless to say I'm too ashamed to even tell you the strange things I've been eating while he's away.   Last weekend the Merebear had some friends over after Friday Night football.  I jazzed things up with lots of Halloween decorations and yummies to eat but do you think I even took one little picture?? NOOOOOOOOOOO  of course not why would I do something intelligent like that.  Take my word...the media room was tooooo cute and I have never seen teenage girls gobble up mummies that fast  (aka..pigs in a blanket). Sometimes we forget the old easy things are sometimes the best.    

Last weekend my Blue Angels were flying.  Why yes, they are mine as far as I'm concerned anyway.  We drove up to another part of the neighborhood like this
why yes, we had the top down and no seat belts and no shoes!  haha   Don't worry we only drove about a block in our neighborhood and hubby was sitting on the back of the car waving at the neighbors like he was in the homecoming parade or something. 
But this is what we saw....

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to watch these guys fly and one of the things I miss the most about living in Pensacola.   I love to hear the roar of those jets in my chest.  Awesome I tell you just awesome!!  We call it the sound of freedom. God Bless our military!!!!!

Now since I haven't been cooking I did manage to get my Halloween decorations down early this week and switch to fall decor.  Yep yep yep...a little bit of time on my hands!!   So now I bore you with my photos

This is an amazing new centerpiece for my honkin' big dining room table and dang, it's almost too big!
Anywho....I got this little baby on sale at michaels for 40 freakin' dollars!!!!  Seriously they are having a whopper of a sale!

that's a ginormous cream colored pumpkin underneath all that fall razzmajazz.

Now I had to fix my mantle too....

sorry for the weird lighting, it's late afternoon
Now check out the whole fireplace

that sad little plant on the left is because my cat just loves that plant. No other one in the house will do, she just loves to eat that one.  I just purchased the plant stand it's on so maybe she can't reach, if it works I'll get a new pot for the plant.

Now check out this cutie

I got that cute little pillow from the Kirk of land's awhile back, glad to finally pull him out.  I just fell in love with him the minute I saw him.

Now, we mustn't leave out the kitchen table

Hubby asked on the phone the other day if I'd put out the cornucopia...I told we didn't have one but we do now!!  Another bargain at michaels.  I really don't need to go back to that store for awhile.

So, I'm off to have some cereal I mean 5 course meal before I pick the hubby up from the airport. I'll try not to stay away so long next time!

Peace, Love and Yummies!!!

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