Saturday, January 31, 2015

Smiley360 and FrostyVoxBox reviews

Hey peeps!!

So I left you with many many exciting things in my last Tuesday Times edition but today we are going to focus on some products I've been testing out.  I promise we'll get to the other exciting things soon because there is still so much more to share with you but I've got a deadline of tomorrow looming over me for these product reviews!! We're gonna hit 'em hard and fast today so fasten your seat belts and let's get to know some new products.  (Not to mention I'm superdeeduper hyped up on homemade Caramel Frappucino's)  Oh and there's a LOT of products so maybe you should go grab a beverage of your choice.

First up we're going to cover 3 products that I've been testing out for Smiley 360.  Remember I've received all these products for free in exchange for my honest opinion.   Also if you are interested in joining let me know and I'll see what I can do about hooking you up with an invitation to these programs.  I have a lot of fun and have found some great products!

The first is Accuflora ProBiotic Supplements.   Now I've certainly heard about probiotics and all but I've never really felt like it was something I needed to add to my plethora of vitamins/supplements.  

This is from the material I received along with the samples

Why may probiotics be helpful for you?
Rich meals, dairy products, preservatives, stress, and age can all affect your body’s digestion. As a result you may experience stomach upset, bloating and changes in regularity. accuflora™ can help support your digestive health and help regulate your body’s internal balance.*  (*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.)

So for 14 days I tried to remember to take these twice a day to see if I noticed a significant change.  On the days that I did remember to take them as directed I did notice being less bloated and having less reflux which I've had a ton of lately for some strange reason!  (sorry-this post is gonna have some TMI moments for sure) I also noticed when I was picking up some prescriptions that this probiotic seemed to be priced a bit better than the others and considering this one has 5 different beneficial probiotic strains as opposed to others only having one I think it will be my choice.  Come to think of it, I think maybe I'll add these to my grocery list and see if I can tame that reflux a bit more.  And yeah, who couldn't use a little less bloat in their life! 

Next up is  Orajel Single Dose for Cold Sores.  

Now if you are like me and are sometimes plagued by cold sores then you are already familiar with the Orajel line.   This is a new concept on cold sore treatment and while I didn't get a full blown cold sore during my sample period I did get the inkling that one might be coming.  You know, that kind of itchy, kind of tingly feeling you wake up with?  I remembered I received this product to test so I was off to do just that.  First up you clean your lip area, then you break open the vial.  Using the padded top you hold the medicine on the sore for about thirty seconds then you rub it in and discard the tube. After an hour you can use the moisturizer from the included tube.  First of all, it did work.  After I numbed the area the tingly sensation was gone and I had no cold sore break out.  I actually forgot to use the moisturizer later.   Cons to this product:  there are only 2 vials included in the package.  At a price of almost $20 per package, I think there are just as effective products on the market for a LOT less money.  

Ok, time for the last Smiley360 product on the list and this one is gonna stretch us into TMI territory big time! Bear with me though because it is in fact a great product!

Ok, I'll give it to you that this isn't something you really want to discuss on social media but I committed to testing this product and speaking about it so hang with me as we venture deep into the too much information territory.    Now I'm about 1 ¼ years post hysterectomy and not long after my surgery my sweet NurseNancy friend suggested that I try this product after I was cleared from my doctor.  (that was about 8 weeks in case you were wondering)   I had noticed that I didn't feel very "fresh" after my surgery and since NurseNancy's specialty was gyn I asked her.  She suggested I try this and I LOVED it!  It really did the trick and all was good.  Fast forward about a year and this Smiley360 popped up and I thought "hmm, I wonder if they've made a change to an already good product" and so I applied and was selected.   I'm just copying our promo information here for you since I can't really say it any better.

Think you’re alone in suffering from feminine odor and discomfort? Far from it! Feminine odor can occur after intimacy, after douching, after your period and even by using body soaps…it’s no wonder so many women suffer! 
So what’s a girl to do then? Try RepHresh® Vaginal Gel—an over-the-counter vaginal gel that helps maintain healthy vaginal pH when used once every 3 days. Studies show that vaginal issues often occur when vaginal pH is unbalanced, but by maintaining a healthy vaginal pH, you can help reduce your risk of vaginal issues!
If you’re tired of discomfort and odor then STOP buying products that only deal with the symptoms. Instead, try RepHresh® Vaginal Gel…clinically shown to eliminate the CAUSE—unbalanced feminine pH. 
• RepHresh is not intended to prevent or treat vaginal infections
• If you suspect you have an infection, see your doctor immediately
I still use this product occasionally and ahem...especially after intimacy.  Gah, I'm so sorry I told you we were venturing deep in the TMI territory.   I've noticed this to be a problem especially after my surgery so I'm willing to bet some of you have had the same issues and well you weren't just gonna blurt it out on social media or you don't have anyone to question.  So there you go, I did it for you.  Feel free to private message me with any questions, I'm happy to impart my non-medical professional knowledge and experience with you.  Oh and in case you wondered the applicator works much like a tampon which is why you should wait to be cleared from your physician if using after a surgery.

MOOOOOVING right along!
(I warned you this was a long post!)

So let's get started on the Influenster products I received in my #FrostyVoxBox
(no worries, no TMI in this section!)

So there is nothing like getting one of these awesome boxes in the mail...just saying'.
Once again, if you'd be interested in being an Influenster let know and I'll get you an invite!

See what I mean?  All this stuff!!

Another look at all the goodies in the box!  Most all the products that come from Influenster are full size products so that's a big bonus!

First up: Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
This was some of the product information available:

  • No oily residue
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
  • Dermatologically and Ophthalmologically tested

I did find that this did not bother my contacts nor irritate my overly sensitive skin so that's a big plus.  However it didn't really seem to work on my favorite Benefit mascara.  I don't wear that mascara everyday so in the end I would say this is a good product and if you have uber sensitive skin it's worth a try. It was in fact very gentle and not oily just not super duty.


I received the Sleek + Shine Finisher.  First of all let me say that I don't usually "brush" my hair.  I use a wide tooth comb when my hair is wet then I use a paddle brush to dry my hair. This brush isn't really used for either of those purposes so I tested it by brushing my hair at night, which sadly is not something I normally do.   I did notice it didn't cause my hair to have static or frizz and it did feel really nice on my scalp.  I participated in the #FrostyVoxBox twitter party and apparently some folks received a different version that was especially useful for drying your hair and I wished I had received that brush.  So if you need this type of brush then it gets a big thumbs up and I may pickup the one for blow drying on my next Tar-jay excursion.


Ok so I saved these for a little road trip I took and I love me some Cherry Fruit Vines so these bites were a huge hit for me!! Like really yummy and chewy and fun to occupy me on a road trip.
I'll definitely be buying these again! These new bites have a lot more flavor than the regular vines and that's a good thing! 


Ok, first of all I thought it was a little peculiar that I got a jar of spices in my VoxBox. But hey, have you priced spices lately?? Seriously who cares how you get them if you get them free??!!   Thyme is a spice that I use quite often and McCormick is a long time trusted brand. Not much more to say except it's a great product that's been around for a long time for good reasons.


Here is another great "old" product.  I've been drinking Celestial Seasonings tea for years and I drink a LOT of tea.  It's always good tea.  This particular flavor isn't my favorite because it's a tad "sweet" for me but it is a nice holiday favorite.  We should all drink more tea and since this one was decaf you could sip at night while watching those corny Christmas movies.  Oh wait, maybe that's just me!

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner

Ok so this was a bummer for me.  First strike, it was WAY too dark for my complexion and I'm not all into that smokey eye thing.  Second, I did not find that this was waterproof at all. I mean seriously it didn't take long before it was all under my eyes making me look all Rocky Raccoon'ish.

see what I mean, too dark for my eyes/complexion.
(also note I DETEST selfies...I mean like really really detest them-but sometimes to get free products you gotta bite the bullet and take them)
Also my hair was wet and this is about as much makeup as you'll find on me on a daily basis.
Little bit of tinted moisturizer, little eye liner, mascara and a smidgen of blush.  Actually I don't even usually wear the blush but I must have been a tad washed out looking.   I gave this one to Merebear and I haven't received a report back on her feelings on this one yet.


Here's another thing, I'm not a lipstick kinda girl much to my mama's dismay as she has really spent the better part of my life telling me I needed a little lipstick and I'm not arguing I probably do but I just don't want to.  Anyway, I obligingly tried this one and it's pretty good.  I mean it's more of a colored light gloss but not too glossy gloss.   It was soft and it was a nice shade but it didn't last all day but hey, if you like some color on your face or you'd just like your mama to leave you alone about the lipstick then this is a good one. AND it's pretty inexpensive so you don't break the bank!

and finally the last product!


Ok this was the Boots No. 7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Serum
I received the small sample size packet you see in the top of the photo.  It was really only enough for 2 light applications which I don't deem enough to truly test a product.  For me that's not even enough of a sample to see how my finicky skin is going to react.  All I can say is that it did seem to make my skin feel super soft and I did like that.  I would be interested in trying this product in the future as a lot of the folks on the #FrostyVoxBox twitter party really seemed to like it and swore that it did reduce their wrinkles and fine lines.  

WOW so there you have it. The plethora of products I've been testing and trying out.  I told you it was gonna be a long post!    Like I said, all products were sent to me free of charge and all I'm ever asked to do is give my honest opinion and share on social media in various formats.  It's a pretty sweet deal and I'm always happy to share with you guys how to be a part of the fun.  I'm currently doing an Inkjoy pen trial and about to start a SleepNumber IQ bed trial (no I'm not getting a free mattress but that'd be sweet!!) so there's still more to come on the product testing front. 

I also have so much to tell you about birthday, bread and the stock show so stay tuned peeps!!!

Peace, Love & Freebies!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday Times

Hey Peeps

I missed a whole week and sooooo much happened last week so I'll do my best to catch you up as much as I can today.
Let's get started shall we?

Reading:  I'm without a book right now.  Can't decide so I'm trying to whittle down the stack of magazines I've accumulated.  

Playing: Listening to a Dean Graziosi presentation while I'm typing this.  (update.....I was TOTALLY bored with that, guess big real estate isn't my thing and a new Fixer Upper show just came on)

Watching:  Same as last week and it's on the TV right now---  Fixer Upper! My love for Chip and JoJo is out of control!

Trying: To get myself into a routine again.  My mind is still on holiday schedule.

Cooking:  So I found this super easy recipe for some crusty Italian Bread. It will be the death of me and my pants.  Seriously it's so good and sooooooo stinking easy!!! No worries, it will be covered on the blog soon!

Eating: I had these for dinner earlier...with a beer.  I know I know it's bad but they were really good.

Drinking:  I have a new obsession in the thirst quenching world.  I have discovered the joys of a Dirty Diet Coke.  It's Diet Coke with vanilla, lime and a splash of half and half.  I know it doesn't sound or look appealing but wow nelly is it yummy!!!!  

Calling:  I probably should take this out, I seriously rarely call anyone.   I have talked to my mama several times in case you wondered.

Texting:  The usuals, Abogg, Hubster, Merebear and occasionally Court.  Oh and LL my crafty buddy!

Pinning:  Mostly essential oil stuff.  I just got this today and I'm finally a Young Living Oils distributor.   No worries, you'll be hearing lots more from me about that!!!

Tweeting:  Today's tweet was to showcase these lovelies! My first ever cauliflower from the garden. The best part, there's like 3 more heads growing.  The broccoli is starting to grow and there's a tiny bit of kale in there too, but I just scalped the kale last week so it hasn't regenerated yet.

Crafting: I didn't really craft anything because I was super busy trying to finish up the Christmas decorations clean up and then cleaning the house.   Maybe next week because the rest of this week is being spent getting the remaining boxes of craft room stuff out of the garage and up to my craft room.   

Doing: Well I worked really hard last week and was supremely rewarded with a Semi Surprise birthday party this past week!    I had no clue and my house was full of the best friends and family a girl could ask for!   Sadly my sweet  Abogg had to go back to his job site on Friday so he didn't get to join us but he was here in spirit.  :-)    More details to come on the party too!!   By the way, my actually birthday is a still a little over a week away so I'm not 50 yet peeps!!!  

Going: Sunday the Hubster and I got up early and cleaned up after the party then we went to the Stock Show.  Once again, more of my stock show photos to come because ya'll know how much I love the stock show!!!

(yes, we accidentally left the cake outside all night)

(you have no idea how much I love me some cows!)

Loving:  My new cowhide rug from the Stock Show.  I've wanted one for so so very long and I finally bit the bullet and got one.  

(please no hate comments- see next bullet point)

Hating: Negative judgmental people.  Seriously ain't nobody got time for that!   

Discovering:  That I think I'm finally ready to make some paint decisions and get the decorating started around here. Considering we've been here for 9 months I'd say it is about time. 

Enjoying: This amazing weather we are having.  Peeps we were 72 yesterday, 78 today and gonna be 79 or 80 tomorrow.  If it makes those of you freezing, by Thursday we drop to 60 then by Saturday it's rain, rain, rain and 40. I'm enjoying it while it is here though!

Hoping:  To get my craft room organized finally.  Then I can start thinking about decorating and what I need in the way of pretty storage.  For now, most of my stuff will go in the attic storage area on some new shelves we bought. 

Celebrating:  My upcoming birthday...hellooooooo!!!!  I mean you don't turn 50 every day and I'm sure gonna stretch it out for the whole month of February, at the very least.

Smelling: Right now my house smells like the Citrus Fresh essential oil I diffused in my new diffuser.   

Thanking:  God for having the best friends and family in the whole world!!!  

Considering: What to wear to a wedding at the end of February.  I don't think I've ever been to a winter wedding so I'm clueless as to what to wear.  Any ideas?

Finishing:  Thinking about finishing off the little bit of ice cream left in the freezer.  :-)

Starting: Getting our stuff together for taxes.  Blek, I hate this time of the year.

So there you go, my second edition of the Tuesday Times!!  It's been super busy around here but it's been awesome!!  What have you been up to?  

Peace, Love & TuTu's

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday Times

Hey There Peeps!!!

Happy TuTu Tuesday.  New Year means new things and we are going to start with the Tuesday posts around here.  Normally I do a Tuesday Tumbling that includes a multitude of random thoughts going on in my mind/life.   I saw this list today on another amazing blog that I always read, Whatever and I thought "hey Samma, why don't we try this" and then I said "cool". (yes, I do talk to myself a lot)  If you don't follow Meg and her wonderful stories, inspiration and amazing craftiness you should!  Your mind and spirit will be inspired and you can thank me later for tipping you off to this amazing lady.  

So let's start off this fun new Tuesday list:

Reading:  Ok, this gets to start off a little embarrassing because while I normally read mystery, suspense, thriller books I do have a guilty book pleasure, corny detective stories.   I just finished Book 3 in this series and I'll be downloading the 4th soon.  Good clean fun but engaging nonetheless. 

Playing: I haven't really been listening to much music since the holidays are over. But soon I'll be back to my eclectic music choices.

Watching:  Oh that's an easy one Fixer Upper!!!  I'm trying to figure out how to convince my husband that JoJo needs to be in charge of the decorating around here! 

Trying: To eat something for breakfast everyday.  Preferably oatmeal but this morning and yesterday it has been whole grain bread and smashed avocado. YUMMOOO 

Cooking:  Not much of anything.  Hubster is STILL working out of town every week and the Merebear headed back to college today so I'm back to the no real meals just snacking all day.  It's ok, I cooked so much during the holidays that I'm kinda tired of everything.

Eating: My doctor has strongly suggested on more than one occasion that eating a little something every couple of hours as opposed to 3 meals a day would benefit me and my health concerns so I'm using this time alone to try things her way. 

Drinking:  Tea, hot tea. Lordy mercy the amount of tea I'm drinking is ree donk ulous!!!   Don't worry, it isn't sweetened.

Calling:  I talk to my Hubster about once a day, usually very briefly.  Other than that the only folks I call are people inquiring about renting the condo.  Seriously, when I did start detesting talking on the phone??!!!  I do need to call my mom though!

Texting:  I don't text a ton either, usually Hubster and Abogg and occasionally Merebear.  Seriously I've become a hermit, I don't text, I don't call people, maybe I should get out more.

Pinning:  This one is pretty easy and to keep your interest I'm gonna show you my last few pins.

Tweeting:  I'm mostly tweeting things related to my Smiley360 and Influenster accounts.  I'm @SammaSpot if you want to tweet along.

Crafting:  Valentines stuff.  Mostly I made a Valentine garland for our bedroom fireplace mantle and I'm working on one for the mantle in the den.  I hate when the Christmas decorations come down, my house feels so bleh.

Doing: Honestly I'm not doing much of anything.  Since Thursday I've been fighting the urge to be sick.  I thought I had it licked until today and suddenly I feel complete icky.  Going to bed tonight with the decision to be mucho better tomorrow. Positive thinking!!

Going: Well, I have to go tomorrow and an pay the water bill at our little town office.  Other than that, not leaving the house.

Loving:  Trying all my new flavors of tea that the girls gave me for Christmas.  Told ya...I'm a tea-aholic.

Hating: Feeling sick but thankful I don't have the flu.

Discovering:  That having red hair may require lots more upkeep than I anticipated.

Enjoying: At the moment, Jimmy Fallon and Chris Hemsworth throwing water on each other.  

Hoping:  To be done with this coughing and sneezing soon.

Celebrating:  The fact that Abogg FINALLY got to come home for a few hours yesterday. Peeps, my boy hasn't been home since the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  First Christmas of his life he wasn't home and this mama has not dealt with it very well at all.  He's a hard working man now and I'd like to turn the clock back to when he was five if that's ok with everyone.  

Smelling: Nothing at all!! I'm so stuffy and snotty that I can't smell anything.

Thanking: God that my life is so full!!!

Considering:Getting ready for bed, I'm getting sleepy.

Finishing:  This blog post so I can go to bed.

Starting:  Probably will start the next book in the aforementioned series tonight because you know the second you crawl into bed you are suddenly wide awake.

So that's it for our first week of the Tuesday Times! What do you think?   It was a little light on photos and that's highly unusual for me but I'm posting on Instagram most of the time as @SammaSpot so find me and the dog over there on most days.   Anything exciting going on in your world?  Tell me all about it so I can leave the house vicariously through you guys!

Peace, Love & TuTu's

Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 Favorites

Hey Peeps!!!

I'm just dropping in to say hello and since I was so very bad this past year about posting I don't really have a favorite post of each month to do so instead, I'm posting a photo.  Lots of things changed in our lives in 2014, some have been good and some I'm still adjusting to but in the end we move forward and we try to make each day better than the day before!!

So without further ado this is my year in pics!!
(I'm trying to hold it to two per month)

Last year we left on December 26th for a family vacation to San Francisco.
At the time I said that I never wanted to be gone during the holidays again but this year I was kinda wishing we had planned a vacation.   Anyway, we had a BLAST in San Francisco with all the kids and their respective spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend.  What a way to kick off the New Year!

February brought the Stock Show to town.  Always a good time and one of my favorite local "festivals".

It also brought this to our front yard.   *sigh* One of those changes I'm still not used to yet.
It's hard to leave a great neighborhood but the time was right.

We put our house on the market in February and it sold in 24 hours and then the moving and remodeling began.

In March my poor car was used very much like a pickup truck.

March also brought with it a second sold in 24 hours home.
Yes people, we were selling like hotcakes but not finding much in the way to buy!

Things finally came together in April and we purchased this house.
Solar panels and Earth,Wind & Fire ties made this the hands down fave for the Hubster.

And we celebrated Easter amongst the many unpacked boxes.

May brought much excitement.

My not so little anymore boy and his sweet girlfriend attended their last college formal together.
As luck would have it the theme was Kentucky Derby and quite frankly these two just look the part of Derby goers!!!

Nothing can kick you into gear faster than having a party right after you move into a new house.
We celebrated with a Mary Kay Andrews "Ladies Night" House Party.  While I may have forgotten to take photos I sure did enjoy the party even though I certainly wasn't quite unpacked yet.  Hopefully none of the party goers minded either.

And the biggest event in May.....Abogg graduated from Baylor!!!
Yes indeedy cotton petey!!!   Can't be more proud of the young man he's become!!!
World's best Geologist is on the loose now!!  

June brought a family vacation to the beach.  We stayed two wonderful weeks at the condo and once again were so blessed to have all the kids and +1's with us!
(aren't the fishing shirts we picked out awesome!)

Then we came home from two great weeks to watch the Cowboy Ride Away.  My combined Christmas, birthday, Mothers Day gift of George Straits' final concert.  It was a blast!!! 

July means 4th of July and our new neighborhood has a parade!  We gussied up the new riding mower and threw some beads and had a bubble machine going!  Tons of fun, just tons of fun!!!

We made a little trip to Atlanta to see a beautiful girl get married!
July in Atlanta is quite lovely for a wedding!  Of course we had a lot of fun before the wedding too!!

And let us not forget July also brought us a snake wrapped around the fan of the Aboggs car.
Seriously how bizarre!!!
(I'm sorry to report neither the snake or fan made it out alive.)

August ushered in with more than enough yellow squash from the garden and I was making this yummy soup.  

August also gave Hubster a new job that requires him to be out of town most of the week and found me eating SALSA all the time. Fresh out of the garden and even this yummy twist with green tomatoes.  

September brought us an impromptu week at the beach. 

Just me and the Hubster. Unfortunately he worked up in the condo all day but we did get to have some good quiet time together.  Well we had the dog too but hey, every thing is better when it has dog slobber on it.    :-)

We ushered in October with a trip to the State Fair. Always good fun!!

October also means our annual Parents Gone Wild trip to the beach.
Deep Sea Fishing was back on the agenda this year and we caught so many fish and had so much fun!
Not to mention our escapades of deep sea fishing will be on TV Jan. 9th on the Destin To Fish show.

Here we are bright and early and ready to leave the dock to fish!

November means Thanksgiving and I made the family get up early on Turkey day this year to do the Grub Run.   It was just a 5K and we walked it (well Abogg ran) and it was fun. Then we stopped at a gas station and pigged out on weird combinations of food before driving home to finish getting things ready for the T-day meal!
(I might also mention it was a bit cold when we started too!)

And finally December brings Christmas.  It's been a tough season for this mama.  For the first time in 23 years my sweet boy has not been with me for Christmas.  I'm holding out and keeping the decorations up until he comes home so if you see me just give me an extra hug because this mama needs it!!

I did make a little trip to Waco to see a sweet girl graduate from Baylor.
Now she can go forth and GeoPhysic officially.  
(Seriously I do NOT even know what her and the Abogg do-it sounds like a foreign language when they talk)

Poor Abogg had to miss her graduation too but I got to spend the morning with her and her wonderful family in his place and it was quite delightful to share her special day!  (excuse frumpy sweater with my dress but it was way colder than I anticipated)

Other than Abogg not being able to come home, I'm not even sad that my tree is still up. I'm actually kinda digging it!

I hope that 2015 brings you and yours a wealth of peace, happiness and love. 

Hopefully my next post is my Word of the Year but I make no promises because I'm still not sure which way I'm going on that just yet!

Peace, Love & New Beginnings!

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