Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday Times

Hey Peeps

I missed a whole week and sooooo much happened last week so I'll do my best to catch you up as much as I can today.
Let's get started shall we?

Reading:  I'm without a book right now.  Can't decide so I'm trying to whittle down the stack of magazines I've accumulated.  

Playing: Listening to a Dean Graziosi presentation while I'm typing this.  (update.....I was TOTALLY bored with that, guess big real estate isn't my thing and a new Fixer Upper show just came on)

Watching:  Same as last week and it's on the TV right now---  Fixer Upper! My love for Chip and JoJo is out of control!

Trying: To get myself into a routine again.  My mind is still on holiday schedule.

Cooking:  So I found this super easy recipe for some crusty Italian Bread. It will be the death of me and my pants.  Seriously it's so good and sooooooo stinking easy!!! No worries, it will be covered on the blog soon!

Eating: I had these for dinner earlier...with a beer.  I know I know it's bad but they were really good.

Drinking:  I have a new obsession in the thirst quenching world.  I have discovered the joys of a Dirty Diet Coke.  It's Diet Coke with vanilla, lime and a splash of half and half.  I know it doesn't sound or look appealing but wow nelly is it yummy!!!!  

Calling:  I probably should take this out, I seriously rarely call anyone.   I have talked to my mama several times in case you wondered.

Texting:  The usuals, Abogg, Hubster, Merebear and occasionally Court.  Oh and LL my crafty buddy!

Pinning:  Mostly essential oil stuff.  I just got this today and I'm finally a Young Living Oils distributor.   No worries, you'll be hearing lots more from me about that!!!

Tweeting:  Today's tweet was to showcase these lovelies! My first ever cauliflower from the garden. The best part, there's like 3 more heads growing.  The broccoli is starting to grow and there's a tiny bit of kale in there too, but I just scalped the kale last week so it hasn't regenerated yet.

Crafting: I didn't really craft anything because I was super busy trying to finish up the Christmas decorations clean up and then cleaning the house.   Maybe next week because the rest of this week is being spent getting the remaining boxes of craft room stuff out of the garage and up to my craft room.   

Doing: Well I worked really hard last week and was supremely rewarded with a Semi Surprise birthday party this past week!    I had no clue and my house was full of the best friends and family a girl could ask for!   Sadly my sweet  Abogg had to go back to his job site on Friday so he didn't get to join us but he was here in spirit.  :-)    More details to come on the party too!!   By the way, my actually birthday is a still a little over a week away so I'm not 50 yet peeps!!!  

Going: Sunday the Hubster and I got up early and cleaned up after the party then we went to the Stock Show.  Once again, more of my stock show photos to come because ya'll know how much I love the stock show!!!

(yes, we accidentally left the cake outside all night)

(you have no idea how much I love me some cows!)

Loving:  My new cowhide rug from the Stock Show.  I've wanted one for so so very long and I finally bit the bullet and got one.  

(please no hate comments- see next bullet point)

Hating: Negative judgmental people.  Seriously ain't nobody got time for that!   

Discovering:  That I think I'm finally ready to make some paint decisions and get the decorating started around here. Considering we've been here for 9 months I'd say it is about time. 

Enjoying: This amazing weather we are having.  Peeps we were 72 yesterday, 78 today and gonna be 79 or 80 tomorrow.  If it makes those of you freezing, by Thursday we drop to 60 then by Saturday it's rain, rain, rain and 40. I'm enjoying it while it is here though!

Hoping:  To get my craft room organized finally.  Then I can start thinking about decorating and what I need in the way of pretty storage.  For now, most of my stuff will go in the attic storage area on some new shelves we bought. 

Celebrating:  My upcoming birthday...hellooooooo!!!!  I mean you don't turn 50 every day and I'm sure gonna stretch it out for the whole month of February, at the very least.

Smelling: Right now my house smells like the Citrus Fresh essential oil I diffused in my new diffuser.   

Thanking:  God for having the best friends and family in the whole world!!!  

Considering: What to wear to a wedding at the end of February.  I don't think I've ever been to a winter wedding so I'm clueless as to what to wear.  Any ideas?

Finishing:  Thinking about finishing off the little bit of ice cream left in the freezer.  :-)

Starting: Getting our stuff together for taxes.  Blek, I hate this time of the year.

So there you go, my second edition of the Tuesday Times!!  It's been super busy around here but it's been awesome!!  What have you been up to?  

Peace, Love & TuTu's

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