Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday Times

Hey There Peeps!!!

Happy TuTu Tuesday.  New Year means new things and we are going to start with the Tuesday posts around here.  Normally I do a Tuesday Tumbling that includes a multitude of random thoughts going on in my mind/life.   I saw this list today on another amazing blog that I always read, Whatever and I thought "hey Samma, why don't we try this" and then I said "cool". (yes, I do talk to myself a lot)  If you don't follow Meg and her wonderful stories, inspiration and amazing craftiness you should!  Your mind and spirit will be inspired and you can thank me later for tipping you off to this amazing lady.  

So let's start off this fun new Tuesday list:

Reading:  Ok, this gets to start off a little embarrassing because while I normally read mystery, suspense, thriller books I do have a guilty book pleasure, corny detective stories.   I just finished Book 3 in this series and I'll be downloading the 4th soon.  Good clean fun but engaging nonetheless. 

Playing: I haven't really been listening to much music since the holidays are over. But soon I'll be back to my eclectic music choices.

Watching:  Oh that's an easy one Fixer Upper!!!  I'm trying to figure out how to convince my husband that JoJo needs to be in charge of the decorating around here! 

Trying: To eat something for breakfast everyday.  Preferably oatmeal but this morning and yesterday it has been whole grain bread and smashed avocado. YUMMOOO 

Cooking:  Not much of anything.  Hubster is STILL working out of town every week and the Merebear headed back to college today so I'm back to the no real meals just snacking all day.  It's ok, I cooked so much during the holidays that I'm kinda tired of everything.

Eating: My doctor has strongly suggested on more than one occasion that eating a little something every couple of hours as opposed to 3 meals a day would benefit me and my health concerns so I'm using this time alone to try things her way. 

Drinking:  Tea, hot tea. Lordy mercy the amount of tea I'm drinking is ree donk ulous!!!   Don't worry, it isn't sweetened.

Calling:  I talk to my Hubster about once a day, usually very briefly.  Other than that the only folks I call are people inquiring about renting the condo.  Seriously, when I did start detesting talking on the phone??!!!  I do need to call my mom though!

Texting:  I don't text a ton either, usually Hubster and Abogg and occasionally Merebear.  Seriously I've become a hermit, I don't text, I don't call people, maybe I should get out more.

Pinning:  This one is pretty easy and to keep your interest I'm gonna show you my last few pins.

Tweeting:  I'm mostly tweeting things related to my Smiley360 and Influenster accounts.  I'm @SammaSpot if you want to tweet along.

Crafting:  Valentines stuff.  Mostly I made a Valentine garland for our bedroom fireplace mantle and I'm working on one for the mantle in the den.  I hate when the Christmas decorations come down, my house feels so bleh.

Doing: Honestly I'm not doing much of anything.  Since Thursday I've been fighting the urge to be sick.  I thought I had it licked until today and suddenly I feel complete icky.  Going to bed tonight with the decision to be mucho better tomorrow. Positive thinking!!

Going: Well, I have to go tomorrow and an pay the water bill at our little town office.  Other than that, not leaving the house.

Loving:  Trying all my new flavors of tea that the girls gave me for Christmas.  Told ya...I'm a tea-aholic.

Hating: Feeling sick but thankful I don't have the flu.

Discovering:  That having red hair may require lots more upkeep than I anticipated.

Enjoying: At the moment, Jimmy Fallon and Chris Hemsworth throwing water on each other.  

Hoping:  To be done with this coughing and sneezing soon.

Celebrating:  The fact that Abogg FINALLY got to come home for a few hours yesterday. Peeps, my boy hasn't been home since the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  First Christmas of his life he wasn't home and this mama has not dealt with it very well at all.  He's a hard working man now and I'd like to turn the clock back to when he was five if that's ok with everyone.  

Smelling: Nothing at all!! I'm so stuffy and snotty that I can't smell anything.

Thanking: God that my life is so full!!!

Considering:Getting ready for bed, I'm getting sleepy.

Finishing:  This blog post so I can go to bed.

Starting:  Probably will start the next book in the aforementioned series tonight because you know the second you crawl into bed you are suddenly wide awake.

So that's it for our first week of the Tuesday Times! What do you think?   It was a little light on photos and that's highly unusual for me but I'm posting on Instagram most of the time as @SammaSpot so find me and the dog over there on most days.   Anything exciting going on in your world?  Tell me all about it so I can leave the house vicariously through you guys!

Peace, Love & TuTu's

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