Saturday, February 14, 2015

Smiley360 mission: InkJoy pens

Hey there Peeps!!!

Happy Happy Valentines Day!!!

I had to pop in today to tell you about some ink pens I've been trying out.  Pens you say??  You stopped in to do a blog post about pens?  Yeah, not an everyday topic but definitely something that can frustrate the daylights out of you or put a smile on your face for sure!!

I mean I love me some kitchen gadgets and any kind of electronics for sure, I am my daddy's girl after all but another thing I pens.  Yep, pretty pretty pens and yes I was the child in school who always wanted to know if we could use colored paper.   Rainbows of color and I'm happy so when I get a message from Smiley360 about testing some InkJoy pens I was all giddy and giggly with excitement.   So this is what I opened in my Smiley260 package:

A delightfully colorful set of InkJoy pens by Papermate, a $5 WalMart gift card and my Smiley360 mission goals and ideas for a happier mission.    As always I received these pens for free in exchange for providing my honest feedback and sharing my thoughts with you guys!

It is such a crazy thing how pens can make even the most mundane tasks

like balancing the checkbook or updating your calendar so much more fun!
Everyone in the family gets a color in my calendar and sometimes I just need to know who has something going on and not particularly what and what time.  I mean our "kids" aren't exactly toddlers so they drive themselves and two of them support themselves now but it's still nice to know when they'll be home or have appointments or even just coming to town.  At a glance with my colorful Inkjoy pens I can tell which child is coming home and when.

Here's our breakdown:
Hubster - Red (it's his fave color)
Abogg - Orange (also his fave School team color)
Court- Purple (fave color)
Merebear - (green-school & fave color)
Samma- well I get pink 

Then something that say involves the whole family is usually in turquoise or blue.
Bills that need to be paid get marked in black. 

See what I mean, I can walk right by my calendar and see what colors are on any given day and that gives me a visual reminder very quickly of the comings and goings for the day.  

Now not only did I get a pack of pens to test out I also got a $5 gift card to take to my local WalMart to buy even more pens!     Look at all those choices and colors!!!!

For my shopping pleasures I picked up a two pack of the 550 RT pens in blue for Hubster.  He likes blue pens and this keeps him from snagging some of my pens too! 

For me I picked up a pack of 300RT retro pens.  Can you see the cool chevron-ish pattern on them?
I'll keep this set on my desk for paying bills and such while the other set will hang out by the calendar so I have my color system handy. 

Do you know what else colorful pens are good for? 

Lists!!!!  Yep us OCD tendency folks like to make lists upon lists!
You know what kind of lists are my favorite kind?

The kind of lists where I'm planning my wardrobe for my trip to.........ITALY!!!!   Oh yes baby!!!  My sweet and wonderful Hubster is taking me to Italy this fall to celebrate my 50th birthday!!  Yeah, Samma is 50 and she's going to Italy and man oh man, there is so so much you have to know and pack and all that stuff to go to Europe.  We're doing an escorted tour so we will be limited to one not so oversized piece of luggage and one carry on bag and this over achieving packer is going to have a tough time!!   So as you can see I've got the basics listed out of the things I'll pack and I'm keeping it all color coordinated.   Needless to say the timing of this mission was perfetto!!!!!
So there you have latest Smiley360 mission and my thoughts! Good pens, great colors!!!!
Do you use color pens? How do you color coordinate your family?
Peace, Love & Rainbow pens!

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