Thursday, May 25, 2017

What's Samma Reading?

Hey There Peeps!!

I'm back for a quick little update on just a couple of books I've finished up since we last talked.   I wanted to get these in because I'm getting ready to head to the beach for an extended stay and you KNOW I'll be reading like a maniac when I'm there.  I didn't want these to get lost in the shuffle because guess what?  There's an elusive 5 Star Read in this list!!!

Let's get started because I've still got packing to do and the house to clean!

Book #1

All I Want for Christmas (Bellingwood Short Stories Book 5)

 I actually read this book after the next book when I should have read it before.  Somehow I completely missed this book in my beloved Bellingwood series.  Here's the description:

In the tradition of Bellingwood Christmas short stories, this will be a favorite. Polly and Henry have moved their family into the Bell House, as unfinished as it might be. Their first big event is a company Christmas party and it causes more than a little stress for Polly, but it's nothing her family can't handle. 

There are a few surprises and your job is to not reveal any of them after you read it - not in reviews, not in comments. 

But the joy of family and friends during the holidays is what makes Christmas and New Year's celebrations special and those spent in Bellingwood are no different. Happy Holidays!

I'm a direction follower (most of the time) and since the author asked for no spoilers I'm obliging.   Let's just say I read this in one afternoon.  It's a quick short read and if you are reading the Bellingwood books DON'T skip this one like I did.  The words wait, what??? will fill your mind if you don't read it before book 17.

Stars:   4.5 

It was a beautiful story that is an integral part of the Bellingwood series.

Book #2

Marks in a Lifetime (Bellingwood Book 17)

Yes, you saw that correctly!  This is book #17 in this series.  Please don't stop writing about this fictional world I want to live in!   I'm telling you, I love this series.   A little murder, amazing characters and a town that you want to escape to and become friends with all the people you've come to love living in Bellingwood!   Here's the official description:

Polly Giller is having difficulty motivating people in town to dig into a mystery she uncovered at the Bell House. Finding two metal boxes hidden in an old fireplace mantle might change that. In fact, she's about to insist.

In the meantime, life at the Bell House is never boring. The chaos of construction, moving, growing kids, life ... there's always something going on. Thank goodness for terrific friends and endless amounts of coffee. Even when she should be doing something else, Polly finds a reason to drop in at Sweet Beans Coffee Shop and Bakery. Sometimes all it takes is seeing a friend's car parked in front.

Aaron Merritt and his deputies are trying to find out who is breaking into the homes of elderly women. So far, the thieves haven't gotten to Bellingwood, but they've been in other parts of the county. It's just a matter of time. Little do those men realize it, but Bellingwood is the last place they want to show up. This is a community where people watch out for each other, and once they hit Polly's radar, she's not afraid to create a little chaos of her own to stop them.

The townspeople are becoming a bigger part of Polly's life every day. You will get to know many of them better in "Marks in a Lifetime" and, like Polly, you'll fall in love with these fabulous characters.

Seriously, I can't encourage you enough to start this series of books if you haven't yet.  Book 18 arrives June 25th and you can bet I'll be downloading that day!

Stars:   4.75   

So many exciting things happening in Bellingwood.  Children are growing up, people are exploring new relationships and friends are comforting each other and family definitely isn't confined to birth status.  It's the way our worlds used to be and how they should be now...friends, family looking out for each other. 

And for the final book of the day......

Book #3

Mississippi Blood (Penn Cage #6)

A couple of things about this series before we start the review.  This is book #6 of the Penn Cage series and according to Greg Iles, the author, the final installment.  This is also the reason we've only got 3 books to review this month.  First of all this was a pretty lengthy book and secondly, I SAVORED it ya'll. I mean I read it slowly and truly savored it since I knew it would be goodbye to Penn Cage and his family.   With that said here is the official description:

The climax to the ground-breaking Natchez Trilogy by No.1 New York Times bestseller, Greg Iles.
Penn Cage fears that his family is truly falling apart. He has lost his fiancée Caitlin, he's become a killer himself in a blinding desire for revenge, and his father Tom Cage seems on the verge of being indicted for murder and brought to trial.
Penn also faces the question of whether he has a half-brother, after it appears a DNA test exists that might prove that Tom's former nurse Viola Turner bore his child. The surviving members of the Double Eagles, a violent offshoot of the KKK, are on the loose again and more dangerous than ever before. And the evidence that could have put them behind bars and exonerated Tom has now been destroyed in a plane crash.
Now Penn must imagine his father's life being torn apart on the witness stand as he and his mother try to navigate the devastating revelations from Tom's past.
Don't be confused when it says it is the climax to the trilogy when I just told you it was book number six.  Books 1, 2 and 3 stand alone but should  must be read in order for complete understanding of the characters and events.   Books 4, 5 and 6 are part of the six book series but are a trilogy within that series.  Clear as mud??


STARS: 5 + 

I was engrossed and on the edge of my seat and immersed 100% of the time while reading this book.  I didn't want it to end but it did.  I felt it was a fitting end to an excellent book and series.  I can't wait to see what Greg Iles has for us next but knowing him it'll be another year or so before we see that.  It is highly possible I will re-read this series, it's just that good!  A special thanks to my high school friend Jerry for introducing me to Greg Iles and this series, I can't thank you enough for the recommendation!! 

Fair warning when I'm at the beach I don't usually read super intensive, thought provoking books.  They are usually light, easy beach reads that can be put aside for a walk down the beach for a cold drink, a hop in the water to cool off or a conversation with family or newly found friends.   The first part of our stay Hubster has to work some and none of the kids will be there yet so I might have a heavier read during that time but who knows.   I do know John Grisham has a new one coming out while we are gone so that one will probably make the next review for sure. There was also a found manuscript that Michael Crichton wrote that just came out so I'm pretty stoked about that as well. 

Until next time my dears......

Peace, Love & Books

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