Tuesday, November 19, 2013

For the Love of Foam at Home by Gevalia and House Party

Hey hey hey!!!

Yes she lives and breathes and has not fallen off the face of the gracious earth!
I'm not even going to try and explain my lengthy absence other than to say sometimes we stray off the beaten path but eventually find our way back.   I'm trying to get my mojo back peeps..trying is all I can promise you but know that I am trying.

On with the show!!
(and my over usage of ! and ( )'s-heehe)

If you have hung around this blog any amount of time then you know that I love me some House Party fun and while that Soda Stream party has eluded me oh about 6 times now,  I'm still chugging along and trying and having other great parties.   If you don't know about House Party then just  click on this quick little explanation.  You can even sign yourself up or someone you think might be a splendid hostess.  House Party NEVER has anything to sell when you attend a party, it's just a fun way to spend time with friends and discover a new product and maybe get some good swag!

This particular party was the

I have to tell you I was a bit skeptical.  How did Gevalia believe they were going to be able to convince me that I could have frothy cappuccino at my house? Out of my Keurig?   Seriously, the curiosity alone was worth applying for the party.   Fortunately I was selected and now you shall get a pictorial account of my the days leading up to and including party day.   Grab a hot cup o' joe and relax and enjoy the photos.  (as usual there will always be my witty commentary included and the obligatory dog photo)

Party Pack boxes are always a welcome site at the door.

the goodies!!!

hey lady....you done with that box yet?
You know those are my fave toys!

Testing begins:
Step 1 : pour foaming packet into mug

Step 2: Insert coordinating coffee pod in Keurig

Step 3: Commence coffee brewing

By jove we have foam!
It works, it really works.
AND...it's delicious!!   I tried them all and my favorite:
The regular cappuccino with some hazelnut torani syrup.
Most excellent indeed!

Time to party.  This means it is time to insert donut holes and strawberries on skewers.
(I actually started decorating the table on Thursday before the party on Saturday)

This means please stop taking pictures of me and vacuum the floors before everyone gets here.
It could also mean my allergies are driving me so crazy I might scratch out my eyeballs.

Table is almost ready.
(the Pinterest idea of donut holes & berries on skewers was cute but not as effective as I imagined)

I spent waaaaayyy too much time on the internet finding coffee sayings to write all over the "tablecloth".  I hope my guests read them  :-)

Before he sneaks off to the football game, I try to show Abogg how to use the stencils.

Abogg and AprilMayJune are listening quite intently to my coffee spiel 

(p.s.  her name is only one of those months) 

Actually they just wanted coffee so they could head out to watch the Bears Sic'Em all over Tech.
(shameless football plug there)
(one other note: that dish towel is there to wipe slobber off the dogs face-yes, it's sad)

I have no clue how he got this tall?
Or how I got so lucky to be his mom!

Looks like everything is ready

Coffee basket is filled to the brim with samples waiting to be brewed.

I FINALLY bought a cow creamer.  This was my one chance to buy one and have some sort of excuse for doing so.  I love those little buggers.  

Well looky here, doughnuts!!!
NOW it's a party.

HouseParty even sent along some stencils to use to make designs on top of the foam.
Apparently they think I'm an artist.  Saddest happy face you've ever seen made by yours truly.
I also had a nice bowl of flavorings to perk up your selection.

Door prizes!!  These contained:
1 Coffee Mug
1 pack shortbread cookies
1 pack mini Altoids in tin
1 coupon for FREE box of Gevalia Foam Kcups

Winners of door prizes:  FrankieL and MissGloria

Another look at doughnuts because you know what goes better with coffee than donuts?
(I spell doughnuts both ways...I can't decide which I prefer)

Another shot of the table.  There was some hot chocolate and some regular coffee too.
Beverage equality in this house

party basket

and the guests begin arriving

I'm sure I was explaining how the foam packets worked.
(yeah, let's go with that theory)

Part of the party pact you make is that you will upload a group photo to your HouseParty party page.
This was attempt #1

take 2 is getting there

3rd times a success!!

I have the best friends, I'm a lucky girl.

I can't tell you how much I adore having these parties.  I get to sample new products, spend time with great friends and hopefully send them home with some goodies.   Some parties have more "swag" than others but they are always fun and in my book, that's pretty hard to beat.

(plus it's an incentive to get out of my yoga pants and comb my hair)

Just in case I haven't bombarded you with enough this is a list of all the parties I've hosted.
I'd say it's been a successful venture with HouseParty and one day, I'll get that SodaStream party for sure!   Until then, we'll just keep on having fun with the next party.  

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Peace, Love & Party on!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wacky Wednesday

Hey Peeps!!

Well we didn't tumble on Tuesday so we're just gonna have a wacky Wednesday!

Let's just roll with it.

I found Ding Dongs.  I wasn't looking so it's safe to say they found me.
Either way they are in the refrigerator now.

Hubster brought me home 6 yellow mums.  He only paid $2 each for them.
God love him, I'm so proud!

Some days I don't mind the dog waking me up early.
I get to see things like this.  Amazing work there God!

Because when you get up early with the dog it's also nice to have a steamy cup of coffee while you sit on the back porch and enjoy the sunrise.

Speaking of coffee, I finally broke down and had a Pumpkin Spice Latte.
It's the beginning of the end...of my pants buttoning that is.

This dog LOVES boxes.  I mean he really really loves boxes.
The box Hubster brought the mums home in was the biggest box he's had the privilege of playing with destroying.  

Needless to say he kept getting inside the box and rolling down the little hill in our backyard.  I found it to be hilarious, I'm sure the neighbors thought I'd lost my marbles...again.

Saturday we got lots of rain and I walked out the front door and darn near stepped on this little fella!

Seriously this guy was so very tiny!  I swished him towards the mum on the front porch.
Hope he made it safely.

These cool mornings we've been having have made me want coffee.
I had a coffee mixology one morning.  Pike Place coffee mixed with Dark Chocolate hot chocolate and a hit or two of Torani Vanilla syrup.  I should call Starbucks, they might need a new Barista.
Or maybe not, that puts me dangerously close to Pumpkin Spice Latte's and also requires putting on pants before noon.  Maybe I'll just stay home and mix in the peace of my kitchen and pant less.

Seriously...THIS SHOW comes on in the evenings.  My whole early childhood after school TV viewings came flooding back.   I was sure my mom was gonna appear in the kitchen with an afternoon snack for me.   She didn't, I was sad.
(In case you wondered, this was the episode where Gilligan thought he won a million dollars in a sweepstakes.  Mr Howell let him join his private country club. )  LOVIE....Oh LOVIE!!!

Dork-a-saurus was playing with a really large red balloon in the back yard.
Yes, he got stuck.  Crazy dog!

It's been so nice for it not to be like a thousand degrees outside so we've been eating on the patio.
We had big salads the other night with some rotisserie chicken on top and Artisan sourdough bread.
Yeah, it was awesome sauce!

I was feeling a little snacky last night so I baked some chocolate chip cookies and had some milk.
Hits the spot every single time.  Like I said on Instagram, sometimes you just gotta do it.

So today was Craft Wednesday for LL and I.
She made this one for a friend.   We both already have our fall wreaths made so now we are making them for friends.   We are deco mesh crazy women!!!   

(If by any chance you have some tips on how to get photos of these deco mesh wreaths to turn out please let me know!  My photos never do the wreaths justice.)

This Halloween one was for a friend of hers too. 
BOO to you too!!

This is my new Halloween wreath.  The witchy hit the door and went SPLAT.
Don't you just love those witches feet?  A DOOR A BULL I tell ya!

Here's a collage of our hard work for the day.  Then we had chicken salad and hummus.
Life is definitely good!!

After I left LL's house I stopped by a neighbors house and picked up my newly embroidered WallyWorld sweatshirts.  Are they not awesome!!!

The preppy style of my high school years is returning.   If you don't believe me, check out my Pinterest Board.   Hey and while you're over there just give me a follow and I'll follow you back.  I love to see what everyone else is "pinning".   

Today's final events were the clearing off of my To Do List.   I got everything on it done then I promptly added and equal amount more to it.   Oh well, it was good while it lasted.  
It more exciting news I'm getting my hair did tomorrow.  Haven't had a haircut since last December and it hasn't been professionally colored since last August!!! Serious hair neglect going on over here.
I'm also getting a long overdue eye exam on Monday.  Told you I was marking those chores off one by one.  

This will be me tomorrow, just a fair warning!

Sometimes I add things to my To Do List that I've already done just so I can mark them off.
Please tell me I'm not alone??!!  

So how was your wacky Wednesday??
Is it Fall yet where you are?

Peace, Love & Lists!

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