Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Smiley360: Sleep Number® SleepIQ® mission

Hey Peeps!!!

I was selected to participate in an exciting new Smiley 360 mission that required me to head out to my local Sleep Number® store to check out the new SleepIQ®  technology.  In exchange for my time and honest opinions Smiley360 and Sleep Number® will send me a Sleep Number® CoolFit™ Foam Contour Pillow.....  SCORE!!!  Yes, I know it's a sweet sweet deal!!

I had tried a couple of times to head over to our local mall to get this mission going but the weather was kind of holding me back so I took a break in between winter storms and headed over after lunch.  I got over to the mall and checked the directory, as I've never been in this particular mall before, and found the Sleep Number® store.
Easy to find- now let's go on in

I was greeted by two wonderful associates as I entered the store.  I showed them my Smiley 360 card and asked if they'd had any other visitors on the mission.  They said they had a couple and we chatted about the awesomeness that is Smiley360!!!  Really it is an awesome program and if you are interested then you just click this link for Smiley360  and get yourself started in this cool program too!  We share the love around here on SammaSpot you know!!!

I think they should offer that screen as a TV option on the beds!
They input a little bit of information into their system and I was asked about the type of pillow that I currently sleep on and Craig grabbed a suitable pillow for me and a protective towel to cover it and we headed over to the Sleep Number® SleepIQ®  bed to get started.  I laid down on the bed and he immediately put the mattress on the firmest 100 setting.  We then cycled through the settings and found what I felt was the most comfortable setting for me, a 35.  We then took a look at the pressure points on my body when the bed was at the firmest setting and then we dropped the setting back down until we saw the pressure points disappear and lo and behold I was in fact a 35.  Next we moved on to talk about the SleepIQ®  technology and how the mattress can actually learn my sleep patterns and provide me information to help improve my sleep.  The SleepIQ®  technology measures your heart rate,  breathing rate and movement and keeps track of it for 2 years so you can see your patterns and it will even help you decide if you need to be firmer or softer with your setting.  Our sleeping requirements and habits change as we get older and it's great to know that the Sleep Number® bed with SleepIQ®  can adjust as my body does over time.  It's also nice to know I can access that information on my phone, a tablet or even my laptop and my information is securely stored in the cloud.
See on the right? I'm a 35!

I'm sure many of you, like me, have jumped on the fitness wristband bandwagon and I really really do love mine.  I get information from it regarding my sleep but the information from this bed is so much more and a big plus I don't have to remember to put it to sleep.    Let's say one night I go out with friends and we have some good greasy mexican food and a few (or more) cold adult beverages and I get to bed later than normal and then get up a few more times in the middle of the night to visit the "facilities".  The activity tracker just knows that I was restless and active but the SleepIQ®  allows me to go into the app and add those those unusual factors of alcohol, food, caffeine, exercise, tv, etc. into that particular nights sleep so that it calculates it as an abnormal night and not count it as an average night.

  My favorite quote from the materials I was given was this one: "And SleepIQ®  technology couldn't be easier to use. Nothing to wear, nothing to turn on. All you have to do is sleep."   How cool is that?  I mean one less thing for me to remember to turn off/on before heading off to dreamland!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip into the store and was honestly quite sad that we aren't looking to purchase a new mattress at this time.  If we were we would certainly be in the Sleep Number® store looking at these beds.  I'm very impressed with the technology. I was also very pleased that the store sales staff did not in any way try to pressure me into a purchase, they were aware of the Smiley360 mission and we quite happy to assist me in completing my mission requirements and answering any questions I had.  That's great customer service and that makes a big difference to me and something that will be remembered when it is time to replace our mattress!

Peace, Love & Zzzzzzzz's

Disclaimer: I visited the Sleep Number® store in Ft. Worth, Texas at the Hulen Mall as part of a mission by smiley360.com. I will receive in exchange for the visit and my honest review of the Sleep Number® SleepIQ® technology a Sleep Number® CoolFit™ Foam Contour Pillow.   The opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own and have not been influenced by any third party.


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