Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Green Tomato Salsa

Happy TuTu Tuesday Peeps

Yep...we're doin' the salsa thing again but this time it's a green tomato salsa.

So I know what you're thinking "why did you waste good tomatoes on this?"  Well, this past weekend Hubster and I worked our booties off in the heat and got the summer garden cleaned out and the fall stuff planted.  It is absolutely stinking boiling hot and dry so our poor garden was looking like an overheated jungle.  We cut and trimmed everything that could regenerate itself for the fall and that included the tomatoes.  I was left with a bunch of small green tomatoes.  I figured there was something I could do with them so I went in search of an idea.  This was the result!!!

I don't have any "before" and "during" photos because I wasn't sure what I was doing would taste very good.  

I was wrong, very very wrong.

Here's the printable for Green Tomato Salsa
I made this in the Vitamix blender too.

Now does anyone know where I can find some more green tomatoes??

Am I the only one getting their daily intake of veggies through salsa consumption?

Peace, Love & Salsa!!!

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