Thursday, August 7, 2014


Hola Peeps
Let's do some Salsa today!!!

Not that kind of salsa silly.

Last night on Facebook we had some serious salsa cravings working all because I posted this picture on Instagram and FaceBook proclaiming my love for fresh salsa.

Apparently I am not alone in my love of this amazing and simple dish.    I gave a quick synopsis of the recipe on Facebook last night but for those of you who missed out on the salsa fest we were having I decided to do a little more in depth post.

My salsa recipe is super simple and quite frankly it is just the way I like it. Especially in the summer because the tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, lemons are all super fresh and those ingredients just get the chance to shine.   We also have another amazing salsa recipe that we make but I make it more in the winter when the tomatoes aren't at their peak and hopefully we'll share that with you guys too.

Let's get this fiesta party started shall we?

First up you are going to need the following items:
6 -8 Tomatoes, quartered
½ red onion
1 jalapeño 
small handful cilantro leaves
½ of a  lemon juiced
½ tsp salt

I'm not going to fool you folks, these measurements are pretty loose.
I didn't quite have 6 good sized tomatoes this morning but it was pretty close so I went with it because they were super ripe.   The jalapeño, we do not seed or take the membrane out because we like the heat.  You do what is good for you and your family.   I didn't use quite half of the onion because I was a bit shy on tomatoes.   I just squeeze half of a lemon into the blender, I also have been known to use bottled lemon juice if all my lemons have disappeared.  I also lay off the cilantro as the Hubster is not a huge cilantro fan.  What I'm trying to say is these quantities aren't set in stone. Play around with them and see what you like.   I've also used lime juice instead of lemon!!! I'm a crazy crazy lady sometimes!!

Now I use my Vitamix blender to make my salsa because it makes it a quick job. We'll talk more about that later.  

Layer in your blender in this order
6 of the tomato quarters
lemon juice

Turn the Variable speed to 1 on the blender (oh make sure you have the lid on)
and then start the blender.  Slowly work your way up to Variable 3 in about 15 seconds.
(We aren't making soup here we're making salsa)

If you need to use the tamper to push the ingredients down into the blades go ahead but I find I rarely need to use it for salsa.

Now dump in the remaining tomatoes.  And don't forget to put the lid back on.
We don't want a Tomato fountain in your kitchen!

Move that Variable knob over to a 4 and give those ingredients 5 or 6 good pulses, I usually do a couple extra for good measure because we like our salsa in very small chunks.
Remember, you want some chunks. Salsa not soup

Now it is time for the most important step....TESTING!
I mean come on you gotta taste it to make sure you like it.

I put this photo in because some people might be a little freaked out when it comes out of the blender.  It is a little "foamy".  You didn't mess up the salsa it's just from being in the blender so go ahead and pour it in a bowl and get in the refrigerator to chill.....or start eating like I usually do.

And if your bowl is too full like this one was then you'll just have to take one for the team and eat until you can get the lid on.   It's a hard life I lead isn't it?!

This is what it looks like after it comes out of the refrigerator from chillin' a bit.
It's so fresh and so yummy and it makes you hope that everyone can taste the sweet nectar that is salsa.  Throw in some chips and a cold one and I'm a happy happy girl!!!

So I guess you might be wondering why is she showing us this lemon?

Well I'll tell you that I've found that you can take your seeds from your lemons and plant them.

I have this cute little plant that kind of moves around from the island area to the kitchen table. 
Those are just lemon leaves.

Just take a seed and push it down in the dirt (that's what that little wood skewer is there for) and you'll have some lemon leaves.   They won't produce lemons and you just keep the soil moist and you can have a nice little green plant hanging out with you.

So let's finish up by talking about the Vitamix a bit more.  
First of all this is how you clean it, you just fill it with warm water and a tiny drop of dish soap and blend.  Voila a clean blender!!! 

Let's talk about some other Vitamix topics.
#1-Is it expensive?  Yes, it is a bit pricey but it does so much more than just be a blender
For one it makes salsa a breeze!!
#2- Is it easy to clean up? Uh, hello. Fill it with water and turn it on then rinse and put away.  Doesn't get much easier than that.
#3- Where can I get one?  This is the blender you'll often find being demo'd at your local Sam's Club.  If you don't have a Sam's Club near you or you just can't wait then there is a little link over on my sidebar.  You can get free shipping if you follow that link.  I don't get anything from Vitamix for you doing that either.   (well unless like a thousand of you ordered a blender from that link then I think I get some kind of compensation but I think we're safe to say that probably isn't gonna happen).
#4- What else can I make?  These are commercial grade blenders so there isn't much you can't do but we loved that you can make HOT soup in this.  Yes, I'm serious this thing makes hot soup.  We've made Chicken Tortilla but I love to whip up a quick bowl of Tomato Basil Soup.  YUMMMMOOO!!!   You can also make ice cream. What? A blender that makes  hot soup AND frozen ice cream, yes my friends it certainly does.
If you are all into being super healthy and stuff you can make your "juice" smoothies too.  Unlike a juicer where you have all that gunk to clean out, the Vitamix uses everything ensuring that you get optimal nutrition from your fruits and veggies.  An important thing to remember is that you are also getting all the fiber and you might have to slowly readjust your body to this kind of juicing.  Not that something like that happened when we got ours or anything (oopsy).
#5- Can I chop ice in this?  Absolutely! Remember it is commercial grade so your margaritas and milkshakes and frozen smoothies will come out perfect every time.
#6-Can I dry chop in this?  yes, you can and chopping onions in the Vitamix could be worth the price alone!  And remember how easy the clean up is? You will never cry chopping onions again. 
You can also chop bread crumbs, eggs, cheese, carrots.  You can even make peanut butter in this machine!

I could go on and on but I think you can see that this is an often used and well loved appliance in our house.  

Now go make some Salsa!

Peace, Love & Salsa baby!!!

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