Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Things That Make Me Happy

Hey there peeps!!!

I've tried and tried to get this blog post started about 50 bazillion times today but it's 7:46 pm and by gosh I'm gonna get this done and posted tonight!!!   (I do realize there seems to be some pent-up anger that doesn't necessarily go along with the post title, my apologies)

So let's talk about some things that have been making me very happy the past few weeks, months, years, ever how long it has been since you got a real post from me!

 If you know me then you know that I drink an abnormally large quantity of unsweetened ice tea each and every day.  Yessireee bob I do!   And I love me some shaken iced green tea at the Starbies but 1) I don't leave the house often enough and 2) that stuff can get pricey if you have it every day.   I was blissfully thrilled when I came across this blog entry about  Shaken Ice Tea then I was completely irritated with myself for not thinking about doing this myself.   No matter no matter because I now shaky shaky my tea all day long!   It's an awesome thing that makes me very happy many times a day!!

This garden is making me very happy...and also itchy but mostly happy.    I mean the vegetables are starting to come in like crazy now and I'm loving it.   It is taking me a lot of time to get them cooked, frozen or canned but it's awesome.  Happy Happy indeed.

That very garden is also causing happiness in the form of this.

This is a Roasted Corn, JalapeƱo and Squash soup.   We've had yellow squash coming out our ears and I was searching and searching for something new and ran across a recipe that inspired me to make this yummo soup.    I've got the recipe all ready to share with you guys, we've eaten this and I have 2 quarts in the freezer and I think I have enough squash to make a bit more too.    I'm telling you if you have a bunch of yellow squash then you are going to want to keep your eyes out for this soup recipe.   Soup in the summer is still good food!

I know this is a strange photo but you must believe me when I tell you this:  Eye drops in the refrigerator is happy in your eyes!  Yep just plop those babies up there next to the butter and when your eyes are allergy itching and running like crazy, put those nice cold drops in your eyes and you will thank me, I promise.   Happy Happy eyes!

Ok, you might be thinking about this point I've lost my mind.  I assure you that I have not!!   Uncle Matt brought us some goodies from Thailand when he came to visit before he heads back over and this was one of the goodies.  As I understand (and I'm no expert) they use this in Thailand like we use deodorant.  It's cooling and tingling and smells so delightful.   As a matter of fact Uncle Matt left his phone charger here and I've managed to make him a trade for another can of this magical powder.  And really if you've been out in the Texas heat doing yard work and you come in and have a nice shower then put this all over you.....seriously you will think you are in heaven.  Happy Happy from Thailand!   Oh and if you don't have anyone in Thailand to bring you some of this crazy good stuff then you can go right here  and order yourself some Prickly Heat Powder Snake Brand Lavender Scent 150g on Amazon.   See I'm a wealth of valuable information!!  

We have to go to Atlanta this weekend for a wedding and Merebear is staying behind to do ugly things like work so I made her a nice little picture so she knows what she has to do everyday in the garden.  It's hanging on the refrigerator and I can't draw worth a flip but this just makes me smile.    I hope she doesn't mind the cheesiness of it but I needed something fun to do in the middle of my massive list making session this morning.   Happy notes = Happy gardens

Next up is 4th of July.  I mean come on this is a serious happy holiday!!
I'm just showing you some of my pictures from the holiday.   

A basket of flags on the kitchen table with the sun streaming in the window.  Happy

This is the front of the house all decked out in its holiday best.   Colorful pennants flapping in the breeze = happy.

What's left of my grasshopper infested flower pots on the front porch.
Grasshoppers = not happy
flowers & flags = happy

Here's a closer view of the front porch. Rockers on the front porch are definitely happy things!
(by the way I'm painting my door deep red but do you wonderful peeps have a suggestion for the rocker color?)

and saving the best for last

Yeah, our neighborhood had a parade on the 4th of July and we decorated the lawn mower and trailer.  Threw beads and had a bubble machine.  It was a blast.  Oh and if you aren't following me on Instagram you should, I post all kinds of crazy things.    Just click here on this link and you can follow me and I'll follow you too!   Instagram is fun and happy minus the drama and that's happy indeed!

One little side note about our new neighbors, they are awesome, even if they do keep us up WAY too late at night laughing and talking and maybe drinking more than a few adult beverages.   We are very blessed and that is something to be super dee duper HAPPY about!

I do have a To-Do list about a mile long for tomorrow and I start the long lonely drive to Atlanta on Thursday but I'm gonna do my best to get you a post up about those cute little Jamberry nails AND the soup.   I'm gonna try my bestest my peeps!!!!

So what about you my dear peeps? What is making you especially happy these days?  Come on, think hard and share a few with me.   The more you focus on the happy things the more happy you will be.

                                                             Peace, Love & Happy!!!

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