Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving and check out my purse on another blog

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I have to get busy cooking but I wanted to thank each of you for spending some of your valuable time to read my little blog!! I appreciate everyone who takes a minute to read my daily antics and hope you will continue on my blog journey with me!!

On a side note I have found some amazing bloggers who cook with me, cry with me, craft with me, inspire me and most importantly laugh with me!!! One of those is Allison over at Petit Elephant. She is a cool chicky and I love her site. Each week she features a reader's purse. It's called What's in your purse? Mine is being featured this week!!!!! Yay!!!! It's kind of like the thrill you get looking in other people's houses but just with their purse.
Her site is Head over there and check out my purse and her site!!!

Count your blessings peeps I know I am!!!

Peace, Love and Thanksgiving Yummies!!!!

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