Monday, November 8, 2010

Sunny California

Hey peeps!!! So really really early Saturday morning I get a phone call from my sister about my mom. She had a total knee replacement early last week and had been doing really well and was moved to a rehab center for a few weeks of hard physical therapy before going home. Well unfortunately as we get older anesthesia drugs and pain meds give us different reactions and my mom suffered some serious hallucinations and ended up being transferred back to the hospital only to find out her heart was also a problem and then back into ICU. She's doing better and hopefully she will get stabilized soon. I'm normally 12 hours away but now I'm even farther away since I had planned a trip with hubby to San Diego. He's out here working and it's his birthday sooooooo I did a lot of praying for my mom and hopped on the plane. If you are so inclined, a little prayer for my mom would be much appreciated!

Now for some adventures in San Diego!
After we landed we decided to make a little trip south of the border

It's not hard to get IN to Mexico but dang is it time consuming to get back to the U.S.

If you peek through the bus windows you can see 15 lanes of bumper to bumper traffic waiting to cross into California. It took us almost three hours on a bus and in line to cross the border and we didn't buy a single thing!

Had dinner at a great little spot in Old Town.

The big one is mine....anyone surprised???!!! Coyote cafe was the name of the yummy place who brought this little pretty to my hubby

And I had fish tacos, of course, and they were great!!!

Then we just HAD to sample their specialty homemade tortillas. Strawberry, chocolate, and cinnamon. Hey, they were 2 for $1, who am I to pass that up!!! I have to say the cinnamon was my favorite but all I could think was if they had some butter and honey how much yummier they would have been!!

So yesterday we headed out for LaJolla beach! WOW!!!!

So we walked and got a big smack of a wave on us and I realized why people live here, this weather is truly amazing. As you can see I am never happy to get my picture made but sometimes the hubby wins out.

I wanted good pics of the seals but the tide was high and we walked up to Joses's and grabbed a little snack.

Cute little pub and the guacamole was awesome! And no, I didn't have a margarita!
We walked back down to the beach and joy joy the tide had gone out and the seals were sunning!!!! I was so happy!!!

Ooh amazing!!! I will spare you the details and the thoughts but I may never go to a zoo again. These animals were so great to watch in their natural habitat.

Time to head down to Seaport Village and do some shopping and some more food!

Of course hubby was in full swing of fun photos. Yes, the nuns were real nuns and he claims that by having his picture with them it was absolution granted. Hehehe

Time for a late lunch snack, we walked so much again.

We split a plate of fish tacos and they were amazing!!! Filled with grilled shark meat. Awesome!!!! Then a little cream brûlée which was equally amazing!! Time to walk some more and shop some more!

Finally we head back to Old Town to pick up a few things that we saw the day before. Well, that and some dinner too!

Great little restaurant, and believe it or not I did NOT have fish tacos!!!

I had Tequila Lime Shrimp and hubster had a Seafood Skillet

And of course i had a 'rita, but it was a Cobo Skinny Rita

It was super duper yummy!!!!

Now peeps you've been bored to tears by this abnormally long post but i really need to get a shower!!!
Today is hubby's birthday too!!!!

Peace, Love and Yummies!!!

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Location:A not so sunny San Diego

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