Thursday, November 4, 2010

Did you miss me??

Hi deeee ho!!  I'm baaack!!!    I missed you...did you miss me???
Just say yes please, I've had a rough few weeks. 
Surgery over and I had my 2 week post op today.  I will spare you the utterly disgusting details but let's just was horrible.  I go back in a month and hopefully things will be better than they are currently.

Moving on to other more reader friendly topics.  My hubby has been out of town pretty much the last three weeks with the exception of weekends and coming back for my surgery.  Needless to say I'm too ashamed to even tell you the strange things I've been eating while he's away.   Last weekend the Merebear had some friends over after Friday Night football.  I jazzed things up with lots of Halloween decorations and yummies to eat but do you think I even took one little picture?? NOOOOOOOOOOO  of course not why would I do something intelligent like that.  Take my word...the media room was tooooo cute and I have never seen teenage girls gobble up mummies that fast  (aka..pigs in a blanket). Sometimes we forget the old easy things are sometimes the best.    

Last weekend my Blue Angels were flying.  Why yes, they are mine as far as I'm concerned anyway.  We drove up to another part of the neighborhood like this
why yes, we had the top down and no seat belts and no shoes!  haha   Don't worry we only drove about a block in our neighborhood and hubby was sitting on the back of the car waving at the neighbors like he was in the homecoming parade or something. 
But this is what we saw....

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to watch these guys fly and one of the things I miss the most about living in Pensacola.   I love to hear the roar of those jets in my chest.  Awesome I tell you just awesome!!  We call it the sound of freedom. God Bless our military!!!!!

Now since I haven't been cooking I did manage to get my Halloween decorations down early this week and switch to fall decor.  Yep yep yep...a little bit of time on my hands!!   So now I bore you with my photos

This is an amazing new centerpiece for my honkin' big dining room table and dang, it's almost too big!
Anywho....I got this little baby on sale at michaels for 40 freakin' dollars!!!!  Seriously they are having a whopper of a sale!

that's a ginormous cream colored pumpkin underneath all that fall razzmajazz.

Now I had to fix my mantle too....

sorry for the weird lighting, it's late afternoon
Now check out the whole fireplace

that sad little plant on the left is because my cat just loves that plant. No other one in the house will do, she just loves to eat that one.  I just purchased the plant stand it's on so maybe she can't reach, if it works I'll get a new pot for the plant.

Now check out this cutie

I got that cute little pillow from the Kirk of land's awhile back, glad to finally pull him out.  I just fell in love with him the minute I saw him.

Now, we mustn't leave out the kitchen table

Hubby asked on the phone the other day if I'd put out the cornucopia...I told we didn't have one but we do now!!  Another bargain at michaels.  I really don't need to go back to that store for awhile.

So, I'm off to have some cereal I mean 5 course meal before I pick the hubby up from the airport. I'll try not to stay away so long next time!

Peace, Love and Yummies!!!

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