Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oh the difference a day makes...with a little paint mixed in.

Well peeps I'm finally posting again. It's been a crazy few weeks! I'm down at the condo doing some much needed sprucing up and this is what my helpful companion is doing

Uh yea I'd say I'm working alone!!!
So instead of cooking I'm mostly cleaning and painting so you're getting a little variety around here! Yesterday I managed to knock out two rooms. It was a long day and I'm sooo sore, I think I fell off the chair about a dozen times!!

Here is guest bath BEFORE (shield your eyes the level of white is blinding)

And now here we are with my OCD taping skills. Seriously I went through an entire roll of tape in this room!!!

Ta is the AFTER

Crazy isn't it how 20 dollars of paint can change a whole room? This is Glidden Spanish olive and it worked so well with the existing decor that I think I'm doing two more rooms in that color.
You know I'm working with an existing color palette of red, black & green so not a lot of options!!!! Give girl a break and tell me you luv it!! ;0)

So next up is the powder room and it had one picture and I went a little wild in that room. Here is the BEFORE

Before we continue I'd like to offer helpful painting tip #1. When painting behind the toilet it's best not to paint the side walls first then paint the back wall. Your hair and your clothes will thank you for abiding by this tip.

Painting tip #2, rule #1 also applies to painting behind a pedestal sink. Geez, you think I'd learn already.

Let me just go ahead and cover tip #3......remember tips 1 and 2 when working in the next room! Seriously I cannot stress the importance of remembering these tips!!! Someone call me tomorrow when I paint the third bathroom and remind me obviously I'm a doofus max!!! the AFTER

Told you I went crazy. This is Glidden Warm Gold and it's perfect for a small bath. A little goes a long way but I think when I get a few more accessories in there it'll be perfect! I'll keep you posted on the progress but in the meantime I've got to get busy!!!
Oh, dear dear I do have some food shots ;0). I almost forgot.

This is lunch yesterday

I had some store bought pimento cheese, baked BBQ chips and tea (of course). It if it was about 90 degrees and full sun and I'd have spent the morning on the beach, this would have been perfection!!!

For dinner last night it was all freezer food which if you know me you know I'm not a huge fan of prepackaged meals but I gotta tell you, it was delish!!! Either that or I was really really hungry from painting all day!! Haha

It's a Gorton's Cajun blackened grilled fish fillet, a steamed rice mix and those little frozen yam patties. I'm so crazy about those little yam patties and I'm always so excited when I rediscover them in the freezer section and I wonder why I don't have them more often. Yummmo. Here's the rice mix and it was excellent!

I have another fish fillet so this will prob be dinner again one night. Off to paint and back to the Depot!!!

Oh, before I forget, remember that our condo is for rent.  You can see all the specifics at:

Click Here

Peace, Love and Yummies from the beach!!!!

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