Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Two more completed!!

Hey there!!!! Well my family will be arriving in about 4 more hours and I didn't get to the grocery so you know tomorrow is gonna be H E double hockey sticks!! But it's also my two year anniversary so to celebrate I'm not painting!!! Hehehehe.

So here we go with the photos because I need a shower in a bad way!

First we have the master bath and the final toilet I had to paint behind. Yipppeeeee. Here you go and once again a very white room.

So a little more Spanish Olive and now you get this

Once white and boring now green and fabulous!!!! I already liked the prints over the tub but now....WOWZA they are fabulosa!!! There is also this irritating little pretend closet in the room and it looks better. Not great but better

Pardon the tape and the previous white walls. It was a work in progress.

Now for the bunkie room. This is a pretend bedroom. No door no closet but a set of bunkie beds. We are going to add some kind of storage and and hopefully a door soon but for now, it needs some paint.

See I told you it was also very white. I took the photo after I started my OCD blue tape habit.

And now.......the finished room

This delightful color is Toffee Crunch. Next up the master and the kitchen/LR area but I have help on the way!! When did this happen and why are paint colors named for yummy foods??? Seriously, I leave the home of depot starving after looking at paint samples.

In other very important news.....Sons of Anarchy = Awesome!!!!
Seriously this show is so crazy good it's not even funny!! But it's for the adults only please.

If I can make it to the grocery and if there is anything left I'll be cooking for Thanksgiving. Wish me luck!

Peace, Love and Yummies!!!

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