Sunday, December 31, 2000

Kind of burgers and sort of fries

Well peeps it was a busy Monday round these parts!!! First up the Mere and I had to go to the dentist. No cavities for either of us so we celebrated with lunch at Jason's Deli. It's one of the Merebears favorite places to eat. So we bellied up to the bar, the salad bar that is. We headed home and got all her stuff packed up and made a quick trip to Sam Moon on the way to take her back to her moms. Of course we purchased a few little goodies at the Moon.

I had a little bit of a fever Sunday night, I dunno why but then I had a whole other issue on Monday...ahem, I'll spare the details but let's just say I had lots of pepto!!!! So we skipped the club and had some dinner and hubster had a headache so we hit the hay early and snuggled up in the bed to watch another episode of Deadwood. We are on the second season now at about the fifth episode. So anyway I made a little din din off of this.

Boy, I've rambled from one topic to the other rather sloppily haven't I???

Last week when I was at the new Kroger I picked up some Peppered Blue Cheese Turkey Patties. I grilled them up over the weekend so they wouldn't spoil so I just did this to them

And this

Then I just tossed them in the oven while these were cooking up

They are just regular potatoes cut up all fancy like with my little handy dandy thingamajobber from Pampered Chef. They look like crinkle cut fries.
Hubster decided he wanted to be the "seasoner" so after I splashed on a little olive oil he added the jalapeƱo salt and some hot shot pepper. Baked them up in the oven and dinner was ready!

This was hubsters plate before he doused the potatoes with thousand island dressing and tobasco. Hey, it was pretty tasty actually.

My patty got a slathering of A1 and just some ketchup and tobasco for my taters. I'm sure you also notice they got some sprinkled cheese too!

So there you have kind of burgers and sort of fries for dinner!!

What do you do for your family to jazz up the "norm"?? I mean don't get me wrong I like the burgers and fries same as the next girl but you gotta mix it up and keep them guessing. Give me a shout with your off the beaten path family faves!!!

Peace, Love and Yummies!!!

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