Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sam's on the Square & Houlihans

Hey Peeps

Happy Happy Wednesday!!

Well I got the Abogg down to Wacky Waco yesterday and he left bright and early this morning with all those rock loving Geology students for an adventure filled summer.   I'm gonna miss having him around but I know this is going to be a wonderful experience for him.

Well in order to send him off the best I can I took him to lunch yesterday after their final group meeting.  We went to a wonderful little place called Sam's On The Square.  Oh yeah, good stuff.

I had these cute little things and ya'll they were good!!
                                                                     Brisket Sliders
                                             Braised brisket, Sam's Slaw, pickles, and BBQ sauce.

Abogg had some Fish Taco's, he really liked them!
                                                              Grilled Mahi-Mahi
Grilled Mahi-Mahi, roasted corn, Sam's slaw, queso fresco and grilled pineapple salsa on a corn tortilla.

I think it's pretty safe to say, this won't be my last trip to this place!
Super yummy indeed. A little gem in the heart of downtown Waco.

We also stopped and picked the Abogg up a nice Subway sandwich for dinner since I was leaving him without a car for the evening.  Hey, I'm a nice mom and he had some oatmeal in his apartment for breakfast so I didn't leave him high and dry!!

So we are heading out for the condo on Friday morning and the Hubster doesn't want to leave food in the fridge so we had dinner at Houlihan's .  I've never eaten at Houlihan's before so this was all new for me and quite frankly I had a devil of a time deciding what to eat.  Just when I thought I had decided I saw something else that tickled my tummy.

First up we got us a Tennessee version of Long Island Iced Tea.
The usual but with Jack Daniels and Cranberry.  We got the 1 liter pitcher to share.
We had to order a second one.  Gosh it was delightful!!!

I had some Rustic Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Fritters.
Seriously they should make this a bigger bowl and a plate of those fritters.
Sooooooo good.  Plus it was freezing in the restaurant so the soup was warm and cozy!

For a side I ordered the Parmesan Frites (which is apparently fries) and served with three delightful dipping sauces:  Truffle mayo (to die for!! We had to get more), Chipotle ketchup and garlic parmesan dipping sauce.  Oddly enough I didn't finish the fries but I slurped that soup to the bottom.

Merebear got herself some Baked Potato Soup and it was quite yummy as well.

She also had a nice house salad with cheddar ranch.

Hubster had seared Georges Banks Scallops on lemon asparagus risotto, baby greens with basil infused olive oil.   The risotto was excellent but I didn't try the scallops, they are the one seafood that I'm not crazy about.  

No dessert, we didn't even let the poor waitress go over the dessert menu.  We were stuffed!!

I've had my current fave greek yogurt, honey, peanut butter & mini chocolate chips today and tonight no matter what the Hubster says, we're eating at home.  I can't take the eating out so much and since that's what we'll be doing so much of next week I think I'll just have something here!  So I apologize tomorrow could be a boring post! 

What do you guys do before vacation when it comes to eating?  Eat home, eat out, a little of both?
Where are you going on vacation this year? 

Seriously...since I sat down to write this post the wind starting carrying on like we're in Kansas with Dorothy and ToTo.  What the heck??!!

Peace, Love & Yummies!!!

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