Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Koi Pond

Happy Happy WedNesDay Peeps!!

Yesterday I told you I was going to start painting our Dining Room today and yet that didn't happen.  I cleaned the house instead.....BORING!!    Anywho I'm gonna go ahead and show the formal living room that I painted and redecorated 2 weeks ago.  To recap the whole house painting situation for those of you who are new or don't remember, we've been in this house a year now and I've successfully managed to only take on the little half bath off our den area.   Seriously it's taken me a whole year to do 1 little ole' half bath and now the formal living room.  You know, one room which we refer to as Winston's room and one room that the most use it sees is the Christmas tree in December.  I'm a go getter aren't I?

Before we cover the Living room let's take a quick look at the half bath.

This is the only before picture I can find.  I believe this was right after I used gel stain on the vanity.
Dog water bowl belongs to Winston of course.  

This is a picture of the side wall after I painted the whole bath a blue.
It looks fine in this photo but let me tell ya it was a baby blue, blue. 

You'll also notice the breadboard on the walls.  We added that and my poor husband did more than his share of cussing trying to get that bed board in such tiny spaces.

Now here you go, a nice gray.  MUCH better.   Winston thought the blue was a bit immature for him. 

Here you can see the slate tile backsplash we added behind the vanity. There is also slate tile on the floor of the bathroom. 

It's very difficult to take photos of a tiny powder room but you get the idea. A little less barren and a little more farmhouse.   But moving on to the feature presentation, my before photos are a bit scattered, my apologies I keep forgetting to take actual before photos.

This is the living room as you walk in the front door.
Well, it was the way it looked at one time or another in the past year.

And here's the left side of the room before.

Now here's the after as you walk in the front door.   Paint is Koi Pond by Sherwin Williams.

And here's how the left side of the room looks now.

The right side of the room.

The left front side of the room.

A peek from the front door

The right corner by the window. 
The pelican stained glass was made by Hubsters mom.

A look through the room to the backyard. As you can see it was a lovely rainy spring day.
(as a small side note, the red cover on the "bench" is also temporary until I find fabric to coordinate.  the "bench" is actually the housing for the extra leaves for the dining room table)

 A close up of the painting on the table which was also done by the Hubsters mom.
All the antiques in this room belonged to the Hubsters mom and we're the lucky caretakers of them at this time.  

This photo is me standing in the middle of the living room and looking into the dining room which is next up on the painting rotation.    I will probably get started on that tomorrow.

The whole room just evolved into a New Orleansy type semi formal area. Which is fine because Hubster is a Louisiana boy and it seems fitting to have a room like this in the house.   

Now here's the funny part, this is the inspiration photo that I wanted the room to evolve into:

Me either Erin from The Office, me either. 

What about you guys?  You ever have an inspiration photo and then somewhere along the way you make a big ole' u-turn in the road and end up someplace completely different?   On the bright side, I shopped the house so other than a half gallon of paint, I purchased nothing.  I do intend to add a nice round rug to the center of the room but I'm going to take my time finding one.  

So quickly let's talk paint.  I bought 1 gallon of Sherwin Williams SuperPaint in Koi Pond and people let me tell you this is THE paint of all paint.  I must warn you it's a bit pricey but folks I don't know if you noticed I said I used a half of a gallon.  I painted the whole room 1 coat with a half of a gallon of paint.   This paint goes on like butter, smooth and even and honestly there is no way I'm painting with any other paint now.  I'll just watch good old Sherwin Williams for sales and buy paint as it goes on sale.   It's THAT good I'm telling you.   They aren't sponsoring me or paying me or anything to say these amazing things about the paint, although I'm not opposed to pimping myself out to them at all!!!!     Oh and in case I failed to mention, it's a paint and primer all in one so go ahead paint that red room, I dare you!!!    

That's it for today my peeps, hopefully I'll be back soon with a painted dining room but don't hold your breath on this one, it's not just the walls I'm painting.  There is furniture to be painted, chairs to be recovered and maybe if I'm a lucky lucky ducky I'll find a vintage bar cart.  

Have a great evening!!!

Peace, Love and Paint

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