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Having fun at Hawaiian Falls Water & Adventure Park

It's Monday Monday peeps!

A few weeks ago the wonderful folks at Hawaiian Falls Water & Adventure Park in White Settlement hosted a DFW Blogger event and I was quite thrilled to be included in the festivities!    One other bit of "official business" before we get to the fun.  ***We bloggers were treated to lunch, a preview of the Adventure Park before it's official opening and the great fun of playing on the ropes course and trying out the zip line along with passes to come back after the park officially opened on Memorial Day.  All I had to do was have fun and write a little blog post with my honest opinions.***

Now let's get down to the fun and pictures....lots and lots of pictures!

Our day began in the Aloha Event Center, where all the bloggers had a chance to chat with each other and meet Leigh Ann Hatchett, Director of Marketing who was also serving as our tour guide.  Cara Blevins, Business Development Manager, also spoke to us about all the parks have to offer. 

While we bloggers enjoyed a delicious lunch we learned about all the events that can be held at the Aloha Event Center.  Here's just a few:
  • Lock-Ins
  • Movie Nights (w/ Full Moon Zip Lining!!!)
  • After Prom Parties
  • Church & Neighborhood Functions
  • Family Reunions
  • Wedding Receptions
  • Birthday Parties (for the young and not so young)
  • Trade Shows
  • Team Building & Corporate Picnics
  • etc, etc, etc!!!!
I could go on and on but you get the idea, if you can imagine it and need a facility to host it then then drop Leigh Ann or Cara an email and see what kind of fun you can plan.

**A quick note about the entry to the Aloha Center, you do NOT have to go thru the Arcarde or Water Park area to get to the event center so if you are planning something business or more formal, no worries you won't be hopping around wet bathing suit clad fun loving children to get there.  They also have separate restrooms so you don't have to go out into the park area.  

We had a short visit with the President & CEO himself of Hawaiian Falls. WOW---what a servants heart does this man have!  I think the employees of this park are lucky to have a leader with such a grateful and humble philosophy on doing business.  It doesn't take long to see why the parks are so successful with David at the helm.    

Next up we gather up our phones and cameras and start our tour of the park.  Our first stop was the Arcade.  This Arcade was fun and bright and full of all things peeps of all ages love about Arcades.  

This is a picture of just one of the party rooms located inside the Arcade available to book.

Bible verses on banners like this one were around the park and another one of the reasons I have such high opinions for these parks!

 Lockers are available for rent
                                                                There is also a first aid
                                                                center for those minor

Lots of outdoor seating to enjoy a lunch or snack break.

Red & Yellow slides are the Flying Hawaiian- I'd love to try those out.
Blue Slide is the Pipeline.

Purple slide is the Diamond Head Drop and you can see the Mat Slide hiding in the background.

Such pretty landscaping too!

Niko's Landing is a special spot for the little keiki's (children).

Feeling indulgent? Want a little privacy?  These sweet cabana's are available for rent.

Yummy snack stands located throughout the park too!

The Reef Racer mat slide.  Challenge your family & friends to a timed race!

This is where you'd find me on a nice scorching Texas summer day....Kona Kooler.  A nice lazy river.

Even nice grassy lounge areas if you aren't into "baking" on the concrete.   I think if I wasn't in the Kona Kooler you'd find me in this area under an umbrella with a book!! 

More cabanas available for rental.

How fun is this sandy beach area near Breaker Beach? 

And we round the corner to our first close up look at the Adventure course awaiting us. 
hmmmmm, it might be a little more intimidating than I originally thought.  3 stories tall you say?

If you need to fuel up before, after or during your adventures then Sharkey's has plenty of choices.

The Luau Cove looks like a great place for Corporate picnics, don't you think?

That concluded our tour so we hop back inside to the Aloha center for a restroom break and to make sure everyone was wearing closed toe/heel shoes.  Also required are shorts, pants and shirts (we had this covered-haha).  So if you are heading out make sure you and the littles are dressed properly if you want to play in the Adventure Park.  

Directly from the Hawaiian Falls site is this information about the Adventure Park:
HAWAIIAN FALLS ADVENTURE PARK - a 50 foot high, THREE LEVEL ROPES COURSE with 45 activities; a 62 foot high, 400 foot long ZIP LINE; a two-level family ADVENTURE TRAIL with nine bridges and five towers; a 30-foot CLIMBING WALL; a 30 foot CARGO NET CLIMB and the 60 foot high FREE FALL!
70 foot high ZIP LINE CANOPY TOUR* has two towers with a total length of 1,000 feet of breathtaking views of the entire Hawaiian Falls park

These lovely torture  safety devices were ready and waiting for us.
After we were geared up and safety precautions were covered we were ready to go!

I had a blast with these ladies and we got quite a bit more of a workout than we anticipated.  We were warned that our core muscles would be sore but man, my arms were throbbing that night and the next day!   If your "littles" aren't so little anymore I think this would be a great spot for a fun workout for young 20 something couples.  A little fun, a lotta sweat and muscles you didn't know you had get a workout for sure.   

For you nervous parents be aware that SAFETY is a top priority at the park.  There are height & weight restrictions so check with the park prior to your arrival to avoid the inevitable tears that may come from not being quite "big" enough to enjoy all the fun!

Safety guidelines out of the way we were turned loose to start with the challenges.
I thought my first path would be easy until I had to work my way across this rope challenge.  Geez, it was gonna be a long day!!!  

We had fun with our blogger friends and even the staff at the park.  You gotta laugh in the face of danger!!!  

Oh dear, I got up here now how do I get down??

My legs weren't quite long enough for an easy jaunt across these swings.

Once we worked our way all the way up three levels of fun on the ropes course it was time to zip line.

The worst part of zip lining?  You gotta walk up spiral stairs ALL THE WAY to the top.  
Nothing like being slap worn out from that ropes course then trying to climb a bazillion steps to zip line.   We laughed and joked and took photos of each other while waiting our turn. We even calmed a few uneasy nerves and convinced them to give it a try.  

I've zip lined before so I knew what to expect and it was lots of fun.

We also dodged the rainy weather and enjoyed some slightly cooler cloudy skies that day.

A non ziplining blogger happily snapped our photos from a safe spot on the ground. 

And now I'm coming in for my first landing. 

What's waiting for me at this end?  MORE stairs!!! haha

Here we go again!   The most intimidating part of the zip line?  You have to actually "walk the plank"  to get going.  So yeah, you don't get pushed you have to step off the side of the platform. 

Weeeeeeeeeee, here we go for round 2.

And it's almost over.
After landing safely and a quick crawl through Family Adventure Trail it's time to meet up with the others and head home.  We left our new friends at Hawaiian Falls and headed home tired and sweaty but in the best possible way. I was more than a little sore the next day!!! 

 A few other quick things to note about Hawaiian Falls Water & Adventure parks.
  • Parking, Life Jackets, Tubes are always free
  • There are 7 Hawaiian Falls Water Parks and 2 Adventure Parks & Event Centers in North, Central & South Texas
  • You can bring your own cooler but there is a small fee 
  • Check the website before you visit for coupons, special events, times and admission prices
  • Go with an open mind and prepare to have fun in a safe family friendly environment

We didn't get to do the Free Fall or the Rock Climbing wall but you can bet on my next trip I'll make sure I take someone encouraging and do those too!  What about you?  What looks like the most fun to you?  

Peace, Love & Sore Muscles

p.s.  I have a couple of coupons to share with you too!!!!

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