Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Command™ Brand Spook-ify Your Halloween House Party

Hi There my Peeps!!!

You know how much I love my House Party's and I haven't been selected to host one in forever!!!  I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever get another one and then BAM...just like that I get the notice that I was selected to host one for Command™ Brand.    I was very excited and then I thought you know who would just love this party?  Merebear!!   I mean she loves Halloween (like me), she loves doing things with friends, she loves crafting and she loves decorating.  So I figured you know, I bet this would be a fun party for a bunch of college girls.   And you know what?  I was definitely correct!!  Oh my, these girls had so much fun and I tell ya I had just about as much fun listening to them laugh and chat while they crafted away.   

As usual I received all the products complimentary from House Party and Command for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

Let's see how the party went!!

Unpacking the party pack is always fun!!  

Now let's head up to Merebears apartment and get ready for the fun!

This is the first table for making banners.
No, they didn't send me the triangles to make banners and 200, that's how many of those crazy triangles Hubster and I had to cut.   I run a sweat shop on the side.  :-)

Banner making table #2

Pom Pom making station which actually ended up reverting to this

Odd coincidence:  this pom pom ended up winning the most creative pom pom door prize.
She worked very hard on that pom.

We hung a hook up by the door so we could demonstrate to the girls how the Command products come off the wall without messing up the paint but you know what?  Those girls knew ALL about the Command Products already. Command products have a loyal following with college girls for sure!!!

Let's get to setting up the food because we all know how important food is to college kids!

What's a party without donuts?  Or more importantly Vampire Donuts!
Aren't these the cutest and talk about easy!  I'll tell you the smell of these were killing me on the car drive.  I wanted to eat one and suffer the gastroinstestinal consequences so badly!  

Instead I decided to munch on the yummy Fall Carmel Corn blend.

And keeping some sort of semblance of healthy, we had a carrot stick skull with a cauliflower mouth and some dip for eyes.  

And then to finish out the food table we had us some Mini Chicken & Waffles. 

To wash it all down I made some sour Kool-Aid cubes that were supposed to go in the Sprite.  The girls decided they were excellent popsicles and ate just as many that way as they did putting them in the sprite. 

It was cool watching the colors split out into layers.

We served the food on the bar which Merebear and her lovely roomie had previously decorated with a banner and some festive lights using the AMAZING new Command banner hooks and light clips.  Yep, folks those all  hung up with Command Products which means when the decorations come down, the paint stays on the wall.  

A few more decorations to round out the fun on the food bar.

A huge thanks to Command for making such great products and providing us with so many fun products to make our party special.

Merebear and her roomie made a few pom poms prior to the party so the other girls could see one of the crafts and we hung them from the ceiling using the Command Ceiling hooks that came in our party pack.  So easy and such a great new product.

After the girls fueled up with some snacks they were off and crafting.
This table is working on their banners.

And here's another table of hard crafting girls.

I'm telling you they will go into fierce competition mode for a few door prizes!!

I had a difficult time but I did pick one pom pom and one banner as the "Most creative" but no worries, every girl went home a winner.  They each got a goodie bag that contained a Command product, some candy and of course the pom pom and banner they made.

And here they all are after they crafted away on a Sunday afternoon.

I always enjoy my House Parties but this one was especially fun.  I got to try out some grand new products and spend the afternoon with a bunch of really fun and terribly sweet girls.  We always hear so much about how "kids today" aren't appreciative or polite.  Well, in that picture are 10 fine examples of very sweet, kind, polite and appreciative girls and I feel privileged to have spent the afternoon having fun with them.   They went home with crafts and goodies and I went home with encouragement that there are still lots of very special young ladies in this world.  

On a completely different note, this crazy fella that fills my heart with so much love and my home with so much slobber turned 3 on Saturday.  Happy Birthday Sir Winston Leonard Churchill, you are a hoot!! 

Peace, Love & Command™ 


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