Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Year, Time to Plan

Hi Dee Ho there Peeps and Happy Happy New Year to you!!!

We are still all "Christmasing" over here and honestly, I'm really not going nuts to take it down just yet.  Although the one real tree in the house has definitely got to go this week because it's just about to hit kindling status.   I wish I had tons and tons of pics for you but I just didn't take many at all.   I really tried to focus this year on being in the moment and enjoying the moments rather than in every one's face with a camera and seeing everything from behind the lens.   I tried to let the plans I made fall apart if the situations and time dictated.  I'm trying to learn planning is great but letting life happen is also pretty darn great.  BUT...since we are speaking of planning it's time to get back on the bandwagon of getting back on a schedule and writing it down on the calendar.   Now I'm a technology girl through and through but let me tell ya I've never jumped on the electronic planner train, I'm clearly old fashioned when it comes to calendars.  It serves two purposes for me 1) it keeps the schedule at a very visible level for me and everyone else and 2) the process of actually writing the item on the planner helps me remember it.

It seems that I'm not alone in the old fashioned ways of planning/scheduling as the traditional planner is once again gaining popularity.  I used the Franklin Covey system for years and years.

I loved it when I was working outside the home.  It was always affectionately referred to as "my brain" and it went everywhere with me and I was totally lost without it.  A single mom with an active son and a busy work, church and social life dictated the planner as a necessary expense every year.  Once I married and added two girls and a husband to my daily planning I moved more towards a very large wall calendar that was kept in plain view in the kitchen that kept the whole family's schedule in view. I was a big fan of this amazing Fly Lady calendar, it gave us plenty of room to keep up with everyone.

 After the kiddos graduated high school then college I realized that I didn't really need that big family calendar hogging up my space in the kitchen.   Not to mention it always was a "hotspot" for clutter (if you read the FlyLady then you know what I'm talking about) so I decided with only one of the three kiddos left in college that I could go back to my smaller planner.  I looked high and low and researched and studied and tried several that just didn't suit my needs.  By tried I mean bought, started using and stopped. I finally caved and bought my first Erin Condren planner for 2015 and I"M TOTALLY SMITTEN!!!   Yeah, they are a bit expensive but I'm telling you when you find a planner that works for you it's like the skies open and the angels sing!!   This is the new planner I have coming (yeah, I'm a little behind schedule), it's the Geodes version and it's going to have my name and the year on the front.

In case you wondered, I do in fact have all my calendars/planners.  I'm well aware that it's completely unnecessary but I have gone back to look things up from time to time but one day when I'm old and gray I can pull out my calendars and relive my entire life.  haha

So let's move on to something that just makes my heart sing!!!   

I mean seriously don't you want your planner to be that bright and fun!!!
And wouldn't we all be in Christmas spirit with these pages??!!!

via lexie_plans

And the final one I'll bore you with because seriously I could go on for days!!!
via yespleaseplanning

Did you know there are all kinds of planner decorating communities out there? No seriously, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.  just search on planner decorating and prepare to do nothing else for the next few hours. I've even run across like planner groups, I suppose they get together and plan their planners??? I don't know but I want in!

I'm definitely excited (even more so than usual) for my new planner to arrive and start accessorizing it like crazy!  I did notice lots of planner type people are using multiple planners.  I'm trying to keep everything on one planner but it may have to happen that the Condo business gets pulled to a separate planner and maybe hopefully next year I'll have to add a blog planner to the mix.  I'm really trying to make 2016 the return of this blog so hang with me and let's see what we can make out of 2016!!

What about you guys?  Are you old fashioned like me or a techno girl?  Which one is your favorite, either written or techy?

See you soon and always remember....Peace, Love & Plans!

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