Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sad day.....

Was doing so well this morning, got up made hubby some breakfast and added a sweet treat to his lunch, got dinner going in the crock pot and did 50 minutes on the ellipitcal and treadmill, got a shower and "put my face on", made me a healthy breakfast of peanut butter on whole grain waffle, banana and peppermint tea and came up to the computer to find out a friend from high school had passed away. Don't know any details other than a vibrant 45 year old guy is gone from this earth. If you missed out on knowing Bobby Joe Spurlock then you missed out on some craziness and laughter in your life. Bobby Joe was one of a kind and will be missed.
I have checked all my freebie sites and frugal blogs this morning and now need to get started on emailing some things to our finance guy and also push the oldest stepdaughter into gear. She just found out two days ago that she was accepted to UT as a transfer from Baylor BUT we have no place to live. She really doesn't seem to sense the urgency in this issue as classes start on Tuesday and it's at least a four hour drive so commuting is not really an option. For the child who wants me to do nothing for her it certainly seems as if she is waiting on us to find her a place to live. Meanwhile I have things to do. New wood floors coming in next week and I still have about 200 feet of quarter round to finish painting before they start. Not to mention, moving all the furniture to rooms that are not being changed..... good thing I'm not working right now, I don't think I have the time. :0) Good Thursday everyone and Happy Birthday to me dear cousin who is turning 39 today....please know that I never will forgive you for wrecking that gorgeous 65 convertible Mustang that Uncle Bo restored for you and I coveted so bad!!! :0)

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