Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wow....how long has it been

Sooo... we were talking about something or another and I mentioned to my husband about blogs and then I also mentioned I had one. He didn't know and I realized it had been a really long time since I wrote anything. I've been following The Pioneer Woman's Blog quite closely and I guess I'm one of the few that hasn't really seen it before but I love it!! She is so funny and I love her food!! I've made a couple of things and they have been excellent. I even entered one of her photo contests... I didn't win but hey, I tried! It's crazy weather here in Texas. Week before last we got 13 inches of snow and then another dusting this morning. I'm so tired of the mud and rain and snow and cold. I'm gonna move away!!! Someplace warm and cozy and with beautiful blue water...aahhhhh. OK time to wake up and move along.
The freebies lately have been slow unless of course you need diapers, baby food, and childrens toys. I mean seriously are there no freebie and discount hunters that have older children. I have 2 in college and one in high school and quite frankly I need the discounts WAAAY more now than I ever did. Maybe I should try finding teen size discounts and freebies. Speaking of such topics, my lovely stepdaughter who doesn't have a frugal thought in her entire being was in from college this past weekend and said "yeah, I bought some of those it wasn't too bad I had a coupon" Oh my...be still my beating heart. I almost teared up and wanted to hug her and tell her how proud I was but then reality sunk in and I kept my joy to myself. After all I wouldn't want to spoil the moment...I am the stepmom and if I were to endorse it then it would never occur again. :0)
I'm really not a dumb person, I just like to let them all think that I am.

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