Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Sun the's out but don't tell anybody or it may hide again!

It's still cold as everything here in Texas but the sun is shining today. You know the kind of sun shining day that makes you wish you had more windows so you could open more blinds. I am smart enough to not be fooled by the sunshine because I know it's really only 30 degrees outside so I will enjoy my sunshine from inside the house.
My son is coming home from college today for an orthodontist appt but he's having dinner with us and that also makes it a sunny day for me. It was just my son and I for 15 years and unless you have a relationship like that with your kids or your parents then I guess it's hard to understand. He's in his second semester at college at he is still wearing his braces. Hopefully the news today will be good and we will get a date to get those off for him. It's hard, I had to wait until I had the money to put them on so they didn't go on until late high school but they told us 18-24 months which meant they would at least be off before college. WRONG!! It was 24 months in October and we still have them. Glad he's a good sport about all of this. I wore my braces for three years and now have the pleasure of knowing that they really need to put them back on...uugghh. I don't think I'll be as good of a sport about it as my son.
Well, I have to clean off my desk area today because the clutter from taxes, FAFSA forms, and coupons has taken over so that I can't stand it any further. Then I'm going to decide what to make for dinner without having to make a trip out of the house. :o) Wish me luck folks and have a delightful day!

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