Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Anyone remember Mulligan Stew.....

These are called Aunt Alexia's No Bake Cookies because my sister used to bake them all the time except somehow she would "mess" them up so they wouldn't set up so she just left them in a bowl and ate them all by herself. Evilness don't you think!

The first signs of bubbling good chocolate heaven!

The goodies to be added, including that peanut butter which is calling my name..............

Ahhh, the finished product. How I wish I could eat one...or two...or ten!!  :0)

I have fond memories of Mulligan Stew from elementary school. I looked forward to the episodes that allowed us to venture over to the school cafeteria and "cook". One of the best was the No Bake Cookies so I've made them today. Never mind the fact that during the baking I remembered they had peanut butter...which I gave up for Lent. Now I'm sad....guess I will just dream of their splendor. Enjoy!

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