Friday, December 14, 2012's all we can do

My friends please stop now and say a prayer to God, or whomever you believe is a higher deity, to wrap His loving arms around those families in Connecticut.   I have no words to explain my feelings for people I have no prior knowledge of.  These are small children and loving adults entrusted daily to teach and care for them.  Rage, confusion, pain, sadness are only a few of the emotions running through my mind. My mind does not fathom any aspect of this truly senseless tragedy.  I've stomped and screamed and sobbed with each bit of news as it unfolds but most importantly I continue to pray.

What can you do?  Pray, Pray and Pray again.  Please don't use this time to criticize our schools, government, laws, lack of laws, etc. At this time these people only need compassion, love and prayers.

Hug your children no matter their age, call your parents and be grateful for the lives God has given each us.

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