Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tumbled Wacky Fun Thursday

Hey there Peepers!!!
I know I know I promised that I would get the Tuesday post up yesterday but listen folks....I seriously HAVE to get this Christmas shopping done.   Man for some reason I just let the holiday slip up on me.  I mean I've been going through the motions but not getting much accomplished and the worst part......I've baked NOTHING.  Here that, nothing, nada, zilch.  It's so unlike me.  I think part of the delay is that Court and Aus will be here on Friday and we'll have our Christmas with them on Saturday so I'm trying to get their stuff ready and figure out dinner Saturday night and then we are going to the football game on Sunday and then POOF it'll be Christmas Eve. What I've done with myself the past two weeks is totally beyond me!   Anywho I've got a Tousled Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday and a Friday Fun post all rolled into one for you.   And seriously....I have actual food recipes to post I just can't get a grip on my own routine/schedule!!

There's always hope for tomorrow I suppose but then again if the world ends tonight I guess there isn't tomorrow.  (hence the reason I added Friday Fun to the post- you never know!)   So here we go and let me tell you it's been way more busy than this post would elude to being.

#1--Sometimes you just need a cheery Christmas ice cream sundae for dinner.  Fortunately Blue Bell is providing the Christmas Cookie ice cream to do that with.

#2-- Here's a not so great picture of my tree this year.  Seriously I need to read all those pins on Pinterest about how to photograph your tree but I'm too lazy.  I'm honest if nothing else, right??

#3-- I seriously made these muffins back in September and have yet to do an oh so Pinteresting post on them so here's the link.  She has the recipe I used on her site and I just added a little oatmeal streusel topping to mine.  These are baked without flour and are super simple to whip up and get rid of those really ripe bananas plus they are yummy!  Winning!!

#4--I'm making this crazy stuff this weekend.   I drool every time I look at this picture. 
Here's the site where I found this incredible luscious looking concoction.

#5-- These are also going to be made very soon!  Get thee in my mouth now!!! 
Butterfinger Cheez-its.   Hmmm, Christmas shopping may have to wait I need to go to Walmart instead.

#6--   A sweet friend of mine from high school had the local news media join them at the mall when her princess granddaughter received  an amazing early Christmas gift!    Marine surprises Daughter
Enjoy your family Cindy and tell that son-in-law of yours that we gratefully thank him for his service to our country.  

#7-- And finally this is another item that is topping the Christmas goodies to be made list.  Yep the Peanut Brittle.  And to show how behind I am on Christmas goodie making....this post was done on December 9th last year! Seriously I'm so far behind  <>.

So that's it for today folks and possibly forever (heehee).  So in the event the world does in fact end then I've left you with a post to remember me by because if it's the Rapture people I'm going onto the big kitchen in the sky!! If we're all still here tomorrow then I'll be back soon with my goodie baking posts and a few more Christmas items.  

So tell me please, am I the only one that Christmas just snuck up on?  Are you behind on your baking?
Are you a better person than I and are prepped and ready?  If so, could you come over and help me?

Peace, Love & Mayans!!

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