Monday, March 17, 2014

March Madness, part 1

Hi Dee Ho Peeps!!!

I KNOW I've been absent around here lately but I swear I have super dee duper good reasons for that!!

I'm gonna do a quickie blog post today for you to let you know what's going on around here and where we (as in me, the family, the dog and the blog) are headed!

First of all we decided to put our house on the market and BOOM...  24 hours later we have a contract. Right smack at the beginning of the Olympics too!! So yeah, I'm thinking you know where this story is going already!!

Just because I've gotten more than a little sentimental in the packing process a few times I'm sharing the MLS photos of the house we just sold.  This was mine and Hubsters first house together and where our family started.  As of March 27th it will be the new home of a young family.

The outside
(yeah we decided to sell in the dead of winter)

As you walk into the front door of the house.

Hubsters N.O. Saints gold office

The formal living room
(AKA...dead space)

The formal dining room
(and yes, we retained possession of my fabulous chandelier)

view of kitchen from the dining room

Another view of the kitchen
(that counter space in the front on the right NEVER that clean! haha)

View of kitchen with my gorgeous stone archway surrounding the cooktop
I'll definitely miss this unique feature! It was something that made me fall in love with the kitchen and the house the first time I walked in.

The den area
(this is not how this room is normally arranged-things were moved around for pictures)

Another view of the cozy den

The den from above

Master bedroom

Master bathroom

The noisy but fun game room

Since we sold the house the poker table and the foosball table have gone on to live in new homes with new families!

The media room

Back porch and the fire pit area where we worked and toiled away building in the dead of a summer one year!

Another of the back yard.

So there you have it.  We have 4 other bedrooms and 2 and ½ more baths that weren't featured in the photos but you get the idea.  This home was perfect for our family and now that we have 1 little chickadee who has left the nest and graduated from college and married, 1 more little duckling about to graduate in May and make his way in the world and 1 baby chick just beginning her journey of college life we find that our needs and desires have changed in a home and it is time to move on to something that suits our life as it is now.  

So where are you moving Samma?  Well funny you ask as that will be part 2 of March Madness.  You know we never do things easy around here!   Also it brings me to this blog.  I love this blog and the fact that I've just not been here at all to cook and craft with you has really bothered me.  But in the painting and scrubbing and box packing I've found that I have a clearer idea of this space and where we are going with it. In case you didn't know, packing boxes and scrubbing walls and painting can be very "meditational".   I'll keep cooking for sure because believe me, I'm ready for something besides take out, restaurant and hamburger helper but we're going to be doing some DIY stuff for the home and no worries, LL and I will be up to our crafting shenanigans again soon enough.   So the blog isn't going away, it's just expanding and growing.  So keep hanging around with me to see where this adventure takes us and don't forget to come back for the continuation of the house selling saga!

Stay tuned for March Madness, part 2!  
Like I said, we definitely aren't doing the conventional things families normally do when they sell a house!!  

Peace, Love & Packing Boxes!!!

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