Monday, January 20, 2014

#JollyVoxBox by Influenster

Hey Peeps!!!

Happy Happy Happy Monday to you!!
I'm just sitting her at 11:15 in the recliner, typing away with 55% battery remaining on the ole' mac book. I've had no shower and I'm wearing the leggings and sweatshirt I had on yesterday.  The dog is doing goodness knows what, the TV is still on and you know what......I'm OK with that.

Well Samma, you SAID you were going to choose to be productive and believe me when I say the last week I have been very very very productive.   I'll save all that for another post but for today one thing that's been put on the back burner is the review of things I have received in the mail for free in exchange for my honest opinions.  I need to get those things taken care of so the nice folks who send me fun things will keep on sending me fun stuffs!!!

Influenster is a great program where you answer some survey questions, unlock badges and then if you are lucky you will get a lovely little box in the mail and that will have all kinds of cute little things to check out and review.  Yes, we review honestly, I'm never told what my opinion should be on a product, they just give me the opportunity to try something I might not otherwise try!

Pictures are few but thoughts aplenty....

The #JollyVoxBox included:

Skinny Cow Divine Filled Chocolates with Peanut Butter Cream

Duck Brand Ducklings Mini Rolls - Blue Surf Flower

New York Color HD Trio in Bronzed in Brooklyn

Puff's To Go tissue

Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer in Celestial

Let's talk about each of the items individually:

The NYC HD Trio Eye Shadow        

I LOVE this eyeshadow.  The colors were perfect for my blue eyes and I have used them several times.  The shadow goes on smoothly and stays on quite well.  Eye shadow isn't something that I wear but maybe once or twice a week at the most so it's also not something I tend to spend big $$ on.   This is a great solution for me.  I love the product and the price comes in under $4 so that's a big plus for me.   Good product + great price = thumbs up

You can see the product hung out with me on the plane on our recent family vacation to San Francisco (yes, I'll eventually blog about that).  These are OK, I mean they are no Reese's Cup that's for sure but you do get 2 in a pack for a serving size. They have 130 calories and 7 grams of fat, that is roughly ½ of a regular Reese's cup package.  Personally I just think I can plan my day/activity level so that I can enjoy a Reese's but if you can't control yourself then by all means you should give these a try.  We do love the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches in this house so this product is getting a neutral review for me, a thumbs up and a thumbs down.  

I love Duck tape and I adore this tiny little roll.  It's only .75 inches wide and it's just cute.  I mean new puppy cute, so many options for crafts and I know I'll use this little gem for something fun.   Maybe I'll make another little goody like we did at this fun party.
Definitely a thumbs up!

Puff's plus lotion To Go tissues
Nothing but good things to say.  When you get sick on vacation and you need a lot of tissues, it's nice to have this small pack in your bag.  It's soft on the nose when the allergies are being unkind.  These are always in my car, in my purse (for those no TP in the stall emergencies) and in my carry on bag on the plane.  Thanks Influenster for sending me a pack just in time for vacation!

Thumbs Up for sure!

Last product in the box

Truth is, I didn't like this product at all.   I thought it felt really weird and heavy on my lips.  The color they sent me was called Celestial and for a lack of better words, it looked cheap.   To be fair though I should tell you I am in a minority with my opinion, most reviews are raving.  I just thought it to be heavy and "thick" and too sticky.   Not for me at all.

So that's it peeps!  My reviews on my first ever box from Influenster.  I'm hoping for more upcoming opportunities to try things and give honest reviews.  

Just please know that I will always disclose to you when I've received free products and who I received them from.  Also know that I will never give a positive review to something I really didn't love.   I have a few more reviews to do to catch up on all the samples and free things I've received in the mail and some are good and some are not...that's life.  We are all different and we like different things at different points in our lives.   I hope you take my reviews as just 1 in many and make your own decisions and as well, I hope you take a chance and try one of these if it appeals to you and give me your opinions!!  You may be the reason I give something a second chance.  

Be kind!

Peace, Love & Yummies!!

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