Monday, August 5, 2013

A Home Depot & VELCRO House Party!

So if you've been around the blog awhile you know that I love this company called House Party and the wonderful opportunities they give me to share products and companies with my friends.  There is NEVER anything to buy and only fun to be had when you come to one of the sponsored parties.

This past party I was gleefully chosen to host was sponsored by Home Depot and VELCRO and we had a project to make.  Well if you know me then you know a party + a craft project is just about heaven on earth!   It wasn't hard to come up with a party theme as hellllooooooo it was Home Depot!!! Built in party theme so let's get started and I hope you enjoy the bazillion pictures I'm about to bombard you with! If you didn't get to come to this party then make sure you watch my Facebook page or this blog to stay tuned to see what I get selected for next time!!  (cross fingers it's that elusive Soda Stream party!!)

The excitement begins the day the party pack arrives!

I'm not the only one in the house that gets excited when the box of party goodies arrives!

So next I take to the good ole' Pinterest for ideas and inspiration!

First project: an electrical cord wreath with a caution tape bow to greet the guests.
I'm not a professional party planner (although I'd love to be) but I like the front door to give my guests the idea of what's coming.  Oh, BTW, wrapping an electrical cord around a wreath form will make you cuss like a sailor.  I mean cuss like putting lights on a Christmas tree cussing.  

Since I've FINALLY learned my limitations and accepted that my OCD will come out at the most inopportune time I start decorating the day before.   Yeah, I've answered the door to greet my guests not  dressed for the party and more than a little sweaty and frantic one too many times. 

Next up was the light fixture, I saw this idea on Pinterest and loved it thus also beginning my shopping spree in my garage.  Seriously people you have no idea at the cool things you can find in the garage!

It's just small lightweight tools hanging from curling ribbon off the light fixture over the table.

Cute, right??

The SWAG for the guests is getting all laid out on the work table.

See it's looking fun already!

I also decided that it would be a great idea to purchase additional supplies to make the project before the party.  It wasn't difficult and that freed me up to answer questions and take pictures of everyone working.  (yes, the sharpies are coordinated to the party colors-OCD, we've talked about this)

Another look at the party table, set and ready for 12 party goers.

Every "builder" got to go home with an orange reusable bag, a printed set of instructions for todays project and a few more, a tool belt generously provided by my local Home Depot, scissors and a tape measure and a carpenters pencil.   The pvc pieces and the VELCRO tape for the project.  I had 4 different rolls of duct tape for the guests to choose from for their project.

These are marshmallows dipped in yellow melting chocolate.
They are wet paint "brushes".  I know, adorable right??

Their place of honor was atop a cement block with a scrap board on top.  Makes for a cute serving stand.   

Nuts & Bolts for snacks.   Aka pretzel sticks and reese's pieces.

Builders Squares (cheez its) in a caution tape adorned galvanized bucket.

Traffic "bugles" cones served up in a big tin can.

It's not a party if there isn't a door prize!   I was inspired by the candy bouquets at my grocery but they wanted $24.99 for them!!!!  I think not!!!  Last minute project before the party!

A Tool Box makes the perfect holder for plates, napkins & cutlery.

Lumber & Logs hot dogs served up in a paint tray liner.

Of course all good lumber & logs need some condiments.

Just in case you weren't sure if you could eat or not.

No, he didn't get to come to the party.  We're still working on our manners with house guests.

Another look because I thought it was just so darn cute!

You can't see for the orange funnel but the bottom of the vase of flowers is filled with screws.
(I like the little details, I think we've said OCD before haven't we?)
Those are Little Debbie Nutty Buddy bars and Donut Sticks out for the guests too.  I thought they sounded like good "construction" snacks.

I wanted to make sure everyone knew that they could drink the water.  :-)
(yes, I already had that orange cooler and I told you I found all kinds of stuff in the garage)

A little Unleaded fuel to go with the water.
(Unsweet Tea by the way)

A little reminder of one of the great sponsors of the party.

Balloons make it a party!
What you can't see is the balloons are tied off to this;
We also used it as a trash bucket, little details my friends, little details.
Plus who doesn't need another bucket around the house!

I also selected some party themed wine:  Red Truck and White Truck.

In case you wondered unless you are a fan of wandering aimlessly in strange stores you shouldn't volunteer to go party supply shopping with me. It's a long process waiting for my train of thought and my inspirational ideas to find common ground. 

Well the guests have arrived and after having snacks and laughing and getting caught up on life we dig in to the project of the day.

These ladies are serious crafters.

Much discussion between moms and daughters. 

See I told you, these ladies were serious!!

Here we are, all smiles after finishing our projects. 
(no, I didn't buy the vest I found it in the garage but knew I had to wear it)

One more group photo taken by the only "guy" brave enough to hang around during the party.
His sweet mama was going to come to the party but she had surgery earlier in the week and wasn't feeling so great so he made a project for her.
(he also happens to be the boyfriend to that little cutie in the orange dress and no, she didn't buy the dress for the party but she steals my heart for staying in the party theme- she's a good girl I think we'll keep her around here)

This little sweetheart was the first one finished with her project.  
I think she was pretty happy to go home with the extra candy...sorry mom.  

Last photo is to tell you about what is happening in the background.  LL sent me the link to this yummo  looking orange drink before the party.  See, my friends know me so well.   So I'm whipping up the first batch of the drink and LL is taste testing for me.   Here's the drink recipe:

(not my photo)
3/4 cup rum, dark or light
6 oz. can frozen limeade
3 large peaches, halved & pitted, skins left on
2 cups ice
1 tsp sugar, or to taste if needed.
Blend in blender and serve.

Oh people it is yummy and refreshing and great for those 100+ degree days when you are just a construction project machine.  Or if you are just hanging with some fun ladies enjoying a Saturday afternoon making a fun little project.  

That's all I got for ya today, hopefully you stuck around for the fun and watch your email as you never know when you'll get a message from me inviting you to another fun House Party!!!

Stay cool peeps!!!

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