Monday, August 26, 2013

Vitamix 'in

Happy Monday Ya'll

Sir Winston and I were out on our walk this morning and met a wonderful little guy who was on a "test run" for his first day of school tomorrow in kindergarten.  So around here, this would be the last day of summer vacation.  Abogg actually started back today and the MereBear starts on Wednesday.  I suppose we are officially empty nesters now.

So last weekend we headed to the Costco and much to Hubsters delight the Vitamix demo was happening.  He has wanted to buy one of these for years and I always convince him that it's not worth the money. Wellllllllll, since the Abogg and his juicer left to go back to college the wonderfully kind man offered to show me how much easier it was to juice in the Vitamix.  

yeah, in the buggy it went.

So in celebration of that I give you a Vitamix week.

We got it home and just had to make something and the first thing in the Getting Started section was this amazing little Whole Fruit Margarita.  Totally not my fault that was the first recipe I had the ingredients to make. 

Hubster wanted a strawberry milkshake.
Leave it to this family to take a machine to help you be healthy and turn it into a milkshake maker.

Now every morning I have this amazing juice/smoothie.
The Demo guy at Costco made this one for me minus the strawberries and matcha green tea, those were my additions

1/3 of banana, peeled
slice of pineapple with core, peeled
1 lg. handful kale
1 lg. handful spinach
slice of lemon with skin
slice of lime with skin
handful frozen strawberries
scoop matcha green tea
1/4 cup water
ice (if desired-I don't use but a couple cubes just to chill it a bit so it's more juice than smoothie consistency)
***update***  1/2 cucumber & handful baby carrots
(I forgot some of the veggies in the list)

That's it, turn on the blender to smoothie setting and prepare to be amazed!

Guess how you clean it?  Put some water in it and pulse it a few times and it's clean.
Next best part, NOTHING IS LEFTOVER.  I mean the garden is sad because it isn't getting it's compost like with the juicer.  This thing literally uses every bit of what you put in there.
Why is that exciting or newsworthy?  You get all the fiber.
ALL THE FIBER and let me repeat ALL THE FIBER.
Why am I stressing this point? Well if you are all excited to get a new Vitamix and you decide the first day that all three of your meals are going to be from the Vitamix then let's just say you need to allot yourself plenty of quality reading time in the ole' restroom.    Yeah, TMI I know but a necessary warning I didn't quite get.

Back to more healthy options, this is Merebears Strawberry Banana Peach smoothie. All fruit and a tiny bit of milk, that's it.

This is another day of my green juice concoction.

By the way, I have this glass and then there is a full quart jar of juice left over.  I just pop it in the refrigerator and drink it throughout the day. 

My VitaMix day involved a yummy Tomato Basil Soup for lunch.
It was just tomatoes, basil and some garlic.  Set on the soup setting and let it go and in about 8 minutes you have crazy good and super fresh soup hot out of the machine!
Get that people, it comes out of the machine hot and steaming, no pots and pans to clean.

Yes, this was my lunch!!
It was super dee duper too!!!
Those little round items are tiny little grilled cheese poppers.
Wheat bread cutouts with some shredded cheese in the middle popped in the Baby Cakes machine.

I had this new smoothie this morning and it had too much banana for me.  I'll go back to my regular green juice tomorrow.

It's not exactly "green" either. 

So one day I finished my juice and rewarded myself with a made it myself SB Frappuccino.

My Wonder Woman glass is now the only glass I will drink my juice from.  It reminds me that I'm putting good things in my body so I can be Wonder Woman.  (stop laughing please)

How much do I love my new Vitamix?  If you look over to the right you will see a Vitamix ad there.  I applied and was accepted to be a Vitamix affiliate.  That means if you use my code under the ad you can get one at your house and pay no shipping.  That's a $25 savings for you and you and your family get to add a little healthy to your life. That's a win win situation right there.  

I have not even scratched the surface of what the Vitamix can do.  I mean the cookbook that comes with it is a mere 340 pages of recipes!!!  So yes, you will be seeing more Vitamix recipes from me in the future.   

Are you into juicing? Vitamixing? Eating Ice Cream?
Tell me how you are sneaking some healthiness into your family.

Peace, Love & Vitamix'in

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