Thursday, August 29, 2013

Craft Wednesday

Yea, Girl not cray cray she knows it's Thursday!
Buuuuutt yesterday was Wednesday and LL and I finally got back to crafting!!   Yipppeeeee    This is a typical Craft Wednesday for LL and me.

9-9:30  Meet at Hobby Lobby with iPads
            (sidetrack #1- Dear Hobby Lobby, If you could please put in WiFi in your stores for those of us trying to make craft decisions via Pinterest.  We have old eyes and seeing on the iPad is much easier than seeing on the phone screen.)

11-11:30  Leave Hobby Lobby with ten times the ideas we came in the store with and ten times less the amount of money.  Head home to begin the crafting.  (Except yesterday we had to make a Dollar Tree run too)

11:30-12:15  Eat, snack and decide which project is first then get busy because we've spent half the day shopping and no matter which house we are crafting at the other one will need to go home to let the dog out to potty soon.

Sometimes we feel like this:

And some days, like yesterday, this is how we feel:

It was a good return to Craft Wednesday indeed.

So we ended up settling on this project:

So let's see how we did:

Here is a look at both of our projects.

That's LL's on the left and mine on the right.
Pretty good, eh?

This is the close up of mine from my Instagram.
I think we did swimmingly.

So after we cleaned up our mess a bit (we are not tidy crafters) we talked about next weeks projects.  It's probably a better idea if we already have our supplies by the time Wed. rolls around, keeps us on track and gives up more crafting time.  

Since I was so tickled with our projects I decided that I was just going to go ahead and put it out even though it isn't remotely fall yet.
Well the dining room is a bit too formal for it.

Even though it looked smashing against that burgundy background.
I moved it to the window sill in the kitchen for the time being.

So next week we were going to make new fall wreaths for the front doors.
Well I needed to pull apart this wreath so I could reuse the form.
(no worries, the ribbon was faded so it was well loved)

And then...I just got so excited I couldn't stop myself.

Yep, I went ahead and finished it. 

And I don't even care that it is still 100+ degrees outside, it's hanging on the front door!
I'll let it stay until the 1st of of October then it will come down for a month while the Halloween wreath is up then this gets to go back and hang out for Thanksgiving.

I figured I better stop and get some more housework done since Hubster got back into town today. This week the downstairs got a good cleaning while he was gone, next week we take care of the upstairs and do some freezer cooking.  Then I'll be MIA for a few weeks because I'm finally gonna have that nasty uterus of mine ripped out.   It serves no purpose anymore but causing me anguish so off it goes.

I hope the rest of you are cooler than we are in Texas because we are having a heat wave again.
Are you putting up your fall decorations yet?  Ready for fall?
Ready for Football??  OH YEAH!!!!

Hubster is home for a couple days so maybe I'll do some cooking.  

Peace, Love & Think Fall 

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