Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday Tumblings

It's my favorite day (next to Friday of course) TU TU TUesday!!!

Hey who doesn't love The Rock in a TuTu.....or anything else for that matter!

Meet LL and my new crafting partner.  His name is Kenny and he will now join us on Wednesday craft day.   We might even put him in the car with us.   You'd be amazed at the cool things you can find for sale on the internet!!

I picked this ginormous cucumber this week from the garden.
If you need some cucumbers just yell, I got ya' covered!

It's 100+ degrees and he drags his big heavy wool blanket to the middle of the floor and then keeps his toy in his mouth so he can take a nap.    This dog is too much!!

Abogg brought me some Cherry Pies from Waco and I was very happy and then I found the coveted item:  HoHo's.   Whole box in the refrigerator all for me!!!!   I'm in snack heaven but I'm also a hoarder,  it's probably a secret fear that they will stop making them again so I should stockpile them instead of eating them.   I know, I'm a touch weird.

So Saturday morning the 4 of us (plus one boyfriend) hit the road to Austin.
We made a pit stop at this nice cool place.

We had been here once before but it was still awesome and we had a great tour guide.

We had to go to the hotel before meeting Court & Aus at the restaurant because we were a smidgen dirty from slomping around in the cave. 

Cave touring makes you hungry so we all met up at the Hula Hut for a nice dinner.
We had a great time visiting and catching up thanks to a 1+hour wait.  It was hot but we made do with some liquid refreshments and chips and salsa.     I didn't get pictures because 1) I was starving 2) I was busy talking and 3) I was starving!!!     Food was excellent and Timothy, a friend of Court, Aus and Aboggs joined us for dinner so the company was equally fantabulous!  It was nice catching up with not only our kids but their friends too.  

Back to the hotel and Hubster is soooo proud that he finds an open spot in the Platinum member parking area that he whips right in all big britches and such.

The next morning we came out to this all over the car.
(bird poo)   No wonder no one parked here!!  Thanks Marriott, nice way to treat your elite members!

Anywho a quick stop to get gas and a car wash and we were off to:


We had a great time. Abogg picked up his friend T-Dub in Austin before hitting the road.  His new girlfriend or "woman" as Hubster calls her came up from Houston to join us too.   She's a sweet girl and we liked her a lot, hopefully we didn't scare her away.  
We had a wet and crazy good time at the ole 'bahn.  Hence why I have no pictures, we took the waterproof camera but no one thought to grab it and take it with us on the rides.  

We all especially enjoyed this new ride.  It's great!!!  The only line to get on is waiting for an empty tube to float past you and then you can just stay on as long as you want.  It's an adventuresome lazy river.   We rode this many many times and come to find out so did all the kids.  New family favorite ride at the Bahn.  

Around 6 the thunder clouds rolled in for a brief shower. 
side note:   Why oh why when it starts raining at the waterpark do people start running for cover?  I mean helloooooo it's a waterpark, you are already wet??!!!   
Back to story, we sat around and chatted for a bit before packing up and heading out.

Last stop of the trip and seriously was it a treat!!!  OH MY GAWD!!  I've never been to a Buc-ee's but man if see one I will stop.   I felt like a hillbilly in the big city in there with my mouth all hanging open.
Wow, just wow and seriously no wonder this place gets voted best restrooms every year!! Good job Buc-ee's.  I might drive down to New Braunfels/SanAntonio just to stop there!

That's it, we're home this week finishing up some back to school shopping, doctor appointments and the like before the Abogg heads out Friday and the Mere heads out next weekend for college.  It'll sure be quiet around here again! Are your kiddos back to school yet?

Now I better go find something for dinner you know?  We had breakfast for dinner last week and it was yummo but man, I made the biggest mess!   I'm still having dinner dilemmas, how about you?
Is it still insanely hot at your place?  Certainly is here but rumor has it we had a little cool down coming for a few days.  Low 90's!!!  Better break out the hoodies!!! 

Peace, Love & Hostess Snacks!!!

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