Friday, August 16, 2013

VisionWorks Back To School Mom's Night Out

Friday Happy Dance!!!

So last night I was invited to a wonderful event at the VisionWorks location in Dallas North Park.

This is the invitation message I received:

Come join Visionworks for a fun night out, just in time for back-to-school. Enjoy appetizers and drinks and browse the latest eyewear trends while learning about the importance of taking care of your children's eyes to set them up for success this school year. Attendees will receive a goody bag full of Visionworks swag (including free sunglasses!) and will be entered to win a "family of eyewear"...

You don't turn down invitations like that plus I would get the chance to hang out with some of the DFW area bloggers and that's really cool with me.

So I hopped in my car about 2 hours before the event started to make my way to Dallas.  I live outside of Ft. Worth and between traffic and construction at 4:30 in the afternoon I would need at least that much time.  Well apparently I needed longer because I got lost not once but twice but third times a charm and I made it around 7 p.m.  Much to my happiness I was not the last person to arrive 30 minutes late and the presentation was just beginning.  They kindly pulled up a chair for me and presented me with a glass of tea and promptly won me over. For the next 30 minutes or so we heard how Visionworks takes the eye care of our children and of us seriously. We saw examples of new lens types, learned about lenses for children, how often to replace lenses and frames and about some crazy cool technology on the horizon that has the ability to correct a child's eyesight so they literally "grow out of it". 

We also found out that if your child has any special needs or requests that you can call ahead and the friendly staff will be prepared for your arrival.  They are also quite perceptive when assisting with frame selections because sometimes the child idea doesn't exactly match up with what mama had in mind.  The staff is well trained in parental head nods and facial expressions so then kids and parents alike leave happy.  Kids right now are loving the Lucky, Vera Bradley and Guess frames which leads me to believe that children today have excellent taste in eyewear!

I'm way overdue for an eye exam and while I mostly wear my contacts I'm looking forward to picking out some new frames myself.  Being such a big Vera Bradley fan maybe something like these since she is kind enough to make big girl glasses too.

Since I have such an abnormally small head it's often hard to find frames that look right but I feel comfortable knowing that when I leave my glasses and I will be perfect for each other!

I've never been in a Visionworks store and I will have to tell you, I was impressed with the dedication of the staff and the HUGE selection of frames.  That coupled along with the fact that most all glasses can be completed and on your face within an hour,  I'm sold!!   Beginning Sept. 1 any glasses that have to be sent off to be processed will be ready in 7 days, how's that for service? You know those glasses for people with "special eyes". 

Now when one goes to any kind of function such as this you know there's going to be SWAG so here is our bag of goodies from the night.

(creepy eyeball thing is a stress ball)

Check it out and yes, that's a $100 gift card in that pile.  You can bet that baby will be used to get some new frames for this mama!! Some nice cleaning cloths and pre-moistened towelettes to drop in your bag and an awesome new pair of shades.  A fun yet tad creepy stress ball, mini frisbee, a fan and the obligatory pen which every mom and blogger can always use round out the gift bag.

On a side note some of you may be wondering, why on earth would a food blogger go to an event for vision care?  First of all I have 3 not so little kiddos and 2 of those do wear contacts/glasses or both.  Hubster wears glasses and I wear contacts/glasses.  My thing here is cooking and when I tell you it is very important to be able to read a recipe correctly I mean it!!  You know 1/4 and 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda can mean a big difference, I mean seriously big!  I was very excited to be asked to join in on this night of fun and information plus it got me out of the house while the Abogg was leaving to head back to school. Mama tries to cry only when he can't see her.  I swear it never gets easier watching them pack up the car and head out of the driveway. 

I am also blaming Visionworks for this little mishap  good fortune.

Visionworks in NorthPark is right next to Macy's and Macy's is having a shoe sale and I just so happened to be looking for the ladies room (big shock I know!) and stumbled upon racks and glorious racks of shoes on sale.  Both of the above are summer wedges and I plan to get as much wear in this summer as I can.  I couldn't decide between the two and they were such amazing great prices that I ended up getting both pair for less than the one little polka dot pair would have cost me.  I'm also a tad excited, my first Michael Kors which are now hanging out with Tory Burch in my closet.  It's a happy world indeed!   I just wished they had more "cool" friends!!!

Oh and one more thing, Visionworks is having a great sale right now so get those eyes ready for back to school.  Is your house ready for school?

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Disclaimer:  I did receive a nice goody bag and some yummy snacks as part of participating in this Visionworks event however all opinions on this blog are 100% mine, therefore any inaccuracies are also mine.  I also received no monetary compensation for attending the event or talking about it on my blog or other social media. 

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