Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mediterranean Mahi Mahi

Happy Thursday Peeps!!

I was planning on posting yesterday but LL and I have finally resumed Wednesday Craft Day.  Necessity is the mother of motivation you know.  Well that and the lack of a wreath on the front door!
Since both of us needed to decorate our front doors we decided that's just what Craft Wednesday needed to get kicked back into gear so we met at the HobLob at 9 to find some inspiration.  I had a green deco mesh wreath that needed some refreshing and LL had a sack full of possibilities in the deco mesh arena.   This is how my front door is looking now:

I was pretty satisfied and if the weather would just match the wreath because 40 and raining is NOT spring people.

Okie dokey enough of that tom foolery and let's have some fish.  Yeah, this is the fish I promised you weeks ago.  I'm slow but I get around to it eventually you know.  First off I have to tell you that we had this fish at Dewey Destins in Destin, Florida and it was so yummy that I just had to try and recreate it when we got home.   I got pretty close and we enjoyed this one!!
I might mention the next time we are back in Destin I plan to eat this again just to make sure I've got it just the way I want it.   

First things first you gotta go get you some Mahi Mahi.
I picked up these nice filets from the Sprouts and they were on sale. SCORE!

Now we need to marinate those pretty little filet o fishes.
For that we need: 2 cloves minced garlic, 2 Tbsp. olive oil, 1/4 balsamic vinegar, little salt & pepper.
Mix that up really good.

Now dump it over those fish and flip them over a few times.
You know to make sure they are good and coated, I then made sure the skin side was facing up so the fish was down into the marinade.

Pop a lid on them and then pop them in the refrigerator for a bit.  At least 30 minutes but up to as much as 6 hours.   I think mine were in there a couple of hours.

While you are out picking up the fish make it easy on yourself and grab yourself a nice container of mixed olives.  Pitless please.

Now pour yourself some more balsamic vinegar in a heavy saucepan.
Warm it up on high heat but not to boiling, whisk in a little garlic and a little sugar.
(that part is totally on you, how sweet or how garlicky)
Turn the heat down to low and whisk occasionally and just let it cook it down slowly until it begins to get syrupy.

While the reduction sauce is simmering away you should grab a wire rack and wrap it in foil.
Give it a good spray with cooking spray too, we don't want the fish to stick.

Here's a glimpse of the back of the rack.
You could also use one of those fancy grill fish cooking racks too if you have one.
I don't so we improvised. 

Now of course you need to put the fish on the rack

Then you put it out on the grill.  You could grill this indoors if you don't mind your kitchen getting all fishy smelling.  Since I'm not too fond of that I just put ours out on the grill.
You just grill it until the fish is white and flaky. 
Keep on eye on it, don't be overcooking the fish.

Now run back inside and grab a bunch of grape tomatoes.
I just sliced my in half so they weren't so big.

Mix those into the olives.

Now I threw mine into the balsamic reduction, next time I will not.
Next time the tomato olive mixture will just get drizzled with the balsamic reduction.
It wasn't bad this way I think I would just prefer the tomatoes and olives to be "uncooked" but you could try it both ways and see which you prefer.
I mean hey, it's your dinner after all!

Grab that fish and put it over a bit of greens on a plate then put the tomatoes and olives on top.
If you didn't mix them in now you can pour some of that balsamic reduction over the top.

Now give it a nice amount of feta cheese.

Think about how it's time to stop taking pictures and eat.

Sneak a bite and take one more picture.

Fix the rest of your plate and start eating.  It was good, really good.
With that one little adjustment of not mixing the tomatoes and olives into the balsamic reduction it could be darn near perfect.  Of course that is my opinion and hey around here on most days that counts for about 50% of the general opinion!  

Have you ever eaten something in a restaurant and decided to go home and try and recreate it?
If so, what was it?  How did it turn out?  If not, why not?  Was it because you didn't want your house to smell like fish?  If so, it's almost warm enough to be cooking outside.   Do you "fix" your plate?  
I can still hear my Memama telling me "Baby, go fix your plate", call your grandma tonight if you are lucky enough to still have her around.  

Peace, Love & Fishy Yummies!

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