Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tuesday on Wednesday

Hey Peeps!!!

I've just been so bad with the blog this week but I have good excuses. Wanna hear them?  Good, I knew you would.

So Saturday the Abogg was supposed to have a double header at UNT but there was a mixup regarding the fields and they only played one. Good thing...I was sooooooo sunburned.
Of course this meant that Sunday was a double header.  I have to brag a bit, the boy was on FIRE!!!  Seriously he was a batting machine and a fielding pro.   Just one of those days where the baseball gods smile on you. Pictures?  Oh, you want pictures....yeah I forgot the camera again.  I did remember the sunscreen on Sunday!!  I am definitely going to take the camera this weekend for sure for sure!

Anywho, we had some kind of grilled meat for dinner and then the Abogg and I headed out for a late movie on Sat. night.

We saw The Place Beyond the Pines.   All I can say is you might need an antidepressant when you leave.  Crazy dark depressing movie.  However I'm sure I love Bradley Cooper more and more every day, Abogg feels the same about Ms. Mendes.  Oh and Ray Liotta is one creepy guy in this movie.

Good movie, just sad and depressing.  So let's lighten things up a bit since it's been such a downer of a week.

Last spring I planted a ton of bulbs and just waited to see what happened.  This poor plant was run over by the lawn mower like a zabillion times last year.  It's darn near a bush now, have no clue what it is either.  Hopefully it will bloom soon so we can solve the mystery.

Last Thursday we had pancakes and bacon for dinner.
Why we don't do that more often is beyond me.  

We moved a ton of Iris' to another section of the yard.  Apparently Iris' are like bunnies in the reproduction department.  We had our first bloom of the year.   Spring really is here!

Merebear and I are home alone this week.  Hubster is working out of town so we had Taco's last night.

Half the shells were broken, so we actually had tacos and taco salad.

I had one of my most favorites breakfast this morning.  Whole grain waffle with peanut butter, banana and honey.  <buuuurrrp>

And finally Mr. I Now Weigh 60 pounds has had an upset tummy and I figured out he is allergic to the food he's been eating.  In order to, ahem, "firm things up" around here I took him off dog food and have been feeding him a bland diet.  I'll get him back on food in another day or two so mostly I've been cooking for the dog.   If you need to know how to make oatmeal, instant rice, boiled chicken and eggs, dip pumpkin, yogurt or cottage cheese from the container I'm seriously your woman.

Leftovers tonight as Merebear is at the boyfriends and then her and the Hubster leave tomorrow afternoon for a college visit so I'll be having dinner alone until Saturday.   Don't expect any cooking.
I can eat cereal and popcorn for dinner any and every day of the week!!

Last comment of the day....this chick's voice.

Like nails on a chalkboard!!   

How's your week so far?  I know it's been a downer week but things will get better.
This guy and his mama said so and you know I believe them.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, be a helper. 

Peace, Love & Blessings

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