Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday Tumblings

Hi deee hooooo my peeps!!!

Well so far so good this week so we're gonna attempt to get back on track on the blog and that means it's Tuesday and it's time to tumble!!

I found this little gnome pot hanger at the HobLob and now the Hubster has taken to moving him around the kitchen too.  

Then one day last week the cow showed up on my bathroom vanity protecting a very special surprise from the Hubster.  Guess where I'm gonna be on May 18th!!! 

And this is how I feel about that....

(p.s. If you haven't joined the Duck Dynasty bandwagon, you should!)

Hubster and Merebear made a little trip to Baton Rouge last week to visit the ole' LSU.  I didn't get to go because I had a doctors appointment that really didn't need to be missed.  So they brought me this  Apple Pie Moonshine.  

We've had a funny obsession with finding Apple Pie Moonshine since Mags brought it to "life" on Justified.   Just so you know, whew this stuff  beastly!!  We've joked that $20 can buy you a lot of fun or a lot of pain with this stuff!

I made some Fruity Pebble Granola Bars for their little road trip.
Hubster thought they were sweet like rice krispie treats and was quite disappointed to find oatmeal inside.  Duh....that's why I called them G R A N O L A bars!!   silly man

I received my goodie box from House Party.  It's FULL of L"Oreal and Redbook goodies.
Party is this week and we're gonna be just gorgeous at the end of the night.

This hungry thing is a mess, just a mess.  He's had some serious food allergies so this past week I've been making his own food.  Good gosh, the dog is eating better than we are!!   We are on our 4th different food trial today so crossing fingers this one works.

I made a pineapple UpsideDown Cake on Sunday.  I tell ya, this thing gave me fits!
I've never worked so hard on a cake in my life.  

These two guys turned 50 last week.  We had us a little get together to celebrate and Frankie loves Pineapple Upside Down Cake and Chuck requested Texas Ranch Cake so that's what they got.  Plus we had ice cream so it was a good day indeed!

At this very moment this is simmering on my stove.
Yep, we got us a big pot o' red beans working.  They cooked all night and Hubster said he woke up with his stomach growling.  

And this is my "baby" boy.  We went down to Waco to watch a little baseball on Saturday.
Hubster finally got his way and got a picture of us together with the Abogg in his uniform. 
I'm ever so glad he did!

This is one of the few times you will get a full body view of me.
I just cringe when I see myself in pictures but I know one day I'll be glad I have the photos.

Last topic today is weather....WTH???   Seriously it was 78 yesterday and tonight 30's!!!
My vegetables and my flowers are not going to thrive very well this year!

So what's up with everyone this week?  Did you all spend as much time glued to the TV last week as I did?  Just couldn't stop watching it all.  We're still in the throws of the West disaster around here so keep that little town in your prayers, it's gonna be a long road for those folks.  

Peace, Love & Iced Tea Jack!  
  quack quack

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