Tuesday, April 9, 2013

TuTuTuesday Tumblings

Yep yep yep, it's TuTuTuesday.

I still want a TuTu because this is how I'd act when wearing one.

me honey boo boo chiild!!!

nooo, he's not too big for his bed is he?
over 50 lbs at almost 6 months...lawdy!

I really really do have a bowl of chapstick on my coffee table.
 Because I never want this to happen to me.

Chapped lips are a tragedy best avoided.

I'm showing you this again because I like it.
Also it is lime green, maybe Instagram didn't like the color so it changed it.

ALL of these came in the mail on one day.
That's what I call a good mail day for sure.
Much imaginary money was spent looking at these.

I can honestly say that I scraped and used the very last drop of this stuff.
Clinique Almost Powder Foundation in 04 Neutral.
You know in case someone wants to send me some more.

I made this Orange Pull Apart bread on Sunday for the Hubster to take to work on Monday.
He works with a guy (who is not from the US) and he has been particularly enjoying the goodies I've sent to work and asked "Is your wife not liking us any longer? She has not sent product this week."
My new favorite saying now, what kind of product are we having for dinner? What product would you like today?   

 Truth be told this is how someone wanting my product makes me feel

It's always nice to know your "product" is loved.  

I think I'll go take a shower now but I'm kind of afraid, we've already been a bad bad dog this morning.
Now we definitely need a new bed and constant supervision.

oh, before I forget I need some help.
This is my powder room and after 4 years, I'm tired of it.

(note: the bathroom looked like this when we moved in)
I'm a little over the leopard wallpaper BUT the vanity will have to stay.

And this will need to be done on a teensy tiny budget.

I'm really wanting a nice 'cottage" look.
Any ideas??

Adding fuel to the fire, this is the ceiling.  It's black.
Yeah, you're gonna make me paint that thing I'm sure of it.
Oh and the trim is an off white.

Ready, Set, GO with the ideas in the comments....please??!!

Peace, Love & Products!!

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