Monday, April 8, 2013

S'more Moon Pies

I really have no way to explain these little ditties except after the second one I decided they kinda tasted like moon pies.  This revelation occurred on Saturday morning during our marathon car washing/cleaning out endeavor.   It was around noon and I realized I had eaten and was wondering why my tum tum was growling.  (thrilling journalism we have here today folks)

Anyway I came inside to get a bucket of hot soapy water and some more tea.  Sidenote #2- I think Uncle Si on DD is my long lost kin.  We have the same fondness addiction to unsweet tea.  Si has just made me look "vogue" and not weird.   Anyway, I grabbed me one of these here "S'mores" from the fridge and walked back outside and proudly said  "you know, I think these taste like moon pies. With peanut butter and nutella moon pies."  I'm brilliant I know.   In any case you should make these because they are purty darn good not to mention easy as pie.  Your little (and big) ones will thank you for it.

First things first...lay out some graham crackers in 2 rows.
On one row of the crackers spread a thin layer of peanut butter.
One the other row spread a thin layer of nutella.

Now grab some marshmallows and toast them over your gas stove.
1)No there are no photos, I'm not that talented as to attempt to roast marshmallows with one hand and take pictures with the other.
2) If you don't have a gas stove then I don't really know what to tell you, except you can try to toast over an electric stove.  I make no promises so you should just go build a fire I guess.

Now pop that toasted marshmallow on one of the crackers then smash the other flavor of cracker on top of it.  Smush it good and then dunk that whole contraption into melted dipping chocolate.
Again, no photos, can't dip and snap at the same time you know.

(there are two sizes here not a deformed cracker)

Once you have them dipped just put them on a parchment or silpat lined tray.

While the chocolate is still moist you can top them however you like.
I had some crushed up pretzels.  Added a nice salty to the sweet wang to it.

There were also sprinkles and some mini choc. chips with ice cream topping nuts.

Just keep them stored in a plastic container in the refrigerator so you can grab one out when you feel like a S'more Moon Pie.

Well I'm not much in the chatty mood tonight because 1) it's late (for me anyways) 2) I finished my glass of wine 3) If I did drink another glass I'd have to pee a badozen times during the night 4) the dog needs to go out and potty 5) Hubster has already thrown the dog out of the room because he was licking himself and since I can't speak dog I'm not sure how to tell him to quit (the dog not hubster) 6) tomorrow is TuTu Tumbling Tuesday and you get the joy of seeing all my photos from the week and I know you are just Be- YOND thrilled and finally 7) Louisville is going to end up winning this tournament and if the Hubster and the Abogg had listened to me their brackets would look better.  (Sadly I probably just jinxed the Cardinals). 

What's up with you this late Monday evening?  How did your NCAA bracket look?
See you tomorrow and no worries, we have some more real food coming this week!

Peace, Love & Sweet Dreams

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