Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday Tumbling into April

Happy April 2nd Peeps and to start things off today a little joke I remember from my childhood:

If March Winds bring April showers and April showers bring May flowers. What do May flowers bring??


badom dom

I don't know why I think of that every April and by every April I mean probably about 30 zillion billion times.  Corny I know so don't ask me about DooDa going fishing either because that joke is outrageously corny funny!

Boo Mama has this book coming out.  Cannot wait. JUST CAN NOT WAIT!!
Click on the link to read a chapter then roll over and read her blog. If you are a Southern girl you will especially love her humor.  Her humor is clean and true while her faith is as strong as a little girl sees her papaw when he hoists her into the air.  (That's mighty strong people...mighty, mighty strong)

The top photo is Sir Winston in the tub getting a bath, which he despises yet still gets every week.
(I seriously had no idea that bulldogs had such odoriferous emanations )
Bottom photo is approximately 30 1/2 seconds after getting out of tub and he's  rolling in the grass.
(Yes, that is a baby gate around our garden...apparently my dog loves his my vegetables)

First roses of the year.   We even had two nights of below freezing weather and these babies still came through for me.  Aaahhhh, I smell spring now!

Nothing like coloring, incredibly relaxing not to mention it serves as a greeting card.

So the next series of photos were the result of the Hubster, Merebear and yours truly having way too much fun with hard boiled eggs, easter egg dye, googley eyes, a sharpie marker and waaaaaay too much time on a Saturday night.

Oh no.....what happened to Blue??

hmmm, Mr. Red is looking a tad suspicious back there.

OMG, he's been scrambled!!!

oh geez, now there is a one eyed monster running loose.

Help, help I've been hit.

Aaargh, walk the plank matey.

And now it's time for the whole gang to head to the refrigerator to chill out.

(Yes, we had a wee too much fun but we were cracking ourselves up and seriously is there any other family that starts making up stories with the Easter eggs? )

I gave up ice cream for Lent.  Sweet mercy it was a loooong 40 days.
I had this for breakfast, lunch and snack on Sunday.
Yes, I ate the whole container. No, I was not ashamed.

My friend Cookie from high school gave up Ice Tea for Lent.
You're a brave man Cookie and a much better person than I could ever be.

Speaking of beautiful roses, this one bloomed out of nowhere on Sunday morning.
Beautiful rose for a beautiful day.

I made cupcakes with peeps on top.  Nobody eats the peeps, they just look cute.
We also made homemade Wendy Frosty ice cream.  I'm not ashamed that I ate some of it too.
(I think I know why my shorts were a little snug yesterday)

Also out of the blue my Christmas cactus decided to bloom on Easter Sunday.
I just cannot even tell you the emotions inside me when I saw this.  Court told me "it knows". 
How beautiful that even the cactus knows the glory of Easter that follows the birth of Christmas.

I extended the use of my shamrock plant and added some yellow flowers for the table centerpiece.
And the shamrock is just a smile in a dirt pot don't you think?

We had ham for Easter, in the south it's the rule you know.  We had to go to the Sams on Saturday to get a ham because I like theirs better than the Costco's.    I also noticed that about 95% of the buggies in Sam's had a ham inside them.   See, I told you it's a law to have ham on Easter and you know there's always that 5% who think laws don't apply to them!
We also had some roasted asparagus and yes, we like ours very done!

Sir Winston got a new toy and a bone for Easter.
He decapitated his Santa toy.

The kids got their usual Easter baskets but only Mere was in town to get hers.  Court and HubbyAustin got their box on Friday or Saturday but they held off until Easter morning to open it.  Good Job!!!  The Abogg got his when he got home from Kentucky yesterday.  Some of the best words you can hear from your child "oh my gosh, you know me so well".   Why yes son, I like to think that I do!
All the kids also got the standard kite but sadly the wind was not kite weather on Sunday, grrrr.

This face is not as innocent as it looks!

How was your Easter?  Did you have the family all together?
Did you have the never ending game of Scene It at your house too?
What did you eat?   Did you over indulge in your Lent sacrifice?   Did you finish watching The Bible?
The crucifixion scene was almost unbearable to watch.  Excellent job Mark Burnett & Roma Downey, you brought The Bible to people who may have never heard those stories and hopefully they will open their minds to our Savior. You didn't interpret the bible for us you just told the beautiful stories as they were written.  Good job, good job indeed!

Peace, Love & Peeps

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