Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuesday Tumblings

It's been a crazy crazy day and until about 5 this afternoon I was missing my laptop.  It spent the night at the genius bar repair center at the Apple store and today it is humming along with a new hard drive and new track pad.   Send the money for the Apple Care Protection Plan, that's all I have to say about that!

Let's do this today in a list form and I have no pics of my own.
(See above paragraph regarding laptop)

1) College Football was back this past Saturday.  This is how I feel about that:

Happiness squared

2) I'm finally having a much needed surgery on Friday and I get to have it done at the fancy new hospital.   

Looks more like a hotel lobby than a hospital.  I may not want to leave after 24 hours. 
I may or may not already have my bag packed and my nightstand ready for my arrival home complete with a notepad to record my medications.  Can we say OCD?  Or maybe I'm just trying not to OD.

3)  In case you want to give an annoying telemarketer my number these are things I DO NOT need:  prescription drugs from someone who speaks broken english, don't have a timeshare to sell, do not need screens for my windows,  my carpets were just cleaned, if you are a politician and you call me, I will not vote for you and most of all another call for someone looking for Barbara.  I don't know who Barbara is but she apparently never paid a bill in her life.   I got 3 calls today and I almost yelled at the poor guy from Apple calling to tell me my computer was ready.

4)  It is HOT people , just freaking Hot.
I realize in January I will be complaining about the cold and how I long for summer but really I just long for a day when it's not 95 degrees at 10:00 p.m.

5) Back to the OCD things, I will be shopping after Craft Day tomorrow so I can start prepping and precooking some things to cover us for dinner the next week.   Goodness knows I don't want my husband thinking Shrimp Creole sounds like a good idea even though I love his shrimp creole.  (Do not need house smelling like a fish market).

6) Hubster had a head cold over the weekend and he just was kind of in the mood to lay around the house and do nothing.  Fortunately we got some much needed rain Sunday night/ Monday and we watched movies.  Bad movies, not intentionally but before you decide to watch the Phil Spector movie on HBO, Cloud Atlas or At Any Price give me a yell.   At Any Price starred Dennis Quaid, Zac Effron and Heather Graham and the consensus we all had when it was over was  WTH?? was there a point??

7)   I can't use the vacuum cleaner for 6 weeks...this could kill me.  BUT I can use this and yes, I asked.

Please accept my sincere apologies for how my house will look for the next 6 weeks.

8) I will be here in 37 days, not that I'm counting.

See you tomorrow for Craft Wednesday!!!

Peace, Love & Yummies!!

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