Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday Tumblings

Just when you thought it was safe to browse on the internets I come up and BOO surprise you!

(yes I am still finding this show hilarious!)

I did a massive clean out of our master bedroom closet
As you can see the dog approves.

The white bag is donations
The two brown shopping bags are going to the consignment store first then to donations.
It took me two whole days to get that closet cleaned out and vacuumed and organized but man I'm glad it's done!!

This past Saturday we went to the ULM Baylor football game in Waco.
Let me catch up:  Hubster went to ULM
Abogg goes to Baylor
I thought it was a win win either way the game went but Hubster was not happy with the 70-7 score.
Maybe ULM should go back to being the Indians and not the Warhawks.  It messed with their mojo.

It FINALLY feels like fall is coming around here.
No one is happier than Sir Winston Churchill who can sun himself in 80 degree weather.

I'm so happy fall is coming that I broke out the Pumpkin Spice Latte Via this morning.
It's pretty good AND I don't have to get dressed and drive anywhere to get it.
I've become such a recluse.

I'm not sure why this picture got transferred.
Must be to remind me of the horribleness that it is.

This is what my house looks like when the Saints are playing football.
Remember:  It's only weird if it doesn't work.
I think Bud Light should add a clip of my den to their commercials.

I got this awesome sample from Snapple.
Kcups of Snapple and that makes me HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY

One of my goals recovering from surgery was to go through all the magazines that have piled up.
When they come in loads like this....I may never get caught up!!

These things are the devil I tell ya'.

I made good ole' Rice Krispie Treats for the tailgate.
Not a single one left.  There is power is simplicity.

There's my Abogg and his sweet little girlfriend enjoying the Baylor victory.

We had a really cool looking full moon last week.
Picture totally does not do it justice.  I loved the amber ring with the clouds.

And finally, I made my first batch of this amazing stuff.
Took it to the tailgate and much like crack I have several more folks addicted to it.
I'm a candy drug pusher now.

oh, the recipe you say?  1 bag of BRACH's candy corn (it's the only good kind0
1 small tub of salted peanuts.  (gotta get the salted ones too)
Mix and enjoy then crave more and then make more and then want to choke me for doing this to you.
Seriously, this stuff is soooooo good, tastes like a payday candy bar. I kid you not!

So that's all for todays version of Tuesday Tumblings.
It's almost 1:00 and I should probably shower, dress and run a few errands don't you think?

Peace, Love and Football!!

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