Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Fun

Friday Happy Dance!!

Since I cooked so much before my surgery and still have about .005% of my appetite back I haven't really been cooking anything.  However we have pretty much cleared out the stuff I made and it looks like next week we are back to making dinner again.  I am making red beans and rice to tailgate with tomorrow so that's a start.    So today it's just random things that I've enjoyed this week!

Click on the link and see 27 Food Hacks
Some of these I already do, some I think why??? but most I think SMH...why didn't I think of that!

This is another wonderful article on how we as moms need to stop berating ourselves and other moms:

This is a great article on how we are blaming "Miley" for our kids problems when it's really the parents

I'm going to the Baylor ULM game tomorrow.   Hubster went to ULM and Abogg and our money go to Baylor.   First of all I love football, always have, and I enjoy going to the Baylor games because we have watched them go from pretty bad to pretty good while Abogg has been in school.  BUT the most exciting part of the game tomorrow....

will be at the game!!!  Although I looked at the event schedule on the website and I can tell who will not be there as they are attending other events. There will be no Jase (sniff sniff), Willie, John Luke, Jep (sniff sniff), Jessica, or Miss Kay.   Soooo that does leave the slight possibility that my very favorite Uncle Si might be there.  Sadly probably none of them as Willie, Jase and Si are scheduled to be in Detroit on Sunday.  Oh well, guess I can get a tshirt from the merch. truck. or maybe a camo hat.

I'm sure I'll be posting pictures on Instagram so go here to follow me:
Also so I can follow you back.  I need more people to follow on Instagram and I know you would just looove to see more photos of Sir Winston Churchill. 

I ordered this shirt because according to Polyvore it must be the most perfect traveling shirt ever made

It came yesterday and I'm already loving it.   I also FINALLY found a pair of navy shorts and a pair of mint green shorts.  Yeah, nothing like waiting until the end of summer to buy shorts but I had like 2 pair of outside of the house presentable shorts to wear and I broke down and ordered them.  I also thought I ordered a pair of straight leg yoga pants but apparently I didn't.   The outfit above was what I planned on wearing on the plane to Florida in a couple of weeks.   It appears I will actually need to leave the house and go shopping.  Or maybe I just wear something else, it is a little casual for the plane ride.

Oh, if I could figure out a way to justify those shoes, I'd order those too.  
This is a link to my If I ever get out of my Yoga Pants board on Pinterest.
If you look at it I think you will see that I'm very slowly regressing to my high school preppy dress code.   I'm not worried unless I start wearing 2 polo shirts together with the collar flipped. However I really must get some leather Sperry's.  

I can honestly say I've never been more jealous of Taylor Swift

Luke Bryan...fine fine specimen of a good Southern boy.
Oh and Luke, keep turning that hat around backwards.  It definitely works for you!

I can also say I hope to NOT see this when I'm in Florida

Jimmy Parris and Chris Bent hoist the 10 1/2 foot gator onto the scales Tuesday afternoon at HarborWalk Marina. The gator tilted the scales at 345 pounds.

Although I would be THRILLED to see this

In case you wondered, those are Manatees.  Only my most favorite animal in the history of ever!!

So kind so gentle so perfect and so innocent.   I only hope these two find their way to a proper body of water soon although I would love to be that close to one.  I can tell you, I would have been IN that water!!

Okie I'm signing off for today.  It's like 1:15 in the afternoon and someone is still slomping around in her pj's.    If you have had surgery and had a difficult time sleeping afterward shoot me some tips because I'm going nuts over here.   Sleeping is one of my special gifts and for some reason it is eluding me ever since I had surgery.   You truly don't know what you've got until it's gone!

What kind of fun is your weekend including?

Peace, Love & College Football
"Sic 'Em Bears"

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