Saturday, September 14, 2013

Esparza's Grapevine

Happy Saturday Peeps!!!

Soooooo last night I went out for my big adventure at this event:

It is one of my favorite events (for obvious reasons) and I was feeling pretty good and ready to take on the Grapefest.   I shouldn't have taken it on for 4 hours but hey, live and learn.

Before we hit up the festival we made a little stop at this nice little restaurant.  I still don't have much of an appetite but the Hubster and Merebear let me get some photos of their dinner.

Hubster obliged the margarita obligation and enjoyed himself a nice cold one.
I opted for a beer.  I figured a margarita with little to no food in my tummy could be quite disastrous.
I should have at least got a sit of that margarita but I totally forgot.  As memory serves they are quite delicious and refreshing.  You know it's still close to 100 here in Texas.

Hubster had the Chicken Fajitas.  They looked quite yummy and he finished them off so I'm thinking they tasted as good as they looked.

This was the Merebears dinner, she had Build Your Own Tacos.

They both like this meal as well.  There was a conversation about the meat and how it didn't taste like regular taco meat but was equally delicious in a different way.  

I had a few chips and salsa but I just thought the basket of chips was quite pretty and colorful!

We ate at Esparza's last year before Grapefest and again this year.  It's one of those places where we always wonder why we don't eat here more often.  It's good food and an equally great atmosphere.  
Hopefully next time I will be able to report on my food as well. 

So do I recommend this place? Yep it gets a definite 

If you are in the Grapevine, Texas area and feel like some good Mexican food and a cold margarita then take a little trip over to Esparza's and if the weather is nice, steal a seat out front on the patio.

We always seem to order the same things when we eat Mexican food?  How about you?
Fajitas? Nachos? Tacos?.......

Peace, Love & Ole'

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