Friday, September 13, 2013

Post Op Week 1 & Roast Beef Sandwiches

Happy Friday the 13th Peeps!!

So this time last week I was still reveling in the joy that is anesthesia.
Just a short run down of the past week for you:

Friday:  Had the wonderful TLH LSO at the beautiful Forest Park Medical Center

(by the way:  I think if you have to spend the night in the hospital you should get 50% off of your anesthesia bill. This waking you up every 2 hours really takes the joy out of that amazing anesthesia sleep you paid good money for)
Also of note, do NOT EVER eat the broth and orange jello they bring you on a dinner tray.  You will never wish to smell broth or eat orange jello again after it comes out of your nose.

Saturday:  I hung out at the hospital until about 1:30 then I got to come home.  The warden I mean Hubster got me home safely and somewhat settled.  COULD NOT get comfortable.  I slept in the recliner and he slept on the couch.  Not the greatest night for either of us.

Sunday- Wednesday- I felt pretty good, already starting to get a little restless.  Thank goodness there is football to keep me company and the fact that most of the time you can doze off during a football game and not miss a whole lot. Saltine crackers and ginger ale are my life at this point.  Not from medicine nausea but from I feel like I already ate so much I'm gonna be sick nausea.  Blame it on the gas injected into my body.   Hubster is home making sure I behave myself while he works.  Pain has been virtually non-existent which was a very pleasant surprise!!

Wednesday & Thursday:  Home alone.  Wednesday about noon my pillow and I took a little drive to get this little goodie:
Not too shabby for $10, heh??
Thursday took me to my post op appt.  Everything looking awesome and she was happy with my recovery.  Then BAM slapped with news I did not expect.  Apparently I had a serious amount of small tumors embedded in my uterus and one tube.  All were benign (whew!) and I was reminded no pushing, pulling or lifting anything heavy for 6 weeks. Yep, that includes the vacuum.   She wasn't concerned about my lack of appetite and told me to just eat what I felt like in amounts that don't make me feel uncomfortable. You know, like kids meal size portions.

Now it is officially 1 week post op for me and I feel awesome, just walking a little slow and get tired pretty quick.  I've learned to be up and around and to busy myself doing small chores but rest every few hours.  I'm slowly plowing through months of magazines so that's a bonus.

Hubster has been awesome especially with this guy.
Poor thing just doesn't understand why we don't walk and play tug all the time.  
At 70 lbs he's a tad over my max weight limit.  

Wednesday Hubster left me this on my nightstand while he slipped off to work.

Thursday morning he gathered these from the yard before he left for work.

He's pretty good I think I'll keep him.

Today I'm being a VERY good girl and sitting and resting all day because as a nice reward for resting I get to go to GrapeFest tonight!!   yipppppeeeeee   Seriously one glass of wine and I'll be down for the count.  haha   

As a final note I told you that I cooked a ton of things before surgery so Hubster would have lots to eat and snack on in case I didn't feel like cooking.  This is one of the many things I pre-made and I tell ya, he has LOVED them.  I hope there is still one left when I'm ready to eat one!

These are from The Pioneer Woman and they look so yummy!!!  Hubster added a tad more horseradish to his but otherwise I think he loves them.  Pull out of the freezer and pop in a 350 degree oven for about 15-20 minutes and you got yourself a yummy little sandwich. Thanks P-Dub, you never fail us!
I will probably make up more of these when we run out, they are nice to have stashed for a quick meal in the freezer. I tweaked the recipe a little so I'll include my additions for you then too.

Ok my sweet peeps, I'm off to get my shower and maybe get a few little chores done.
Don't worry, I have motivation to behave today!! See you next week when hopefully we will talk some more about food!!

Peace, Love & Yummies!!

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