Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday Tumblings

I'm baaaaackk!!!

Yep, I'm back and I'm doing a Tuesday Tumblings so let's get started!

I wish I was here again.

What, you don't travel with this much stuff in the floorboard of the car?

I found these on vacation.
I don't remember where and that makes me sad because I want some more.

Abogg came home from Geology Field Camp.
He brought home a LOT of laundry and it kind of smelled.
He had a good time so it's all good!

Someone around here was completely fascinated with his tent.
That really isn't an innocent face people.  Do not be fooled.

This is what I've been eating for breakfast.  Sad thing the dog is eating the same thing. 
1) Yes, I cook for the dog 2) No, I have no life.

OH MY WORD.  I made this crazy tomato watermelon salad and my gosh it was so good.
I mean like really good.  Hubster came home and thought it sounded gross but he tasted it and found out how good it was.  I didn't share and I'm not even sorry.

That's water, tea and coffee.  And I wonder why I have to go to the bathroom so much??!!
Yes, I usually have 3 or more drinks going at the same time.

I had a horrible migraine and was cranky but Hubster brought me some flowers.
I think I must have been really really cranky.

We saw this on our way to get ice cream on National Ice Cream Day.
It's been a weird summer but the sunsets have been delightful.

Seriously these bowls are the cutest!!  Abogg says they are a little too small.
I think they are just right for lunch!

Not so innocent people,  not innocent at all.

Yard sale find of the decade.  Over a thousand dollars worth of Fiesta Ware for $150.
I have happy cabinets now!!  I also have 24 dinner plates so come on over, we've got plenty of plates.

My snack life is complete again.  Abogg found these in Waco for me.
Life is good.... well it will be as soon as I find the Ho-Ho's.

You can't imagine how bad I wish this was a video.
Never have I heard that much snoring from an animal.
Even if I had taped it you wouldn't have been able to hear him over my laughter.

And I wondered why my towels were taking so long to dry.

There is a bit of juicing fascination going on around here too.
I like mine without the celery thankyouverymuch.
Juice for breakfast means no guilt ice cream for dinner.

This goofball thinks he is a celebrity or something.
I'm going to make him wear them when we walk every morning.

These 3 ingredients will make you the best stuff 

Just like a Wendy's frosty. Try it you won't be disappointed.
Trust me when I say I would never ever steer you wrong about ice cream. Never.

We have a S'mores addiction in our house so we have a permanent S'more station in the middle of the kitchen table. Sad yes I know but hey, when you need a S'more you need a S'more.

"Do Not EVEN think about touching this bone lady"
I'm pretty sure that is what he's thinking.

We made the MereBear a bulletin board for her dorm room.
Cause we kind of thought it was totally redonkulous what the PB was charging for this!
(that would be 3 Benjamins in case you don't believe me!)

and ours has sparkly clothespins.  

I also made this strawberry ice cream.  It was supremely yummy too.
I also made this crazy crazy good S'more ice cream but for some reason I can't find the pictures.
Don"t worry I'll make it again! I was told it was the best ice cream I've ever made.

How the heck does one make this big of a mess making ice cream??

We are having a fun little "house party" this weekend.  
Oh, we are making stuff thanks to the depot and velcro!

I'm telling you, there is no innocence in that face.
None whatsoever!

So, what have you been doing while I've been MIA?
Come one, surely you've been doing something exciting .
What kind of summer goodies is your family stuck on this year?

Today I bid you....
Peace, Love & Ice Cream

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