Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pina Colada Cake

Hey Hey It's Happy Hump Day!!

How's it going??  I'm not even going to bother apologizing with my lack of presence anymore, it just keeps happening and I don't seem to be able to stop it.  Just know that I never stop thinking about the blog and you guys who come back faithfully when I remember to post something!!!  

Today we are making a wonderfully delightful Pina Colada Cake.  Well it's wonderfully delightful if you like coconut, if you don't well then not so much.  I'm one of those non-lovers of coconut so this is one of those cakes that I taste to make sure it's good but I don't really eat a whole piece.  Which didn't matter because there was not one teensy tiny speck of this cake left after 2 days.    This is kept in the refrigerator so it's a nice cool dessert for this scorching time of year.  No worries, you won't have to leave the oven on long so you can just get up early in the morning and do the baking.

We made a similar version of this cake back in July of 2011.  I think I like the new improved version better, if I do say so myself.  Which I just did so there you go!   

No more funny business, let's make a cake people!!

You need the following:
Box of cake mix + ingredients as indicated on box
Can sweetened condensed milk, can of cream of coconut, Lg. tub Cool Whip, can of crushed pineapple  drained, flake coconut and pecans.

First things first, you just gotta bake the cake according to the package directions.  If there are two sets of directions use the egg white only instructions.

Pour the cake mix into a nice deep 9x13 pan and bake according to the box.

I have no idea how the bacon photo got in here but I must have made something with bacon that weekend too!!!   I left it because who doesn't love bacon??!!!

Bring that nice warm cake out of the oven.

Grab a wooden spoon and just start poking holes all over the top of that cake.
Yes, we are doing this while the cake is warm.

Take the can of condensed milk, a.k.a. eagle brand, and pour over the top of the cake.

Pour the whole can then do the same with the cream of coconut.

Take a minute and grab a spatula and just spread the lovely concoction around so that it's all well covered in the deliciousness.

Now pop that cake in the freezer for about 30 minutes.
It needs to cool off and soak in the yumminess.

Bring it from the freezer and spread the Cool Whip all over the top.
You won't use the whole container but you will use most of it.

Once that's all covered in Cool Whip, just sprinkle the flake coconut and the drained crushed pineapple all over the top.

Finish it off with some crushed pecans.

Then pop it back in the refrigerator until ready to eat.

It's so pretty,

and light, 

and summery, 

and yummy.

I made this for LL's birthday and also our friends from Hotlanta were in town.

Between rounds of dominoes, grilling and laughing we finished the whole thing off in 2 days.
That's a great weekend people, I'm just saying!

What are you cooking up this summer?
Stay cool peeps, I gotta run it's Wednesday Sprouts day!

Here's the linky to the printable again so you don't have to scroll back to the top: Pina Colada Cake.

Peace, Love & Yummies!!!

p.s. In case you were wondering, we had salads Monday night and last night we had italian beef sammies.  You can find that recipe here, here, and here.  You could say we like the Italian beef around here and well, salads too.   I'm still contemplating tonight  and open to suggestions.

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